Friday, September 19, 2008

Be a Model Without The Internet- skip the internet model crap and really start modeling

I think the internet has ruined the word model and if you think you got what it takes to be a model then don't signup for one of those internet modeling sites, remember the photographer’s are not scouting talent on the web. And top brands like Victoria's Secret do not cast models on the internet. So if you are waiting to be the next Gisele by your little modeling portfolio, give it up girl and get a compcard and try to get an interview with a legit agency, here are some tips if you want to be a model and beat the odds in the digital age without using the internet:

1. Focus on your assets, not just sticking your ass out. Do you have great eyes, do you have great hair? Focus on what you do have and think of products, ads, and editorials that involve those assets. Think sunglasses, handbags, accessory brands, shoes, think hair products, even contact lenses need models for their commercials and print ad material. If you do have a great ass, then think of parts modeling, underwear modeling, and make your modeling more than just a random hit or click on your photo on some corny model profile page that pedophiles look at.

2. Next, focus on all different areas of modeling, from fit modeling, to parts modeling, to commercial print modeling, and if you are short, petite or not 5’10” then you will want to find a print modeling agency, an agency that books models work of all heights, they do exist, just google commercial print modeling agencies and print modeling, some agencies have print divisions, and there are also talent agencies and casting directors as well to consider.

3. Think of yourself as a small business, and the tools you need to really be a model are: A nice headshot or beauty shot, and an energy shot showing your personality. The Commercial part of Commercial Print Modeling means representing a brand and product and usually these brands and products want you to use your energy, smile, your look to reflect the image of that product so a smile is very important, but don’t worry about being so perfect, -that gap between your teeth is interesting, and interesting does sell.

4. Now it is time to promote, once you have the photos you need, a nice smile shot and energy shot, and then mail them like crazy to all the commercial print modeling agencies you can find, start googling or pick up a handy Ross Reports at Barnes and Noble or read Backstage to find some casting directors and talent agencies. You need to get some stamps and envelops and you shouldn’t just mail the photos once, you might have to do several mailings until you can get a call back sometimes.

5. You are not a real model until you are working with a brand, a read brand, and getting a paycheck from that brand, a professional brand or magazine, so don’t think you will be discovered just by only having a Myspace account, it be a model, the old fashion way is still the way, you need a compcard, a headshot, and the will to try. So don’t ever feel too short to model, you just have to open up your opportunities by understanding there are models out there, just as short as you who are modeling. You don’t have to just be stuck teasing some random guy with your ass, you could use that ass and get it on a billboard modeling for a national underwear brand, but you do have to have a compcard, a headshot, and be where art directors, marketing directors and editors go to find their models.

So remember as hot as you might feel for that 5 minutes of fame while getting 100 comments on your half naked photo, if you really want to model, think about how the word model “is a person who poses or displays for purposes of art, fashion, or other products and advertising.” What are you advertising lately? Are you just modeling for your ego, or for something?

A big thing is also: Working with professional photographers, not just some guy with a camera.

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