Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Girls use the internet and come out a model- no they come out with questions

I recently got a question from a girl about how to start modeling and if she should use Craigslist.

Alot of girls use the internet for answers and to self promote, and using Google for answers is good, but for sole self promotion? NO no no no no. Top magazines, top brands do not find talent or models on the internet, top cosmetic brands and magazines do not find models off the internet, real models do not find modeling work off the web. When I was 19 I googled the word model too and I made a crap load of mistakes, that is why I wrote my book, and I blog now, and have my radio show, and I make video blogs and give advice,...because even though something might seem right, an entrance or the way to be seen...it can also leave you with nothing but mistakes and wastiing time. Getting a hit or click on a modeling portfolio website like all the junk out there will get you no where. The best way, the quickest way to be a model is the old fashion way. Get a book of stamps, get some envelopes, get some headshots, get some photos of your personality. And mail!

Using the internet and places like Craigslist is not the best way, it is ONLY ok if you are extremely careful, pick and skeptical about who you work with. Yes I have booked some decent with off of Craigslist, with MTV and Univision, and some fit modeling jobs and shoe modeling jobs for shoe shows, which helped to build my portfolio and reel, but Craigslist is a free forum and with that comes scumbags and perverts and it leads to mistakes. So I would say NO, don't use it, *****unless you are able to understand the difference between a gig that is something you can tell a modeling agency about and a gig that is going to make you embarressed when your mother sees it.*******

But before you do look at the photos the girls have on the modeling agency website if possible, the agency obviously likes the style of photos if they are on the website and represents them, so try to create some like that, focus on a headshot, and full body shot similar to what you see on the agency website, and submit, submit, submit your photos and keep trying!

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