Thursday, October 30, 2008

Modeling in Magazines and Modeling Agency tips

An ethnic model on the West Coast recently asked me, Do you think I should tackle the magazines first or the agents?

I think you should make a compcard and mail it to both magazine and agents. Same time. Keep the hustle on. I think it is a benefit if you could get one or two or three tearsheets before you approach an agency/get an agent, because having the tearsheets can tell the agent a couple things:

1. You have experience
2. You have been in a professional modeling atmosphere
3. That you are ambitious

All things agencies like. I think you should mail magazines that are local, and also magazines like , Glamour, Marie Claire, Latina, Heart and Soul ect. And the weekly magazines like Women's World that you find at the grocery store lines. Lifestyle woman's magazines, hair magazines, but also don't forget other niche magazines, even knitting magazines,need models! Find out if any magazines are based near you as well. Spend an hour or so at Barnes and Noble and Borders and look through some magazines and mail them.

In the magazines you can also find out who the photographers are, art directors art, and who is the bookings editor and photo editor. All good choices of people to mail your compcard to. Be professional and mail a compcard, with your name and phone number, no need to send them to a website, or email. Phone number is always best. Hope this helps!

Isobella Jade

Gretta Monahan's Shoes on QVC

Flipping TV Channels last night, and stopped at QVC and saw Gretta Monahan's shoes.

They really are cute shoes for a petite girl and girls of all sizes.

I really like this Lace-up Peep Toe Oxford from Gretta's collection at

P.S there are Medium and wide widths as well. And they are under $100

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A New Way to Model Nude

I have a great interview with Carrie Leigh, the found of Nude Magazine, today on Model Talk Radio. Our chat made me think of how nudity means many things and how being nude for a model can be translated into images that do not respect the model.

I personally would rather be in a black and white photography magazines, or an editorial for a woman's magazine posing nude, than a man's.

Enclosed is a tearsheet from Closer magazine, and you can see although I am nude in the shots it is with a sincere story-telling style. With my lighter hair color, and Miami sun it was an amazing time to be infront of the lens.

Buying Jewellery during a Recession Corazon Latino

This is an article by the jewerly designer Catherine D’Arcy on how to buy Jewellery during a Recession

Times are tough at the moment with global food and fuel prices rising, the credit crisis and a housing slump facing a large proportion of the Western world. Despite this, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions warranting gifts still come around, and every now again, particularly with the economic climate so depressing, everyone needs a treat. So what should you spend your hard earned cash on when there isn’t so much to spare?

My suggestion would be silver jewellery. Although the price of silver has doubled in the past 2 years, it is still reasonable priced when you compare it to the other popular precious metals; gold & platinum. Silver is extremely hard wearing, and if cared for properly will last you for decades, let alone years. It will not significantly lose value, and as supplies of silver become scarcer, it may even increase in value. Not only that. Silver is beautiful, timeless and very classy indeed.

When times are tough, you need to buy well, more than but less. The key to buying well is to invest in products or services that offer good value for money rather than just the offer the cheapest options available. There is a fundamental difference between “cheap” and “good value”. Cheap is simply low priced, and in most cases, the old adage is true, you do get what you pay for. There may be some exceptions, but in most case cheap means lower quality. There is no magic to this, put simply, to deliver very low prices, the supplier either has to be working on very low margins (which is unlikely) or, they have taken the cost out of the product by reducing quality in some way. In the case of jewellery, you can take out weight (making the piece more flimsy), you can take out silver (reducing it from sterling silver to a lower percentage of pure silver in the alloy and making up the difference with cheaper metals), or you can pay lower prices for lower quality workmanship (which is likely to mean less well made pieces and more breakages). In the end, you the customer will pay for any of these “savings” that have been passed on in a lower retail ticket.

Value on the other hand is a combination of price; quality and any number of factors personal to the buyer (like exclusivity, brand name, usefulness, durability, perfect match to a particular outfit and many more). If you invest in “good value” silver jewellery compared to “cheap” silver jewellery, in the end, you will have got the better bargain.

Personally, I would define “good value” as jewellery that is handmade to the highest quality, using the best materials and craftsmanship. Jewellery that is versatile and works with several outfits, that is not likely to go out of fashion and can be worn for years. Finally, jewellery that I won’t see on every 5th woman I pass on the street. By considering these criteria when shopping around you know that anything you buy, either as a gift or as a special treat for yourself, will look good, stand out from the crowd and last for years. Now THAT, in my opinion is good value, and a far better use of your hard earned money.

Bio: Catherine D’Arcy is the founder of online silver jewellery retailer Corazon Latino.

Model settles lawsuit over sexy jewelry ad Model Advice

Did you hear about that Model who settled her lawsuit over sexy jewelry ad? Well she did not read the fine print regardless of what money she has won. I am not trying to be rash, but it is a buyer-beware situation. Moaning and stroking herself suggestively on a bed, no matter if she has jewerly on or not is a choice. I did a jewerly ad, where I had to be in a thong, and a male actor was involved. But I got a script ahead of time and I knew what was expected. I think aspiring models forget that they have the right to leave. Say No, and just get up and walk out the door, before something bad happens. We all make mistakes. But especially if you are filmed, be careful and please be pickier about the jobs you say Yes to. And always ask yourself and the people involved with the project, " can I see a script ahead of time," and "where will this be distributed?" Know everything whether moaning or not, before you accept a modeling job, you might regret. You do not want a miscommunication to lead you to court. I am trying to figure out how she found the job and met with these people. I hope it wasn't Craigslist.

From the National Jeweler Network.

