Monday, September 15, 2008

Preparing for a Casting or Audition- how to not be clueless

I have an audition this week for a feature film. Crossing fingers, here are some tips for preparing for auditions and castings:

1. Know ahead of time what the job involves, this helps you to be better prepared and also consider what you wear, you want to look like the job, character and what the casting is casting for. So try to know as much as you can before you show up clueless.

2. Get good sleep before the casting or audition. Bring a water bottle and get rid of the gum.

3. Visualize the casting and audition ahead of time, think about the role, or what the job involves, try to imagine what they are looking for, practice in your head, what you will say and how you will present yourself.

4. Bring a photo that represents what the casting or audition is looking for. If it is a shoe modeling casting, don't show up with a bikini shot. If it is a for a role that involves you being sexier don't wear a sweater and jeans.

Remember when it comes to outfits, don't try too hard, it is better to wear less makeup than over do the blush, it is better to wear a dress that is not TOO short, it is better to come off balanced and not risk losing your chance just because you wanted to show off your cleavage. Have confidence, confidence alone is a selling point.

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