Thursday, August 28, 2008

Understanding the Modeling Agency Perspective

When it comes to marketing yourself to agencies it really involves understanding and knowing what that agency is looking for, and the type of models they work with.

If an agency is a commercial print modeling agency there will be less of a height requirement compare to a fashion agency, and such but there will be still things they look for, such as,

- Are you sellable and can they picture you in an ad campaign or representing a product their clients have?
- Skin, do you have nice skin, skin tone, even color, natural look
- Do you have a nice smile, friendly appeal?
- Do you have photos that show these things

You should mail your photos to the agencies and you should be prepared to make your own compcards and headshots and mail them by direct mail to the agency address.

You just need to be your number on the cards.

For more on The Modeling Agency Perspective tune in to Model Talk, my modeling podcast here, for my latest session about understanding the modeling agency perspective: ( or follow this link)

Agencies get calls at all hours of the day so you have to understand that being available is a huge part of being a model. Modeling part time is possible, especially if you are in college, but agencies really want you to be available, so if you can not manage adjusting your schedule or if you do not have the ability to be at the casting then you might not want to consider modeling.

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