October 29, 2008

New York—A New York model has settled a $5 million lawsuit against a jewelry company over an Internet video advertisement that she claimed tarnished her wholesome image by depicting her in a pornographic way, according to The Associated Press.

The AP reports that the 37-year-old model, a married graduate student in elementary education who is unnamed in the lawsuit, and Szul Jewelry Inc. came to an undisclosed settlement.

A Manhattan judge filed a notice of the settlement last week, according to the AP.

The lawsuit, filed in December 2007, was over Szul's "Rock Her World," advertisement, which showed the woman in lingerie and a diamond necklace, moaning and stroking herself suggestively on a bed. The segment ends with the Web address,, flashing across the screen.

According to the AP, the video attracted more than 700,000 hits before being removed from the Internet in January.

The plaintiff claims that she did not "consent to or authorize the use of her likeness, picture, image or name to simulate a female having an orgasm or otherwise experiencing sexual pleasure," according to a previous AP report.

She contends, according to the report, that three-quarters of the commercial contained a comedic story line with the premise that an average guy can get a woman excited by placing a necklace on her, and that she was later told to sit and feign excitement for a few seconds while the man put the necklace on her.

According to the AP, a lawyer for the model said his client is "pleased," while Szul said it was a "miscommunication between parties."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to Submit to a Modeling Agency tips

Plain and simple no matter what type of modeling you are interested in, to skip the BS and the mess, you need to work with professionals and agencies that are respected. It isn't just "having an agency" it is "having a respected one."

To get a really good agency working with you, it will take work and you should be prepared for the truth of working with modeling agencies. Recently I did a segment on Model Talk on tips for knowing if an agency is scamming you. Although agencies that scout talent, that put out castings are the ones you should watch out for. Legit agencies do not scout talent, the talent comes to them. Why? Because real agents do not have time for scouting and standing in the street or mall all day, their phone is ringing and they have bookings to attend to. Also an agency will know you are serious if you come to them, verse them trying to convince you that you should model. I am speaking from a present day term. And standard. I am not talking about the 70's and 80's and what happened in the 90's in the streets of Paris, or London, or in small country town in the US, I am talking about today. Today the modeling world has broken into two worlds:

The professional and the amateur worlds. It is sick that the amateur world is even a world but it is one and it is a terrible one. (Especially for a girl who is serious about modeling) If you are serious stick to the serious side of modeling.
Get a headshot, focus on your strengths, and get a full body shot, in fitness clothing or a shot similar to a catalog shot. And remember for commercial print modeling, the more personality, and the less slutty the better. You only want to show the natural you. Not the boring you, or the overly sexy you.

Submitting to an agency involves these things:
A smile shot, headshot, or beauty shot. An energy shot, a shot of you doing something, in action, running, laughing, fixing your shoe, doing your makeup, showing that you can work with products.

How to get these shots: Notice ads and editorials that involve girls doing something, and modeling something. Shoes, handbags, hair, jewelry. Think of the girls on the hair color boxes. Fresh face. Pretty. Confident. Monkey see, monkey do, I learn from example and seeing something and thinking " I could do that."

Don't expect the photographer to have all the ideas. When shooting look for quality in the photographers work, know the difference between some amateur jerk and a real photographer. A professional. Come with ideas and come with a plan. Don't just say, "I want to shoot." Think about what you want to model, and what modeling really is. It involves more than just you and your silly grin and sticking your butt out. Modeling involves thinking of products you can model for and brands. It takes more than just any random camera and any random person to hold it.

Agencies want to see that you can work with products and they want to see it bluntly. So remember:

-Simple backgrounds, nothing crazy going on in the background.
-Easy on the makeup, just some powder, mascara and chap-stick or a light lipstick, nothing too bold.
-Practice in the mirror to get your natural smile right. Trying to hard makes the shots look corny and cheesy.
-Outfits should be simple too. Nothing drastic or too fashiony. Just simple. Solid colors. Red dress. Jeans, tank top, a suit.

Once you get the shots. Mail some 4x6 photos or make a compcard. Making a compcard is best. I use

Then mail to commercial print modeling agencies. Not email. I find submitting physical photos is a better way to introduce yourself to an agency.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Headshot and resume tips- printing on both sides

These days no staples are needed for a headshot. That was the old days.

You can just have your headshot with the resume printed on the back. I just ordered a patch of headshots, which will arrive this week, and I ordered my resume to be printed on the back of them. It does look and feel really slick. I remember going to Staples during my pursuits, when I was really broke, and using the Stapler at Staples to get my headshot together. Yet you can order right on the internet a headshot and resume printed on both sides, ready to be mailed.

Above is a jpeg of my resume and headshot. Printed on the back.

Remember when ordering headshots and compcard, make sure you see a proof first, a physical proof in your hand. Color can change from screen to when you see it in your hand.

I use

For advice on printing in NYC compcard for under $50 see this past article on Petitemodelingtips.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Carrie Leigh Founder of Nude Magazine on Model Talk Radio

This week on MODEL TALK @ on Weds! This week I speak to Carrie Leigh the Founder of Nude Magazine.

Carrie Leigh Founder of Nude Magazine

Set Reminder Date / Time: 10/29/2008 2:00 PM

Category: Entertainment

Isobella Jade speaks to Carrie Leigh about her art magazine called Nude, the magazine showcases the art of women in black and white photography and Carrie will share her love of fine art, her own photography passion, and her stand on empowering women through Nude magazine. Carrie Leigh's Nude Magazine publishes high end Black and White Fine Art Nudes and Carrie says "I don't look at the women as models. I look at them as human beings." You can find the magazine at Barnes and Noble or newsstands, visit:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Guys with cameras - Professional photographer and the Amateur

Do you know the difference between Amateur and Professional Photographers? These days with the internet and the title "Photographer" being thrown around it could be hard for a new model to know the difference between a guy with a camera who is just trying to get a date with a naive model, Nikon dating or something,- and a real photographer, so here are some tips.

