Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is testing with a photographer? Should you do TFP?

I think all these little social sites and I think the internet ruins the word TFP. Time for Print, is when photographers test with models but the internet has lead the word to lead many girls in bad situations and working with the wrong people, so-called, wanna be photographers, who are just guys with a camera and a bottle of wine or worse!

A girl recently asked me on Myspace is TFP is a waste of her time. This was my answer:

Time for print is another word for testing. And testing with photographers to build your book IS a good thing.For example if you are a pitching a photographer yourself, someone who is established and maybe has worked with some top brands and magazines, then you would ask for a Test shoot. An opportunity to test and see if you two are good to work together.Testing can also be called Spec shooting, conceptualizing a shoot that will benefit both of your portfolios. So don't think that TFP is bad. If you are a new model testing with quality photographers is good and it is a great way to get some free shots with quality and work with a professional photographer.I think amateurs on the web have turned tfp into some sort of tease word, and girls end up setting a rate for themselves to shoot for an hour or two in some scumbags apartment and never really get anywhere at all.I think you can use TFP, Testing, to your advantage if you are picky about who you work with. And you know how to pitch yourself to photographers you WANT to work with. It does involve saying the word Test, sometimes, especially for new models who should be building their book and trying to get more experience in front of the camera.It isn't just planning a shoot, or pitching a photographer, it is WHO are your pitching, trying to work with, and is this shoot worth it, and yes TFP or CD, can be a great way to get a quality photo for your portfolio if it is with the right photographer, but in this case YOU as the MODEL should be saying, I would like to TEST with You(the photographer)...if a photographer asks you to Test you better MAKE sure he is a talented photographer, and worth your time, and someone who shoots quality photos.-Isobella

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