Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fit TV for Fitness Routine- no membership fee required

After doing some blogging on the terrance today I went inside at sundown, and turned on the TV, and I turned to Fit TV and caught the end of Pyramid Lower Body. I had never watched it before but I really liked what I saw even within the first few minutes. The music is also soft but soothing. It seems like a great workout at a great time.

I will try to catch it more often. I think it was well done and if you are looking for a fitness routine to tone the body this show would be one to watch.

This lower body workout is designed to increase lean muscle, shape and sculpt. Start with a series of standing leg exercises that focus on the full pyramid system. Then try a series of leg exercises with a stability ball. ( although there is a girl in the back doing the exercises without the ball so if you don't have one it is ok.)

If you want to be reminded of the show and time then you just go to the web site click which shows you want to be informed of and you will get an email! Easy! At home trainer.

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