Professional photographers are full time photographers. They are not bankers, or Doctors on the upper East Side.
People who do photography as their profession.
Profession as in that is how they make their income and photography is their career.
The photographer has some training, he has gone to a college for photography.
Real photographers have credits, they have editorial experience, they have ad campaign experience, they have a strong portfolio.
Real photographers will not mind if you bring a friend to a meeting when you meet them for the first time.
They respect the craft of photography, they know the camera, they love photography as an art.
Real photographers will not try to sleep with you or ask you to do something you do not want to do.
Professional photographers do not look for models or stalk models on social sites or model sites such as, Model Mayhem, or others. They just do not have time or the interest.
Real photographers only want to work with real models.


Of course there are exceptions but those are my opinions on what a real photographer is and the difference of Amateur and Professional Photographers. I respect the craft of photography and the profession of a professional photographer, but sadly the internet and some jerks, guys with camera, and the commercialized photography business has turned the respected profession sour. Same with the word "Model", saying you are a model these days, sort of means slut. And I hate it. I think of myself as more than a model, and being a naive and dumb model is not going to get a person somewhere, so it is best to be smart, be careful who you work with and strive to work with the best. And have big goals and aim higher than just being another Amateur model.

If you are serious about modeling and the photographer you are working with is not these things I have mentioned above then do not work with them.

It is important to know the difference. Ask yourself; are you just a muse, or a real model?

If you do not want to be an Amateur Model, then do not work with Amateur photographers.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Isobella Jade shares her compcard tips

Enjoy this video on tips on what to put on a compcard if you are a shorter model or parts model

Super Short Model Petite Pride T-shirts

Enjoy this video of myself wearing one of my Petite Pride T-shirts called "Super Short Model."

You can see the tote bag available on the right side of the blog.

Google Marketing Yourself as a Model

To be a model, it it all comes down to how much you want the things you want, and what you do to make them happen. There isn't a website that can make you a model, or person that can make you be something without your own true effort.

The entertainment business has a lot more to do with your own effort, than being discovered. You have to do your research, make your marketing material, photos, headshot, put together a resume and avoid the scams, and submit, submit, submit your photos out and market yourself.

The web can help but I find it best as a research tool.

I do not think you will be discovered on a social modeling site, even though every day there is a new one booming out of the wood work of the world wide web, but I do think Google is the best marketing tool for an aspiring model, new model, or actress.

You can Google if an agency is a scam
You can Google everything from printing options, to agencies to submit to, you can research photographer's work, and also google brands and magazines you might want to submit your photos to, and I find Google to be such an important daily tool for marketing yourself as a model. Not marketing yourself soley on the web, but using the internet as a tool for answers. Especially since starting to model can be a very lonely dodgy business to learn.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shoe Model a Day and the Life

Many girls want to be models but feel they are too short, well shoe modeling is a job that likes shorter models. Many girls forget to think about what they CAN do instead of what they lack. And without thinking about what modeling opportunities are out there they also do not understand the photos they need to start shoe modeling. I hope this insight helps on the day and life of a shoe model. Just like any other type of modeling you need photos and you mail them to the agency just the same. Some agencies specialize in shoe modeling. Such as Flaunt Models, and Parts Models.

1. Are you short? Well you can still shoe model, a shoe model is usually a size 6 or 6B. You can work showroom shoe modeling, and also print. Brands like Marshalls, DSW, and many others need models for their ad campaigns. And the pay is very good. For show room you can make $350 a day plus over time. For print up to $1000 to more for ad campaigns. And product shots.

Did you know:
Showroom modeling is when you model the shoes of a brand in a fashion show like manner. The shoes will be the following season, since similar to fashion seasons shoe modeling is the same and shows off styles of the following year or season, for buyers of department stores and stores to check out and buy. So even though it is a summer show, you will be showing off the following sping's shoes, or boots for fall buyers. It is a serious job and knowing how to show the shoe is important.

How do I pose my feet:
While wearing the shoe, you want to show the front and the side of the shoe. So you walk out and turn your foot to show the outside of the shoe, not the inside. You should show the outside of the shoe, not the inside because buyers want to see how the shoe would look on the shelf and on a person walking down the street. The inside of the shoe, closest to your big toe, is not needed to show unless instructed too.

Perks of showroom: Sometimes you get free shoes and samples.

2. Photos you need: You need photos of your feet in heels, sandels, boots, sneakers, all types, you need photos of your feet in socks, and with and without nail polish. The shots should be both full body including your whole body with a smile. The shots should also be just of your feet. And also up to your knee. You can even take these photos your self with your digital camera, and when working with a professional photographer mention that you have interests to be a "parts model, or shoe model"

3. What to expect at castings : At castings for shoe modeling you should wear panty hose, a skirt- to the knee, not too short, and not too long. You will be showing not just your feet but your legs. Simple outfits are best. black, tweed, brown, remember the job is about the shoe, so you don't want to wear anything bright and distracting. You will try on some shoes and the person casting models will be noticing the shoes fit on your foot and ask you to walk wearing it. Leave a parts compcard, and that shows a photo of your feet and your name and agency number. Also a photo might be taken of your feet by the showroom manager.

