Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Interesting in Modeling tips- questions to ask yourself before you start modeling

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are interested in modeling and you are not tall:

1. Do you understand all the types of modeling out there?... So that you can better find an agency and area for you? Commercial print modeling, parts modeling are popular areas for models of all heights. Commercial print modeling is modeling that involves using your personality and attractive appearance to model, this is not runway, this is usually in the form of print, catalogs, or commercials. So look at some, notice ads, notice editorials in magazines, notice catalogs of all types, notice shoe models, hand models too, this type of modeling is body part modeling also called parts modeling, and a lot of shorter girls find success as a parts model.

2. Are you confident? Being a model is about feeling positive and up beat and staying ambitious, so ask yourself, do you have an athletic mindset? Athletes and models have to have the same kind of mindset, you don't win every game and you don't get every job, but if you are confident, and a self motivator you can find success modeling

3. Are you a good researcher? As an aspiring model you'll want to know how to find the right agency for you, this can involve research on the web, try googling Print Modeling, before Fashion modeling, especially if you are petite, there are many agencies out there that accept models of all heights so it is about finding the right agency for you and sometimes this does involve some research.

4. Did you know you can freelance model? As a petite model or shorter girl don't expect to sign an agency contract, instead what is popular is freelancing as a model with many agencies. It is hard sometimes you find ONE agency that will market you all the time. So it is best to submit your headshots and photos out to many casting directors, modeling agencies, and talent agencies. The more the better when you are starting out.

5. Are you aggressive and also patient? You will have to be aggressive with your mailings to agencies, you will have to also be patient. You might not hear back for a few weeks but in the mean time you have to continue to market yourself to other agencies.

6. Do you know your best assets? It is smart if you know your best traits, great smile, great energy, great eyes, personality, these are all selling points when you are thinking of planning photos to submit and also presenting yourself to an agent.

Remember you don't have to pay an agency to get one, and that going to a modeling school is a waste of time. What matters most is having good photos, a nice smile shot will get you further than anything~!

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