Sunday, September 14, 2008

Being a Model,- the Supermodel, runway and modeling mindset

This is my reply from an email I recieved today from a 14 year old girl who was concerned about her height and weight to model.


"Modeling is about your perspective. It is not supermodels and playboy bunnies only. And height and having a perfect weight is a small part of modeling. Being proportioned is helpful. If you can accept being realistic that you can get ahead as a model no matter your height.
As a petite model You might NEVER be a supermodel, on the runway, or on a billboard representing Gucci, but you can model if you notice and know the ways you CAN in deed model, the marketing beyond the modeling, your modeling opportunities come down to your your perspective of what modeling is, your perspective is what you might need to change, not your weight or height.
If you dwell on these you will NOT be a model.Think DOVE, HANES, AT&T, MCDonalds, Skincare brands, hair care, even tampon brands need models.

Modeling is advertising. Why do models exist?

To model products, to represent brands, to use their look, their personality, their appeal to sell a product. SO get over the height thing, if you look towards Commercial print modeling agencies, and if you get a headshot, or compcard made with photos that can sell you, and how you can work with products. Then you WILL get an agent. Agents want to see that you can work with products so grab a handbag, grab your favorite earrings, and think of advertising, think of marketing, think of ads, and editorials, next time you read a magazine focus on the ads, the way they look the angle of the models face, the makeup, less is usually more....and usually modeling for a petite girl means..using your personality. And a smile can get you further than a shot with you all decked out glamed or with too much of a fashion look. Focus on just being you. Think realistically. You want to model. Think Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, YM, notice the ads. Yes the models are cute, but they are also selling a product. So think like a marketer when it comes towards your modeling...

My agents have never said I was too short...they just have wanted me to look commercial, girl next door, happy, sellable, smiles, in...that I can sell a product.

So when you are thinking about the modeling you can do, think lifestyle...notice where girls of all heights are modeling. Modeling is more than Playboy and More than Vogue, it is you.just being you! So smile, and submit your photos out to print agencies, commercial print, in print modeling your height doesn't matter so much because the camera lens can stretch your body and a proportioned body will be leaner and longer in photos. I don't worry about my body obesssively, I focus on my personality, my eyes, my assets, I don't dwell on what I am not, I use what I can to get ahead whether it is a photo of my face or my hand, I bring what I have to my pursuits."

isobella jade
It comes down to " if you want something you find a way, you are realistic and persistant!"

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