Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Meaning of Model

To me the meaning of a model is: a person that uses her look or body to showcase a product or brand.

Paul Mitchell Responsible Beauty Tips Hair and Planet

I loved the Paul Mitchell ad in Marie Claire Magazine. Have you seen it? It featured 30 days of Beauty and involves the co-owner of Paul Mitchell, Angus Mitchell sharing 30 inspired solutions for healthy hair and lands. These are the hair tips I think we all can take part in for the environment, and use within our beauty routine:

Angus says, "Improve hair and air quality by using hairsprays with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Also "Install a low-flow showerhead. They're inexpensive, easy to install, and can save your family more than 500 gallons a week."

Just think of all the water you waste when you wash your hair, also you should turn the water off if you are conditioning or shampooing hair for longer than a few seconds. If it is a leave in for 2 minutes conditioner then turn off the shower and soap up your wet body while your hair is conditioning and then turn the water back on to rinse. Angus says you can save up to 50 gallons of water a week by doing this.
I do this when I shave. I turn the water off while I cream up/foam up my legs and then swipe the razor and then turn the water back on to rinse. Please do think of the water you use.

Angus also suggests "don't dry hair completely, but rather "leave a little mositure in." Save electricity too and prevent heat damage of your hair.

A way to also save money and get more for your money is to buy products that multi last, the 30 days of Beauty ad and eco tips included: Paul Mitchell Sculpting foam, smooths and control frizz and provides long-lasting memory and texture.

Also when using the curling iron, put the hairspray on hair first, and then curl,- you won't have to use the hairspray again because your hair will already hold.

Certain serums for your hair can also reduce blow-drying time, (such as Paul Mitch Super Skinny Serum), which is a light weight silicone serum. Choose natural ingredients that fight moisture loss, like softening canola, soybean and cornstarch, (such as Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Conditioner). Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products are also good to check out. And the portions of your money will benefit America Forests.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Report Shoes Give You Height

I'm not that short with my Report Shoes!

Eyebrow Enhancing tips Beauty from Isobella Jade

Enjoy this video on AOL's Stylelist on my eyebrow enhancing tips here.

I feature Wet n Wild's Ultimate brow kit and another option is the Ultimate Brow Color and Set ( a pencil with brow gel).

Enhancing your eyebrows is great for days you don't want to tweeze or want to enhance and bring attention to your eyes.

Enjot the video beauty tip here and try out the eyebrow tools at Wet n Wild.

Anya Hindmarch Handbags at Target

From October 12th- December 26th you can purchase a limited edition handbag exclusive from Anya Hindmarch at Target Stores in the US. The handbags are so sophisticated and stylish, I am loving them.

Take a peek here.

eDressme.com for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Aren't these dresses so pretty! For me October is for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and eDressMe.com will be donating 20% of proceeds from the sale of select designer items to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation. Designer items will include looks by Tara Jarmon, Shoshanna, Nanette Lepore, eDressMe Private Collection and many more. These above are my favorites.

My favorite part of their website is their Under $99" section- you can find something anytime. And many of the dresses come in an extra small!

The website is really worth the visit and for a great cause. Visit eDressme.com here and see the beautiful and trendy Breast Cancer Awareness Dresses.

I also love this pink Thong from Cosabella here.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bakers Shoes Favorites of Isobella Jade

These are my favorites at Bakers shoes.
MAE in blue, Sole Project by Bakers. 4 1/2" heel
HANNAH, by Bakers, this pointed toe stretch boot can be cuffed down or worn up over the knee, 4 2/1" heel.
SPICE, by Bakers, Over -the-knee, 4" heel.
ORION, in brown, by Bakers, leather peep-toe ankle bootie, 4 1/2" heel
CALYPSO, tan suede, short shaft pull on boot with front ruched detailing. 4 1/2"

Wet n Wild Cosmetics Interview on Model Talk

If you need a handy pouch to keep your makeup safe, check out Wet n Wild's Podulars I love them and they hold ALOT of makeup, brushes, and basically everything for your beauty needs. Easy to store and carry.

