Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Female amateur models wanted -Craigslist Scams

Female amateur models wanted -Exotic Models Wanted -Female for Office Photo Shoot -

All of these are terrible castings and please do not apply to them, any photo shoot that says 18+ is not professional modeling, and real modeling jobs do not want amateur models because for a real modeling jobs with a top brand and a professional photographer, they want a girl who DOES have a clue and experience so no time is wasted.

Craigslist can be terrible, it isn't like top brands hire from Craigslist, and legit modeling agencies do not hunt for talent on their either, to use the site you DO have to be careful. If you are trying to really be a model, then you need to do some research on commercial print modeling agencies, and you need to notice the type of photos these agencies expect, and you need to submit your photos, there is only so much Craigslist and casting websites can give you.

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Lisa said...

My only problem with Craigslist is that there are too many typos and grammatical errors in the ads, especially for modeling. In other words, those things are one of the worst signs of scam.