4. What if you book the job. If you book the shoe modeling job for showroom modeling you will be given an outfit sometimes. You will also work with 3-4 girls, and like a fashion show you will present shoes in a certain order for the shoe buyers. Or you could be hired and work alone for a smaller meeting. For print you can be booked with a casting beforehand sometimes if you have a good foot and a compcard which your agency can send to clients. For print you will have to pose your feet in certain ways to make the shoe look great. You can work all day from 9-6pm, or half day, or a few hours. You can be paid by the hour -sometimes $250 an hour, or more. Or be paid for the day or half day rate.

The agency will and should let you know how much you are expected to be paid, your rate, for the job before you do it. At the job ask if it is for print, web or where you might see the shot so you can add it to your tearsheet. Sometimes at print gigs you get a print or sample of the image used, sometimes you don't and you have to hunt for it to add it to your portfolio and next compcard!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Female amateur models wanted -Craigslist Scams

Female amateur models wanted -Exotic Models Wanted -Female for Office Photo Shoot -

All of these are terrible castings and please do not apply to them, any photo shoot that says 18+ is not professional modeling, and real modeling jobs do not want amateur models because for a real modeling jobs with a top brand and a professional photographer, they want a girl who DOES have a clue and experience so no time is wasted.

Craigslist can be terrible, it isn't like top brands hire from Craigslist, and legit modeling agencies do not hunt for talent on their either, to use the site you DO have to be careful. If you are trying to really be a model, then you need to do some research on commercial print modeling agencies, and you need to notice the type of photos these agencies expect, and you need to submit your photos, there is only so much Craigslist and casting websites can give you.

Having Perfect Model Height - but what if your short?

Having the perfect Model Height means not as much to the commercial print model.

Yet typically legit modeling agencies will not say "looking for models of all heights and petite models," but there are agencies out there that do accept submissions and do work with models of all heights. So if you have never submit your photos in the mail to a commercial print modeling agency you should!

Also most legit modeling agencies do NOT put castings online and most I have seen on Craigslist are scams. To find the modeling agencies focus on the words, Commercial Print. Also when you do find an agency go to their website. If the agency has photos of the models they work with you can view them and see how tall they are, and also get inspired by the photos posted on how you should style your compcard.

After you get a compcard made or have some photos of your face, full body, and photos that show your smile, send them off to agencies.

*****don't tell me modeling isn't work********* cause it is.
***** don't tell me modeling is easy ***** it is a hustle.

Modeling Contract- should you sign it?

A girl recently emailed me and asked: I'm stuck in an exclusive modeling contract with an agency that is based across the country. After going to a modeling convention and doing some research I thought that it was the best way to go at the time. How naive I was. I know now that being petite and having an exclusive agency across country is not the way to go. I'd love your advice and input."

My advice: Get out of the contract. It is just a contract and the agency has not even booked you a job yet or casting, so it should be easy. And never sign one again.

Many girls end up signing contracts without thinking about the details. They get entrapped with the idea of being a model without thinking...this could be a very bad idea. Here is a tip for the short girls: Shorter girls that want to model are called " commercial print models " and they shoudl work with commercial print modeling agencies/ lifestyle agencies, print agencies, agencies that get jobs for models of all heights. A legit commercial print modeling agency will not make you sign an exclusive contract. Don't let the idea of being a model entrap you before you know what to expect. In the real modeling business a girl has to do alot of work, she has to make her own compcards, and be basically her own agent. You should never leave your dreams in the hands of someone you do not know. Also by signing a contract you are basically on a waiting game. Also if the agency made you pay to be in these contract or made you pay for photos, they are being unprofessional and it could be a scam. Print models are usually under 5'7" and in the business of print modeling, we don't sign contracts, we freelance with agencies and we go to castings, and we book jobs and the agency takes a percent. Don't think the agency is above you, don't feel you have to sign a contract to work with them, walk out, don't do it, don't limit yourself and pursuits. You should never rely on one person or agent, especially if you just met them at a convention, street, or even at their polished office with IKEA furniture, it doesn't matter. There are legit agencies out there. I work with them. And you do not have to sign a contract to get sent on modeling castings and book modeling work.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Payless Boots are hot! -Raven Platform Lace Up Boot

While visiting my family in Syracuse, NY I stopped by a Payless, just to see if the styles were the same up there as in the city. In the city the Payless stores are pretty trendy, and in Syracuse I will say, although 5-6 hours away from the city depending on the train, weather, ect, the styles were still pretty trendy. I saw these boots last week at Payless in Syracuse, NY and I fell in love with them. I think these would be so cute with some tights. Plaid or gray, or some lace styled fish netty tights. Mmm yes! And they are Payless. Can't believe it!

Raven Platform Lace Up
Price: $39.99

For more info click here.

Submit to a Magazine - tearsheet modeling tips

This is a video of how to submit to a magazine which I made today. I hope it gives you insight into how to submit your photos to magazines. Magazines such as Glamour, Marie Claire, Latina, Teen Vogue are all good choices.

Submit a headshot and body shot but nothing too sexy, you want the images you send to look as editorial as possible. Editorial as in, the photo looks like it tells a story. For ideas look in the magazine before you submit! Focus on the editorials involving fashion, and accessories, style and what not to wear, how to look good any size, and tips and tricks for fashion.

You will see magazines Do use models and people of all sizes and shapes.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Meeting Modeling Agency Check List

Here is a check list when meeting a modeling agency for the first time, this video will show you what to wear or see post below:

1. Bring your compcard and photo that you sent orignally to the agency, also bring a headshot, portfolio, resume or any photos you have that you might want to show. The agent might ask to see other photos so it is best to be prepared.

