Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Shower Suit and petite suits

If you are petite, finding a suit can be hell! It is still hell for me, but here are some idea for the petite lady of Generation Y:

Theory-you can find suits, suit jackets, and skirts here.
ArdenB-you can find suit jackets here.
Forever21- you can find blazer jackets here. Maybe not full suits, but maybe someday!
Banana Republic- you can find slick suits and dresses here.
H&M- you can find a petite size jacket and pants here, in a 0 or 2 or 4.
Bloomingdales- they have a nice petite section. sometimes the sizes can be a little bigger than expected so you might even want to get a smaller size that normal even for a petite girl. A Small can be really a 4 or 6, not a zero or one. You can find some cute pants and blazers here and suits

I would also hit up Marshalls and TJ Max.

This is an article I found today at the Daily News about at home dry-cleaning for your suit.

New business suit can be cleaned in shower

Wednesday, September 24th 2008, 1:57 PM

Imagine a business suit that does not have to be dry-cleaned, but can be cleaned at home in your shower. Actually, you don't have to imagine it - such suits are already available in Japan and may soon be available worldwide.

The "shower suit" was invented in Australia and first became available in Japan last year.

This week, according to the company AWI (Australian Wool Innovation), the Japanese firm that markets the suits there has placed a new order for 170,000 more, which will triple the number of shower suits now in Japan. The company has 300 stores and targets students who are job hunting and young professionals living on their own.

According to the CEO of AWI, the success of the business suits has inspired development in ladieswear and corporate businesswear, since time-pressed professionals are attracted to the convenience of garments that don't have to be dry-cleaned. Saving money on dry cleaning costs is another enticement.

To clean the suit, it needs to be sprayed in a warm shower for three or four minutes. It then takes a few hours to drip dry at room temperature. No ironing will be necessary if the the suit hangs correctly while being dried.

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