Thursday, October 9, 2008

$50 modeling compcards in NYC tips

Modeling compcards should not leave you broke, so a suggestion is visiting Precision Photos in NYC, they have $50 compcards. Or for compcards that are under $50.

Here are their websites:

Now when getting a compcard a good idea is to "test" out the cards first. You might not want to order 100 compcards or more for your first batch, especially if you are a new model. You might just want to purchase 50 or so and mail them out and test them out. And then re-order.

Here are some tips when preparing your first compcard:

1. Pick the best photos you have, even if it is just three, a headshot, an energy shot showing a smile, -maybe holding a phone, or laughing holding a handbag, a full body shot, could be in a dress or fitness clothing. When choosing your photo pick photos that say something and appear to look like an ad for something. Ask yourself, "does this shot look like it could be an ad for something or an editorial in a magazine?" If yes, then you have a good shot!

2. Don't think you have to have 4 photos on the back of your card, if you only have a few Good shots it is ok, say you have a headshot and two other shots then you SHOULD still make a card and mail it out and try. Therefore put two photos on the back and one on the front of the card. Or to save money just put two shots on the front of the card, and only pay for a one sided card, and mail out the card and test it out. Don't wait!

3. Be prepared: When visiting the printing studio face to face have all your files ready and cropped and if you need touch up, Don't make the store employee hunt for your photo within 1000 other photos. Also it is cheaper to have it done ahead of time. Or ask if the studio does touch up work on photos.

4. Ask if you can re-order and if they keep your compcard on file?

5. Make sure you see a proof before you approve the compcard. It is important to SEE the card in person, not just over the computer screen because colors can be disorted or changed, faded, ect when printed.

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