2. Listen to what the agency is saying and you can tell if the agency is legit or BS, are they only listing your flaws?(SCAM) Are they helping you? or being too pushy? (SCAM) Are they asking for money upfront? (SCAM.)

3. Legit successful commercial print modeling agencies will at least take the photos you give them in the meeting and suggest helpful hints to get better photos or tell you what they like and what you should work on. Also you could ask if they know any photographers that test or who you could work with.

4. The meeting will be about 10-15 minutes long. So prepare ahead of time some questions you want to ask. Such as:
A. What kind of jobs have you recently booked your models?
B. What do you like or don't like about my photos? Are there any photos I could work on for you?

If they told you to work on something:
Sometimes an agency will tell you what to work on, and it doesn't mean they aren't interested but get on it! And get them the images they need. Follow up with a mailing to the agent with your new pictures or email, or call them once you have the images they need.

If they haven't Called:
Keep in touch with your agents, if they haven't called it doesn't mean they are not interested, it just means you might want to update your images and send them a new card, let them know you are busy, so go to and prepare a new compcard, it might not be working but it doesn't mean the agency doesn't want to work with you. Throughout my pursuits as a model I have updated my cards very often, and test out 30-50 cards and then re-order what is working. Don't call and ask why they haven't called, instead share with the agents you new compcard and share some exciting things you have been up too.

One agent or more?:
As a new commercial model you should be freelancing with many agencies not just one:
Because an agent might not call you every single day or as much as you hope, which is why you should freelance with a few commercial print modeling agencies. It is typical in the commercial print modeling world. Do not sign an exclusive contract unless you feel the agency has been working you ALOT and has been proving that you are a good match. But usually if you are a new commercial print model, you should freelance and build a portfolio of modeling credits, tearsheets first.

Meeting a Modeling Agency Tips

After your submissions and mailings, you might get a meeting with an agent, here is some insight in this video I made that shares what to wear and how to do your makeup for your modeling agency meeting.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Modeling is a Skill

Just like anything professional, modeling is a skill, excelling in it does take work and experience to be a great model and a model booking work.

But that isn't all.

When you are a new model you have to be persistant, you have to do your homework - get a compcard, focus on your photos,- and mail them out. Massive mailings is so important.

And also knowing your look and your body is important as well. Being able to quickly get in the modeling vibe and mood and adjust to any atmosphere and set. You will be working for all types of jobs and just like you are paid, so is everyone else. So you want to be able to know your body and self enough to know how to quickly angle your body, whether it is for a shoe modeling job, or calming your face for a makeup or cosmetic shot.

Modeling is a skill. It takes practice and it isn't something that a girl should expect just comes naturally.

It can take a lot of work to get rolling as a model, and get an agent, and things don't happen over night, but if you really want something you are up for the work and challegen, and if you want something you really try, really, really try, and you are smart about your pursuits. Just remember, treat modeling like a craft you will be a model for hire and hopefully hired alot.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beauty Tips for your handbag

Beauty Tips for your handbag

Don't stuff your handbag, it can ruin it, enjoy this video on the key items I carry in my clutch and evening bags. I stick to powder, lips and eyes, thats it, in my bag.

Comp cards - should you make your own?

A girl recently told me that a modeling agency she met with in NYC wanted her to pay $150 for 100 cards and the agency will put their logo on the cards, is this a good idea?

My answer:

You might think having an agency interested in you means you are jet set, but commercial print agencies usually do NOT sign models exclusive. So having a card made by them is a bit odd.

If a new model lets an agency make her cards, the agency name will be on it, and that means you can't or will feel awkward sending the card to other agencies to use.
I would find out if this is a must or an option? Most legit commercial print modeling agencies in NYC will accept models to give them compcards and will work with the cards the models give them. So even if your photos could improve if an agency likes your look they will work with what you have or suggest a photographer or give you some advice. I suggest all new models to get a few things straight when it comes to "working with a modeling agency," and things a model should be prepared for:

Expect and prepare to make your own cards before you see the agency, and this is a good thing. You want to be in control of you, your goals and pursuits, by slapping an agency name on your card it limits where you can send the cards. So I would focus on making your own cards and mailing them to commercial print modeling agencies and this way you can promote yourself with many agencies, and also test out cards.

It is normal for a model to freelance with many agencies, this is because usually you will NOT get daily calls from just one agency, and it takes more than one person to help you get modeling work. Making your own compcard lets you be more active within your pursuits. Same with a headshot, you get one made and mail it to many casting directors and try to build your resume.

An agency is usually not going to end up your best friend. You might be surprised to know that modeling agencies and bookers are just that. They do not care if you have your period most of the time, the question is "are you available for the casting or job and can you show up on time?" It is a business relationship.

It is best for a new model to put together her Headshot, smile shots beauty shots
And energy shots that show her doing something, being active, in the moment, and also her body shots, fitness or catalog swim or lingerie, or in a dress, and make her own comp card. Especially if you are a new model DO NOT sign with just any agency, make sure you do your research on them, and most commercial print models will be freelancing with agencies, not signing exclusive contracts.

Petite Pride T-Shirts and Totes on

I am sharing my own petite pride slogans with shirts and totes for the short girl with my Petite Pride Collection at cafepress.

The average girl in America is 5’3” or shorter and with this in mind there are
two different styles of tank tops and t-shirts are available that read
“Super-Short- Model” and “Too Short for What?” There is a tote bag as well that reads “The Average American girl is 5’3” and shorter.”

To see t-shirts and totes visit:
I hope you like them and flaunt your petite pride!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pregnant models are in demand at Expecting Models Inc

Do you think that your modeling pursuits are only when your waist is slim. Well, not at Expecting Models Inc.