This week on Model Talk I am speaking to Shawn Haynes, the Senior VP of Marketing and Global Brand Development at Wet n Wild Cosmetics about the makeup brand, the beauty business, and the current Wet n Wild makeup innovations for girls on the go! http://wnwbeauty.com/

Tune in at 1:30pm this week.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Buying boots for under $100

It is possible to find boots this fall for under $100.
I am!

But also before I even go shopping I dig through my older boots from last year and I decide which is worth saving and fixing and which are worth giving to charity. Do you do the same? I hope so?

I just fixed a really cute bootie, and also a peeptoe pair of black heels, both which I love and I am excited to wear again this fall. I also have an ankle boot and a pair of tall boots which I am going to get fixed.

It is cheaper to spend $15-$20 fixing the lifts of your boots and the heels, then buying a whole new pair sometimes. Also in NYC closet space is limited, so I am also picky to make sure I wear and love the boots I have. Boots are big, they take up space and if I am not wearing them, them...out the door to a friend or charity they go!

I recently bought a pair of gray boots which I really love. I am already wearing them.

I would like to get a pair of tan colored boots this season, that is what I am on the hunt for. I have a fantastic pair of Michael Kors black boots which I bought towards the end of the season last year, which are still smoking hot and trendy and make me feel sexy and sophisticated. So those are keeps. (honestly I am not really into trends, I just wear what I like and what makes me feel good)

My Franco Sarto boots in a deep purple are going to make an appearance this fall.

I also check out DWS, Payless, Marshalls, Target, and I do find some pretty amazing things there for under $100.

To save money I don't go nuts shopping for things I really don't need, I just don't live like that. I really think about what I have and what I need, and

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gray Boots for Fall Fashion Isobella Jade

I created this video here to show off my favorite fall color, gray! I love these boots by Alice + Olivia from Payless.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Organic Fashions for Organic Living

During fashion week I was lucky enough to attend the Ports 1961 show at Bryant Park. It was amazing, not only did Cowboy Junkies perform during the runway show, but the collection was designed with organic living and the great outdoors in mind. It inspired me to think of some eco-friendly clothing, for all budgets, that might be great for a night out on the town. Read about how you can be organically fashion friendly and fashion forward at beyoumag.com here.

Halloween at Frederick's of Hollywood

If you are petite and want to find a Halloween costume that fits then check out Frederick's of Hollywood. I like the sultry sailer, french maid, the sexy angel, and flapper, they are basically all under $50 and all come in XS. There are also great acccessories to go with the costume at Frederick's of Hollywood as well. So even if you already have your costume in mind but need some shoes, stockings or a anchor necklace for that sexy sailer outfit, check them out.

*they also have plus sizes too.

The Shower Suit and petite suits

If you are petite, finding a suit can be hell! It is still hell for me, but here are some idea for the petite lady of Generation Y:

Theory-you can find suits, suit jackets, and skirts here.
ArdenB-you can find suit jackets here.
Forever21- you can find blazer jackets here. Maybe not full suits, but maybe someday!
Banana Republic- you can find slick suits and dresses here.
H&M- you can find a petite size jacket and pants here, in a 0 or 2 or 4.
Bloomingdales- they have a nice petite section.
VictoriasSecret.com- sometimes the sizes can be a little bigger than expected so you might even want to get a smaller size that normal even for a petite girl. A Small can be really a 4 or 6, not a zero or one. You can find some cute pants and blazers here and suits

I would also hit up Marshalls and TJ Max.

This is an article I found today at the Daily News about at home dry-cleaning for your suit.

New business suit can be cleaned in shower

Wednesday, September 24th 2008, 1:57 PM

Imagine a business suit that does not have to be dry-cleaned, but can be cleaned at home in your shower. Actually, you don't have to imagine it - such suits are already available in Japan and may soon be available worldwide.

