Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Social Media And the Modeling Business

I am writing an article about social media and modeling and I am debating on a few titles right now. You see the internet has really changed the modeling business and it has for better, and worse. Sometimes I think the internet has ruined the word model, killed the supermodel, and basically turned the word model into a tease. It seems like every girl with a thong wants to be one. And I do love thongs, but posing for the sake of it and just to get hit and clicked upon is not modeling. This topic really bothers me because I see it daily. And as advertising changes from print, and TV, to the web, it makes me wonder all the time, where is the credit meaningful. Is it the same effect to be a girl who has a million trillion friends on Myspace, or to be the girl in the CoverGirl ad campaign?

To me, I pick the girl in the CoverGirl ad campaign.

When it comes to my radio show, and my projects of course I do care about Google ratings, but I do not care to ONLY be a girl of the web. It takes more than being able to scroll a website and click download to be a model. It takes more than a photo on a modeling portfolio site to be a model. It is weird that technology has even made this a topic, but it has.

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