Saturday, September 27, 2008

Buying boots for under $100

It is possible to find boots this fall for under $100.
I am!

But also before I even go shopping I dig through my older boots from last year and I decide which is worth saving and fixing and which are worth giving to charity. Do you do the same? I hope so?

I just fixed a really cute bootie, and also a peeptoe pair of black heels, both which I love and I am excited to wear again this fall. I also have an ankle boot and a pair of tall boots which I am going to get fixed.

It is cheaper to spend $15-$20 fixing the lifts of your boots and the heels, then buying a whole new pair sometimes. Also in NYC closet space is limited, so I am also picky to make sure I wear and love the boots I have. Boots are big, they take up space and if I am not wearing them, them...out the door to a friend or charity they go!

I recently bought a pair of gray boots which I really love. I am already wearing them.

I would like to get a pair of tan colored boots this season, that is what I am on the hunt for. I have a fantastic pair of Michael Kors black boots which I bought towards the end of the season last year, which are still smoking hot and trendy and make me feel sexy and sophisticated. So those are keeps. (honestly I am not really into trends, I just wear what I like and what makes me feel good)

My Franco Sarto boots in a deep purple are going to make an appearance this fall.

I also check out DWS, Payless, Marshalls, Target, and I do find some pretty amazing things there for under $100.

To save money I don't go nuts shopping for things I really don't need, I just don't live like that. I really think about what I have and what I need, and

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