The "shower suit" was invented in Australia and first became available in Japan last year.

This week, according to the company AWI (Australian Wool Innovation), the Japanese firm that markets the suits there has placed a new order for 170,000 more, which will triple the number of shower suits now in Japan. The company has 300 stores and targets students who are job hunting and young professionals living on their own.

According to the CEO of AWI, the success of the business suits has inspired development in ladieswear and corporate businesswear, since time-pressed professionals are attracted to the convenience of garments that don't have to be dry-cleaned. Saving money on dry cleaning costs is another enticement.

To clean the suit, it needs to be sprayed in a warm shower for three or four minutes. It then takes a few hours to drip dry at room temperature. No ironing will be necessary if the the suit hangs correctly while being dried.

Steve Erle Fashion Photographer Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, Frederick's of Hollywood

Also here is a link to the interview I did last night at 11pm with Steve Erle on Model Talk, Steve is Frederick's of Hollywood's only photographer -and he also has worked with Sports Illustrated for the past 6 years, we spoke about models, the photographer business, internet models, and how the word photographer has changed, along with some funny stories about Diddy and his experiences as a traveling photographer, if you are an aspiring model it is good to hear it from the real thing about the modeling business or if you are a photographer or work on set or in production- I think you will find Steve's insight very intriguing as well:



-isobella jade

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

fall dresses combos for petites - mixing your summer and fall items together

You can stretch your clothing beyond summer and make them work into fall. Today I wore this American Apparel tube dress with a Calvin Klein knit hoody sweater over it, I love how the v-neck sweater lets the dress peek through and its fitted, and the tube dress is now a bit conservative but still sexy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shoes for Lovely People - I discovered them today and so excited!

These are totally hot right! I really am liking this shoe brand called "Shoes for Lovely People", which I discovered today on Piperlime.com .


To check out their vintage styles with a 4 1/2" heel, 1/2" hidden platform,
see on Piperlime.com and visit Shoefly.com

Monday, September 22, 2008

Forever21 Shoes- yup they are not bad

Well these gray smoking shoes are getting my attention. No joke, they are from Forever21. Crazy. Amazing.

It is called The Emily Pump.

There is only a size 8 left on their website, which is bad for me, since I am a 6, but way to go Forever21 shoes.

After the Modeling Job-what if you don't SEE the tearsheet EVER?

Just because you shoot something. Spend all day under the lights. makeup, hair, the whole works, the stylist, the production assistance, lunch, and get paid, doesn't mean the job will run or you will see it in a magazine or on the company website after all.

Modeling for a job doesn't mean you will get proof afterwards of it. The day will just be a memory and that is really a BAD thing when your modeling portfolio speaks for your credits and experience and leads to more work. So how do you cope when the jobs you do are not seen anywhere, where you can rip it out of the magazine, or spot it on the company, brand website, or have proof you did the job?

Here are some tips:

1. At the shoot try to keep track of the names, of the photographer, of the art director, or even the production assistant, try to remember them, or write them down, or maybe if the mood is right ask for their email to keep in touch. The most important thing is to get their name.

2. With the name of the photographer or art director or assistant you can hopefully later contact them, through a Google search, or by calling them, or by email, and even if the job/photo never runs in an ad campaign, you can at least ask for a spec shot, or get a CD with the image on it. Which you can then print up and put in your portfolio as proof.

3. You sometimes receive a photo at the end of the day, or a Polaroid, -TAKE IT!, this might be your only proof of the job if the job doesn't run.

4. Ask your modeling agency booker to check out about the job, photos, can be a good idea too.

5. Get all the info on the job: Know what the job is for, print, catalog, web? Know if possible how long it will be until it runs; is this for spring, summer, winter? And what time of year or month will it run?

