Thursday, October 9, 2008

4 photos all models need of all heights

You might think it is all about height and weight and curves and perfection but modeling is a lot more basic than that. Many aspiring models tend to focus on the wrong areas of modeling and that is the reason they do not get a modeling agency or representation.

They forget to consider what the modeling agency wants to see. Instead aspiring models tend to only focus on what makes them feel good and pretty and it leads them to create and show the wrong photos.

The reason you might not have a modeling agency isn't because you are not pretty or a good model, it could be that you are just presenting your self wrong. Marketing yourself is so important, and knowing how to. An aspiring model that is petite tends to shoot too fashion like and this will not help her get an agent. You have to show what the agency wants to see and a petite girl in a fashion pose will not sell to their clients.

Yet these four shots will help an aspiring model at least get a meeting with a commercial print modeling agency.

A beauty shot or close up. This is important for showing your great skin and it should look like a cosmetic ad for makeup or skincare, but with not too much makeup. An agent wants to see the life in your eyes and your nice skin.

An energy shot. Do you have a shot of yourself doing something? This is similar to an action shot but the importance is to show your personality to the agency. The agency doesn't want to promote or pitch a boring and dull model; they want to use the word personality when they speak of you. So put on some jeans and your favorite heels and walk down the street smiling, walk your dog and naturally show you have personality. A shot that says “I am friendly, and approachable." The word model does not mean stiff, boring, and diva. It means a girl who can sell a product with her smile and energy.

A body shot. This does not mean strip naked to the commercial print modeling world, a body shot can also be in fitness clothing, in a dress, and in a catalog swimwear style. Smiling helps the shot look more natural.

Magazines to get ideas from are:

Self, Fitness, Glamour, Marie Claire

Get these 4 shots and turn them into a comp card and then mail them out to agencies, you should hear back!

Isobella Jade

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