Saturday, October 4, 2008

creating your modeling comp cards

When it comes to the photos you use for your modeling comp card be sure to think about the modeling jobs you want to get. If you want to model jeans, then show your self in jeans in the photo smiling and looking like a jeans as, -look at some ads ahead of time to get inspired. If you want to model shoes, or beauty products, do the same, look at ads and get inspired and shape your card around the type of modeling jobs you want to get.

As a shorter model the more commercial looking your card is the better.

So think beyond just yourself, think about the brands and products you want to model, and take this mindset to your shoot, and to the printer when it comes to making your compcard.

I would print 50-100 cards, test them out and submit your compcards out to commercial print modeling agencies, if you don't hear back, you might need to work on your photos and your submissions more. Maybe get a second opinion on the photos you are putting on your card.

Attractive girls/females with an energetic look can get modeling work no matter their height, but remember your photos do NEED to look commercial and lifestyle like. They need to show you doing something, and working with a product, whether it is jewerly or shoes, or laughing or walking a dog, the shots need to show not just your fine body and pretty face but they need to show that you can interact and act, play a part, as a model as well. Alot of modeling has to do with acting.

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