Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Style Photo shoots for your Modeling Comp Card

Aim to make your modeling comp card sellable. The way to get an agent is to promote yourself with your compcard, and your card defines what type of modeling you can do, and the images you show are the ones that will be judged and for many models this can mean creating your own images and photos.

Here are some steps for planning and styling your own shoots.

1. Always work with a professional photographer, 2. But even the professional photographers don't always provide your makeup artist and clothing stylist so here are some tips:

Solid colors, stick to clothing that have a solid color, solid red, blue, black, this is nice for a dress.
You can also get some good shots just by wearing jeans.

Lingerie doesn't have to be a thong, think more catalog, it should look like an ad for a product not just about you.

Don't go too short on your dress and don't go too showy that it turns off agents that might want to pitch you in a more commercial way and conservative way to their clients and magazine editors.

I would look at the magazines like Marie Claire and Glamour magazine, especially if you are petite.

Don't go too fashion if you are petite, stick to more commercial girl next door friendly shots that show your energy and smile and personality.

Stay away from white, it can make you look bigger than you are in photos, ex: white pants are a no.

You need a nice headshot or beauty shot for the front of your compcard and then you need 3-4 shots on the back of your comp card that are all different and show different looks.

Could be a 3/4th shot (from your hips up or knee up) showing your personal or you in fitness clothing, and then in a dress, but don't forget the smile!

Petite girls tend to think they can only do glamour modeling, nude modeling or that they have to show more because they can not get fashion work, but there are many models working who are not 5'10" who do commercial print modeling and this type of modeling you can do through the ages and you don't have to worry so much about your height.

Commercial print means personality, sellable, so think advertising ads, commercials. If your photos do not look similar to ads and editorials and ad campaigns, you might have a harder time getting a commercial print modeling agent.

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