Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brides Magazine Fashion Director Rachel Leonard speaks for petite brides

I reached out to Brides Magazine Fashion Director Rachel Leonard about petite brides, her insight is intriguing and helpful. Enjoy her answers to my questions below:

1. As a petite girl can you tell me any Bridal dress brands that design for size zero or smaller, without having the hem the dress or take it in?
Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner is a great line for a petite girl. They have created one dress with a continuous line with minimal waist demaracation that adds height to a small frame.

2. What style of dress do you think works best on a girl who is petite, shorter than 5'4" for girls who have curves, and also a dress style for those who are slim and want to look like they have some and not shorter than they actually are?
If you're petite and shapely, a satin A-line cut will gracefully skim your figure and add visual inches to your stature. There's nothing like a sexy mermaid silhouette to create curves on a short and slender figure. Also, for little ladies with ample cleavage - they can look fantastic in a sexy halter frock. The key to pulling off this style is choosing a dress with wide, supportive straps and a modified A-line shape that creates a long, lean line.

3. I feel like a few years ago there were some pretty boring bridal shoes, but today it seems styles are getting more sexy and comfy. Do you see any exciting moves happening in the bridal shoe wear industry and any shoe brands that you think are doing great things for brides and the bridal party?
One look we've seen, particularly for winter weddings, are shoes sprinkled with crystals and gems that lend effortless glamour and star power to a bride's wedding day.

4. Although white and cream are the standard colors for a wedding dress, have you seen any more vibrant dresses with personality go down the bridal runway recently?
For fall, we're seeing alot of orange and grey combinations - the hot hue cooled with a steely shade makes for a cutting-edge combo that pops at a fall formal. But, color doesn't have to pop to impress. Pastel shades can flatter all skin tones and make your gown a true original. Brides can show their playful side by adding color in unexpected places— in their shoes, their gloves, their jewels.

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