Expecting Models Inc. specializes in Pregnant Models for Maternity Photo Shoots. And provides top pregnant professional models for the fashion and commercial world. EXPECTING MODELS Inc. is the premier agency for professional models who are pregnant or nursing.

I will be talking to the founder Liza Elliott-Ramirez about her modeling agency, starting it, and why pregnant models are in demand at Model Talk this week. You can listen here on Weds or anytime:

Expecting Moms also represents New Moms, Dads, Real Families, Toddlers and Babies. Models represented by Expecting Moms work alot, and for all the top clients including Liz Lange, The Gap, Old Navy, Target, Bloomingdales, A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity, Belly Basics, -even on Sex and the City, The Today Show, Glamour, American Baby, Baby Talk, Parenting, E Pregnancy, proving that the modeling business needs all kinds of models.

You can check them out here:

Deferred Pay - what is it?

Online I see a lot of castings that offer deferred pay for low budget films. If you are wondered what this means here is some info:

Deferred pay means that you do not get paid right after the job and that you will only get money if the movie, production ect, makes money, and make a profit after their bills, and production expenses are taken care of. If you do get paid it could be over a period of time. You might get a percentage of the profits over a period of time, if the film has DVD sales you might get a percent of those sales. For low budget productions, you should expect not to make much. It could take years for a film to get DVD distribution and depending on the contract you might not make that much anyways.

Read the contract well, ask to see the deferral agreement ahead of time.
You don't want to come off a snot, but these are normal questions, and you should know ahead of time what you are getting into. Your acting and modeling pursuits should not be taken lightly, you should want to know all the details and if they are not given, ask kindly.

Here are some other tips when it comes to working on a set/production/ film that is deferred pay.

1. If you are cast for a role on a file and it says "deferred pay" it would be a good idea to ask what that means to the production team. Because you want to make sure you KNOW the payment details fully before you commit.

2. Should you do a role that is deferred pay? If you are a new actor or model and you want experience and the role and job seems to benefit your reel, resume and portfolio then yes! Although with the internet exposing everything very quickly do be careful what you are getting involved with. Keep your bigger goals in mind and ask yourself, " will this role, job, project, ect be a benefit to my resume and lead to me to where I want to be?"

3. Many new models and actors accept anything without thinking of the results. This is a bad idea. You want to be picky about your work, you don't want to just apply to everything and anything, you want to treat your resume and portfolio as a presentation of your worth and what you are capable of, you don't want to come off a fool.

4. Ask about distribution, marketing, and where the film or project will be seen-exposed, will it be local, national, global?..., so many models and actors do not ask this. And end up nothing to show for your effort, work and time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Payless Shoes only $20

Enjoy this video of my new pair of Payles shoes for fall and anytime!

Scotch-Brite Ultra NailSaver-for hand models and models

Scotch-Brite is thinking about our nails, this morning I saw a commercial for Ultra NailSaver Sponge. Not only does this commercial show a hand model but it also shares a cleaning product that might be helpful for one.

Scotch-Brite's sponges have rounded edges that protect nails from touching food while you clean, with a thick foam layer. You can view them here.

I still think it is a good idea to wear cleaning gloves when you clean, or wash dishes.

Since castings can be anytime and also last minute it is a good idea to also have your own clear polish handy in your bag and some hand lotion.

Beauty Tips with Q-Tips

Enhance your beauty routine with Q-tips from Styledash on Vimeo.

Enjoy this video on how you can enhance your beauty routine with a Q-tip.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Too short to Model?- what about little people?

You might think you are too short to model, but I just read a breakdown for an energy commercial that said, "SEEKING: AFRICAN AMERICAN LITTLE PERSON
African American male 20 to 40 years old. Expressive face with great sense of improvisation. He is a street musician who wants to work in the circus. One day while playing his instrument in the street a circus truck passes through and he starts to run after the truck. He doesn"t have enough energy to catch up to the truck and gets left behind."

You know if little people can book commercials and make $3000, I don't think you are too short to try to be a model.

The first step to being a model or being anything you want to be is trying. And just because it is hard and not easy doesn't mean you shouldn't try. It really just comes down to trying and self serving and being realistic with your goals and self.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Available as a Model- it is key to modeling work

Modeling might appear to be a business of just looks, but it is also a business of being available.

Have you ever looked at a magazine and thought, "I'm just as pretty as her, or as attractive, or " I could do that pose."

But it wasn't you.

The job most likely didn't just come down ONLY to her looks and perfect smile, it comes down to also being available.

Alot of modeling has to do with being available. Agents like it too.

Some jobs are last minute, last week I was on call for a job that was the next day, and on a weekend. Yup!

Can You Model?- well it is up to you

Whether you can model or not, well it doesn't come down to someone thinking you can, the first step is you thinking you can. The second step is you knowing what you CAN model and understanding the way marketing plays into the modeling industry.

Think about what makes you marketable? what makes you sellable? Why would a brand want to hire you as their model? Why would an agency want to work with you?

It isn't about a confidence builder it is about marketing and business.

Being a model isn't about height. It is about showing up, wanting to do it, and for new models it is about doing the work to create a compcard, getting envelopes, mailing it out, and trying.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

$50 modeling compcards in NYC tips

Modeling compcards should not leave you broke, so a suggestion is visiting Precision Photos in NYC, they have $50 compcards. Or for compcards that are under $50.

Here are their websites:

Now when getting a compcard a good idea is to "test" out the cards first. You might not want to order 100 compcards or more for your first batch, especially if you are a new model. You might just want to purchase 50 or so and mail them out and test them out. And then re-order.