6. Be prepared to buy, purchase your own magazine copy if it is an editorial in the magazine, usually your agency WON'T buy it for it, and usually the magazine editors will NOT send you a copy, so be on the look out.

7. If shooting for a brand, Google the brand, find the website, research and check back now and then to see if your photo is on the site.

I hope this helps! It is important to keep track of your work yourself, whether it is on TV, Print, or Web.

Nail care LUSH lemony flutter cuticle butter- that just sounds good!

If you are looking for soft hands this fall and winter, try LUSH's Lemony Flutter Cuticle butter, it is so nice to rub on the hands, and finger nails, and cuticles.

Try it once you will love it forever.

You can also put it on your heels after a long day of wearing heels.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chinese Laundry Boot Sale- Let's hear it for boots under $100

These are some hot boots from Chinese Laundry . There is a sale going on at Chineselaundry.com and you can find hot boots for under $100.

And enjoy 4 1/2 inches of extra height!

I hope my favorites intrigue you! Stop by Chineselaundry.com for other styles.

Hair Tips Condition Hot Oil Restore

I love to use hot oil treatments and I like the Vo5 oil treatments you can find them in the drug store in the shampoo isle.

I also deep condition. Usually I condition my hair before I shampoo, and then condition again after I shampoo. I leave the conditioner in for 2-3 minutes each time. And rinse with warm water, not hot water.

You can keep up your hairstyle by simply trimming your hair and shaping it.
A lot of people are used to saying “I want a haircut” when they walk into a salon, but sometimes the results are really drastic and regrettable.

I just ask for my hair to be trimmed or shaped, or say I want the hair to have more body, or a more structured look. I always bring an example into the salon from a magazine.

Don't over do the hair gel or the hair spray, keep it light, natural, if you want volume try to curl your hair with hot curlers and then brush the waves out and you will get some volume, don't over do the teasing and hairspray!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Theory Petite Blazers Video

Enjoy this video on one of my favorite blazers. Seriously I love blazers! As a petite girl I need a fitted blazer and also a light weight blazer and also a heavier type as well for fall. They are my must have this fall, so go get yours.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lingerie as dresses - perfect for petite's

In my mind wearing nighty's and lingerie as an outfit is normal. It is sexy and I find it fits just right. This is an organic nighty that I would wear as a dress.
You can find it at Greenloop.com

Nina Shoes for Model Height- petite models will love this!

These 4 1/2 inch Nina shoes are so eye catchy in gold royal satin, Perfect with a little black sweater dress, or dress up some jeans. I love mixing sassy with a good pair of jeans!

Be a Model Without The Internet- skip the internet model crap and really start modeling

I think the internet has ruined the word model and if you think you got what it takes to be a model then don't signup for one of those internet modeling sites, remember the photographer’s are not scouting talent on the web. And top brands like Victoria's Secret do not cast models on the internet. So if you are waiting to be the next Gisele by your little modeling portfolio, give it up girl and get a compcard and try to get an interview with a legit agency, here are some tips if you want to be a model and beat the odds in the digital age without using the internet:

1. Focus on your assets, not just sticking your ass out. Do you have great eyes, do you have great hair? Focus on what you do have and think of products, ads, and editorials that involve those assets. Think sunglasses, handbags, accessory brands, shoes, think hair products, even contact lenses need models for their commercials and print ad material. If you do have a great ass, then think of parts modeling, underwear modeling, and make your modeling more than just a random hit or click on your photo on some corny model profile page that pedophiles look at.

2. Next, focus on all different areas of modeling, from fit modeling, to parts modeling, to commercial print modeling, and if you are short, petite or not 5’10” then you will want to find a print modeling agency, an agency that books models work of all heights, they do exist, just google commercial print modeling agencies and print modeling, some agencies have print divisions, and there are also talent agencies and casting directors as well to consider.

