Thursday, September 4, 2008

Petite Modeling Motto- think your too short to model?

Think again!

What about shoe modelinghand modelinghair modelingsunglasses, accessories,handbags, furniture, mattress's, cookware, brands like Target. com.Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Banks, jewelry.

Not to mention fit modeling, and commercials.Models are everywhere...not just on the runway!S

So if you want to model you first need the photo, you need the photo to get you into the modeling agency door so you can go to the castings where the big jobs, top brands hire and cast for models.Skip the modeling school, skip the scams, skip the internet modeling social sites, focus on what you REALLY need. You need a headshot, you need shots that also SHOW what you want to model. If you want to model for any of the things above then you need photos that say YES I can.Get more involved within your pursuits, be more of the model you want to be.

You can't model without photos. Good photos. You have to change your modeling mindset and think like a marketer. Think Bigger than just getting some stupid hit or click on your modeling profile page on some stupid social site, get over that crap and really start thinking of modeling and what it means to be one.It is YOU selling a product, you represent brands, and you have to have photos to pitch to the modeling agency, so start with your headshot, focus on your smiles, your energy, your relaxed and calm faces, your upbeat expressions, and look at ads and editorials to get inspired. Keep the makeup less. Less is more sort of thing.And remember modeling is more than girls just prancing around in some random photographers living room for the heck of it! Modeling involves top brands!

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