Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Cost To Start Modeling

Being a model does cost money, and these days I am looking for a deal, right now I am ordering some compcards over the internet where I used to walk into printing studios and pay $50 or so more for the personal attention, but these days even my printing costs are being debated.

Also buying new portfolios, a model should update her portfolio when it is looking beat up, the thin plastic cover for the photos can get dirty and scratched and the presentation you present isn't as nice.

Also rain, movement, and of course being in NYC can ruin anything quickly, so when you have tearsheets you might want to protect them and get a new portfolio more often.

I was on a job and I saw a guy who had his original tearsheets NOT in his portfolio and instead photo copied them and put them in his portfolio...I guess it was a safety thing.

Usually it is hard to get your tearsheets, and ruining one is real upset, especially the hassle of back ordering a magazine can be a pain. I get my printing done at Adorama, but usually in the city you can find printing shops that will make you a 9 by 11 for under 10bucks.

Being a model does cost money. I also buying model items such as panty hose, tights, thongs, makeup, lotions, face creams, face sea salt scrubs, hair products, because a model should also know how to do her own makeup and hair. Not to mention the price of pedicures and manicures to keep my feet and hands looking nice. I do like travel sized lotions and hair products as well for days of shoots and castings.

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