Sunday, September 7, 2008

Body Scrub Incredible Spreadable Scrub™ Ginger body smoother- Before a Photoshoot idea

Before my shoots and castings I like to give myself a nice foot scrub or body scrub and the Incredible Spreadable Scrub™ Ginger body smoother from Origins is one to consider the next time your body needs some lovin'.

White and Brown Sugars buff roughness away while Dead Sea Salts brighten bodies that were once dull and gray. Olive Oil hydrates within to soften even the driest of skin. And from your arms to your legs, your toes to your fingers, the warming aroma of Ginger will softly linger

Mmm Ginger just sounds good for the body.

You can find the scrub here at

Also tune in on Wens at 7pm for an interview with the VP of Marketing at Origins to hear about their products and innovations!

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