3. Think of yourself as a small business, and the tools you need to really be a model are: A nice headshot or beauty shot, and an energy shot showing your personality. The Commercial part of Commercial Print Modeling means representing a brand and product and usually these brands and products want you to use your energy, smile, your look to reflect the image of that product so a smile is very important, but don’t worry about being so perfect, -that gap between your teeth is interesting, and interesting does sell.

4. Now it is time to promote, once you have the photos you need, a nice smile shot and energy shot, and then mail them like crazy to all the commercial print modeling agencies you can find, start googling or pick up a handy Ross Reports at Barnes and Noble or read Backstage to find some casting directors and talent agencies. You need to get some stamps and envelops and you shouldn’t just mail the photos once, you might have to do several mailings until you can get a call back sometimes.

5. You are not a real model until you are working with a brand, a read brand, and getting a paycheck from that brand, a professional brand or magazine, so don’t think you will be discovered just by only having a Myspace account, it be a model, the old fashion way is still the way, you need a compcard, a headshot, and the will to try. So don’t ever feel too short to model, you just have to open up your opportunities by understanding there are models out there, just as short as you who are modeling. You don’t have to just be stuck teasing some random guy with your ass, you could use that ass and get it on a billboard modeling for a national underwear brand, but you do have to have a compcard, a headshot, and be where art directors, marketing directors and editors go to find their models.

So remember as hot as you might feel for that 5 minutes of fame while getting 100 comments on your half naked photo, if you really want to model, think about how the word model “is a person who poses or displays for purposes of art, fashion, or other products and advertising.” What are you advertising lately? Are you just modeling for your ego, or for something?

A big thing is also: Working with professional photographers, not just some guy with a camera.

Nude Campaign and Naked Soaps Bath Melts

To promote their products without packaging, this past summer LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics did a promotion called the NUDE CAMPAIGN, it involved store workers to wear only an apron to promote awareness among the waste that is created from plastic packaging.

These are a few of their Naked Products.

If you skin is dry check out LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and check out their "Bath Melts" Just drop a bath melt into a tubful of hot water to release its moisturizing oils, cocoa butter and fine essential oils. Ahhhhh feels good for dry skin and to prepare before a photo shoot.

Above is the dreamtime bath melt, and the melting marshmallow moment bath melt.

Also check out their Blackberry Bath Bomb, Honey Bee Bath Bomb with Toffey and honey. Yum!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Petite Dresses Arden B. Denim Pencil Dress

This is a hot little denim number from Arden B., and it comes in an XS.
I could even pair it with a cardigan as the seasons change.

I love denim, and I love this dress, it is $128 at Ardenb.com

I think I would wear it more than 128 times!

Fashion Boots at Payless under $50 - alice + olivia for Payless Hudson Sweater Boot

Aren't these so hot, these are alice + olivia for Payless Hudson Sweater Boot, and I love the gray. Gray has become my favorite color and I really love these boots, and they are under $50. It is nice to see boots under $50 for fall and winter,you can use these boots on the way to a casting and they give you 4.5" inches of extra height too!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yoga Toes Coupon from Isobella Jade

Enclosed is a video I made to promote a coupon from Yoga Toes, just go to www.yogapro.com, and put JADE as the coupon code and you will get $15 off up to 2 pairs!

Levi 553 worn by Isobella Jade

Enjoy the video I made of myself wearing my favorite LEVI 553 Jeans. They might have been old news, but Levi is back and with a size zero!

Foot Lotion to Stimulate -LUSH Pied De Pepper

Ginger, cinnamon, clove oil on your feet?


At LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics everything is all natural, it feels like these beauty products came from a chef!... Favorite pastime is applying Pied De Pepper Foot Lotion these days, it is so perfect at the end of the day. It has a yummy smell you almost want to use it as frosting on a cupcake!

It has a spicy but sweet smell, rubs in easy, makes me happy, it just really kicks butt.