Here are some tips when preparing your first compcard:

1. Pick the best photos you have, even if it is just three, a headshot, an energy shot showing a smile, -maybe holding a phone, or laughing holding a handbag, a full body shot, could be in a dress or fitness clothing. When choosing your photo pick photos that say something and appear to look like an ad for something. Ask yourself, "does this shot look like it could be an ad for something or an editorial in a magazine?" If yes, then you have a good shot!

2. Don't think you have to have 4 photos on the back of your card, if you only have a few Good shots it is ok, say you have a headshot and two other shots then you SHOULD still make a card and mail it out and try. Therefore put two photos on the back and one on the front of the card. Or to save money just put two shots on the front of the card, and only pay for a one sided card, and mail out the card and test it out. Don't wait!

3. Be prepared: When visiting the printing studio face to face have all your files ready and cropped and if you need touch up, Don't make the store employee hunt for your photo within 1000 other photos. Also it is cheaper to have it done ahead of time. Or ask if the studio does touch up work on photos.

4. Ask if you can re-order and if they keep your compcard on file?

5. Make sure you see a proof before you approve the compcard. It is important to SEE the card in person, not just over the computer screen because colors can be disorted or changed, faded, ect when printed.

4 photos all models need of all heights

You might think it is all about height and weight and curves and perfection but modeling is a lot more basic than that. Many aspiring models tend to focus on the wrong areas of modeling and that is the reason they do not get a modeling agency or representation.

They forget to consider what the modeling agency wants to see. Instead aspiring models tend to only focus on what makes them feel good and pretty and it leads them to create and show the wrong photos.

The reason you might not have a modeling agency isn't because you are not pretty or a good model, it could be that you are just presenting your self wrong. Marketing yourself is so important, and knowing how to. An aspiring model that is petite tends to shoot too fashion like and this will not help her get an agent. You have to show what the agency wants to see and a petite girl in a fashion pose will not sell to their clients.

Yet these four shots will help an aspiring model at least get a meeting with a commercial print modeling agency.

A beauty shot or close up. This is important for showing your great skin and it should look like a cosmetic ad for makeup or skincare, but with not too much makeup. An agent wants to see the life in your eyes and your nice skin.

An energy shot. Do you have a shot of yourself doing something? This is similar to an action shot but the importance is to show your personality to the agency. The agency doesn't want to promote or pitch a boring and dull model; they want to use the word personality when they speak of you. So put on some jeans and your favorite heels and walk down the street smiling, walk your dog and naturally show you have personality. A shot that says “I am friendly, and approachable." The word model does not mean stiff, boring, and diva. It means a girl who can sell a product with her smile and energy.

A body shot. This does not mean strip naked to the commercial print modeling world, a body shot can also be in fitness clothing, in a dress, and in a catalog swimwear style. Smiling helps the shot look more natural.

Magazines to get ideas from are:

Self, Fitness, Glamour, Marie Claire

Get these 4 shots and turn them into a comp card and then mail them out to agencies, you should hear back!

Isobella Jade

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

petite models agencies in NY that are looking for models

There are not agencies LOOKING for petite models usually. Some agencies accept submissions from petite models but really a print modeling agency is what a petite model should be chasing and submitting to. Most agencies will not put posts on casting websites and most commercial print agencies you sort of have to discover yourself.

This week on Model Talk the segment is called:

"Don't Leave it Up To The Modeling Agency"

I will be talking about the things YOU, as a model have to do to better prepare for working with a modeling agency and get one. I will discuss things you might think the agency does for you, but being a model doesn't just involve going to the modeling agency open call and getting everything handed to you. This segment is about things a model should do on their own to get representation and book legit modeling work.

Click here to listen:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Cost To Start Modeling

Being a model does cost money, and these days I am looking for a deal, right now I am ordering some compcards over the internet where I used to walk into printing studios and pay $50 or so more for the personal attention, but these days even my printing costs are being debated.

Also buying new portfolios, a model should update her portfolio when it is looking beat up, the thin plastic cover for the photos can get dirty and scratched and the presentation you present isn't as nice.

Also rain, movement, and of course being in NYC can ruin anything quickly, so when you have tearsheets you might want to protect them and get a new portfolio more often.

I was on a job and I saw a guy who had his original tearsheets NOT in his portfolio and instead photo copied them and put them in his portfolio...I guess it was a safety thing.

Usually it is hard to get your tearsheets, and ruining one is real upset, especially the hassle of back ordering a magazine can be a pain. I get my printing done at Adorama, but usually in the city you can find printing shops that will make you a 9 by 11 for under 10bucks.

Being a model does cost money. I also buying model items such as panty hose, tights, thongs, makeup, lotions, face creams, face sea salt scrubs, hair products, because a model should also know how to do her own makeup and hair. Not to mention the price of pedicures and manicures to keep my feet and hands looking nice. I do like travel sized lotions and hair products as well for days of shoots and castings.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Modeling Basics Marketing Tools

Do you have the marketing tools you need to market yourself?

Enjoy this video on the Modeling Basics Marketing Tools that you need to start modeling.

Printing Modeling Comp card NYC tips

If you live in NYC try Reproductions for your compcard and headshot printing. Double-Sided Photographic Composite Card Prices

You can get 100-1500 cards.

Quantity Price

100 $136.50

200 $225.00

300 $283.00

500 $367.50

1000 $493.00

1500 $600.00

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Modeling Tips Being a petite model

Petite models are about between 5'3" to 5'5"- or even shorter, but that doesn't mean you can't model, the key is finding ways you can, not dwelling on ways you can't.