Great before a shoe modeling casting, or before bed, put a sock over your foot after you apply on your toes and heels! YUM!

Smooth Skin with LUSH OCEAN SALT

If you are like me you love a good scrub at the end of the day. Something to take off the subway must!

I have been using LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and I really love their Ocean Salt , leaves your skin so, so smooth and soft and it also tones your skin too!

Give it a try, you will be hooked.

Tune into an interview with the PR Manager Brandi Halls at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics on Model Talk, to listen about their Nude campaign and brand history and their amazing natural products.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Interesting in Modeling tips- questions to ask yourself before you start modeling

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are interested in modeling and you are not tall:

1. Do you understand all the types of modeling out there?... So that you can better find an agency and area for you? Commercial print modeling, parts modeling are popular areas for models of all heights. Commercial print modeling is modeling that involves using your personality and attractive appearance to model, this is not runway, this is usually in the form of print, catalogs, or commercials. So look at some, notice ads, notice editorials in magazines, notice catalogs of all types, notice shoe models, hand models too, this type of modeling is body part modeling also called parts modeling, and a lot of shorter girls find success as a parts model.

2. Are you confident? Being a model is about feeling positive and up beat and staying ambitious, so ask yourself, do you have an athletic mindset? Athletes and models have to have the same kind of mindset, you don't win every game and you don't get every job, but if you are confident, and a self motivator you can find success modeling

3. Are you a good researcher? As an aspiring model you'll want to know how to find the right agency for you, this can involve research on the web, try googling Print Modeling, before Fashion modeling, especially if you are petite, there are many agencies out there that accept models of all heights so it is about finding the right agency for you and sometimes this does involve some research.

4. Did you know you can freelance model? As a petite model or shorter girl don't expect to sign an agency contract, instead what is popular is freelancing as a model with many agencies. It is hard sometimes you find ONE agency that will market you all the time. So it is best to submit your headshots and photos out to many casting directors, modeling agencies, and talent agencies. The more the better when you are starting out.

5. Are you aggressive and also patient? You will have to be aggressive with your mailings to agencies, you will have to also be patient. You might not hear back for a few weeks but in the mean time you have to continue to market yourself to other agencies.

6. Do you know your best assets? It is smart if you know your best traits, great smile, great energy, great eyes, personality, these are all selling points when you are thinking of planning photos to submit and also presenting yourself to an agent.

Remember you don't have to pay an agency to get one, and that going to a modeling school is a waste of time. What matters most is having good photos, a nice smile shot will get you further than anything~!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Green Peace Guess Jean - perfect for petite model castings

These Guess jeans are a hot choice for modeling castings and for girls on the go. These jeans are called Green Peace Jean and they are a perfect way to be green friendly and have the fashion style you want, especially with a pair of heels.

I would skip the sneakers for this pair of jeans. They are screaming heels. What I love about these is that they come in a size 23!! So for the extra petite girls here is a jean for you. (size zero or smaller) Also for $178.00
they might seem like an investment but you know a good pair of jeans that you can wear all the time is worth it sometimes. Look into this next time you are jean shopping.

And it is 100% organic cotton

Guess Shoes for Models - petite high heel heaven tip

Kick your heels and chase your pursuits in these hot shoes from Guess. Guess might have started with jeans but their shoes are on fire!

These are perfect to get now and wear through out the fall and then again in the spring. These are called Devine, and yes they are with the four inch heel.

Organic Shaving creams LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Smooth, painless shaving is here with LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and their Ambrosia shaving cream. Relieves razor-shy skin after shaving and it is great for both men and woman. Great for before a leg modeling casting or if you have a swimwear casting or modeling job.

Ambrosia shaving lotion has a delicious aroma of honey, oat milk and chamomile (and an abundance of ultra-moisturizing natural oils). It eliminates post-shave breakouts and razor burn, leaving even the most sensitive of skins happy, calm and smooth to the touch. Yup, even there!

Check it out!