Print and commercial work is the key! It is the way into the "real" modeling business for the short girl.

To acomplish anything challenging in life (like being a really short model) you have to be realistic and be passionate, serious and ambitious and smart about it. Trying doesn't mean taking the shortcut and being so desperate that you forget the real reason you wanted to do something and the real goals you have.

Being a petite model is a challenge, it is not easy, but if you focus on your photos, focus on your submissions to agents,and if you are a new model: focus on working with aspiring brands, jewelry, handbag, or accessory brands, focus on creating photos that show that you can work/model with products and be as marketable as you can be. It is important to be able to market yourself, and know how to do this, and have the marketing tools (Headshot and compcard)you need to do so.

How can you call yourself a striving model, if you have never mailed your photos to an agency, or put together a compcard or headshot?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

creating your modeling comp cards

When it comes to the photos you use for your modeling comp card be sure to think about the modeling jobs you want to get. If you want to model jeans, then show your self in jeans in the photo smiling and looking like a jeans as, -look at some ads ahead of time to get inspired. If you want to model shoes, or beauty products, do the same, look at ads and get inspired and shape your card around the type of modeling jobs you want to get.

As a shorter model the more commercial looking your card is the better.

So think beyond just yourself, think about the brands and products you want to model, and take this mindset to your shoot, and to the printer when it comes to making your compcard.

I would print 50-100 cards, test them out and submit your compcards out to commercial print modeling agencies, if you don't hear back, you might need to work on your photos and your submissions more. Maybe get a second opinion on the photos you are putting on your card.

Attractive girls/females with an energetic look can get modeling work no matter their height, but remember your photos do NEED to look commercial and lifestyle like. They need to show you doing something, and working with a product, whether it is jewerly or shoes, or laughing or walking a dog, the shots need to show not just your fine body and pretty face but they need to show that you can interact and act, play a part, as a model as well. Alot of modeling has to do with acting.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Improve Your Model Marketing- for the small town girls

I have been thinking, what if you are a petite model or a model of any height in a small town? Well it sure is harder. I mean modeling is a competitive pursuit regardless of where you live but in a small town a girl can feel limited. Here are some ways you can extend your modeling marketing and maybe even get a gig with a brand, product, and for something legit, even if you don't have a modeling agency...yet.

Yet, is an important word, it means you are progressing towards something bigger. And to get there you need to market yourself. If you want to be a model and you are not 5'10" and you do not get a response from a modeling open call and the agencies in your town just are not calling you....yet....then you need to work on yourself and your presentation.

Your presentation of photos is what is going to interest an agent, or agency, so you need to make sure you have quality photos, photos that show your energy and personality because as a shorter girl, commercial print modeling is your key, and that is modeling with your energy and personality. Not your Vogue stance or headcock. So the first thing is to find some quality photographers, and it might sound old school but even try the Yellow pages, legit photographers do not have social sites and they are professional. Asking for a test shoot is a good idea, or explaining the money you do have, your seriousness and if you can perhaps get a nice headshot from the photographer with your budget. It is worth a try.

Many girls only think the web is the only way they will find a photographer and it is truly the WRONG way usually.  Even consider your yellow pages, find professional photographers with professional photography buisnesses. Ask yourself. Does this photographer have a credible portfolio, have they been hired to shoot for a brand or magazine/ would their work appeal to a print modeling agency?

I suggest going to tradeshows or events where aspiring designers mingle and sell. You should attend with a headshot or some photos and perhaps you can model for the designer.

To intrigue an agent it is important to show you are marketable, to show you have some experience and sometimes you have to make an effort to make this happen. You have to approach aspiring designers and brands and try to get some work yourself, maybe you won't be paid big bucks, but showing you CAN model is important.

I would also contact marketing companies, especially in small towns, ad agencies, newspapers, magazines that are locally based,-they might need models. See, you can put your headshot to use even in your hometown.

Your modeling shouldn't be hits and clicks, it should be active and in person. You do not have to rely on the web just to "call" yourself a model. You can get modeling work if you are savvy and smart and think about marketing yourself.

Think to yourself, " How can I get this agency or agent, to want to work with me?"
Well...most likely you are not showing that you can model with the type of clients they have. And your photos are not showing you in a proper way, and you are not marketing yourself correctly.

Being Naked on the Job Modeling

You know I love my body. And as a petite model using it has been such a wonderful way to get an agent, and get modeling work with top brands. From my feet, to my hands, to my breasts, to my behind but I choose to do in a commercial and editorial way. Being a glamour model is not my goal, but working with great brands, magazines, and ad campaigns with my body is.

Having a proportioned body is key to be a body model and also having photos that are not so sexual but more editorial. Here are some shots you should consider creating if you have an interest.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recycle Beauty Products and Containers

If you are not recycling your beauty products you should be. Most beauty products are plastic and can be recycled, but you know you can do even more than that. especially if you are pursuing a passion within the arts, it can leave you feeling a little broke sometimes, so you need to be aware of the money you are spending and how you can also re-use your beauty containers and turn them into useful things. Enjoy this video on some tips for how you can re-use your cosmetic containers, especially your really small ones.

Chasing your dreams

If you really want to do something you don't do it half way, you make sure you do the work to get what you want. To acomplish it. It can be a chase and usually the things that are hard in life are the ones that are most wonderful, once acomplished. So keep striving because for many things it is up to only you to see that they come true.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Budget Beauty Tips - advice for a girl on a beauty budget

These are some of my budget beauty tips for any girl who is on a budget an cares how she spends her beauty dollars.