Saturday, August 30, 2008

Starting to Model

Starting to model means having the confidence to accept the no's within the pursuit of finding an agency and going on casting and being seen infront of casting directors, and it is best to be realistic with yourself. It means being pro-active within your pursuits. And creating and getting the photos you need to market yourself. For new models the idea that everything will be easy and that they will be discovered is a popular one,but this is a false understanding of what it means to be a model. No TV show has yet to really share what it is like to be a model in the present day for the girl next door. Getting an agent, being self made, and making it happen for yourself DOES take a lot of work, research and alot of self serving and ambition!

You have to ask yourself How Can I find the Answer and The Best Way to Get the Things I Want Done, And Amcomplished, it really does take more than a pretty face. Anyone can be attractive but not just anyone has the ability to self promotion and really pursue modeling with a business mindset. It takes a lot more than just a slim proportioned body and an attractive smile to be a model. Starting to be a model is as if you are starting to be a business and learn how to market the assets you have in an industry based on LOOKS and IMAGE. Commercial print modeling accepts more petite models and models of all heights. The Fashion industry is a lot more strick and breathes among standards of height and weight, but the girls modeling for hair care products, and lifestyle products, for ad campaigns and magazines are not just Fashion Models...and when you are starting to model the big question is WHAT are you Modeling? If it is just yourself on the internet, or yourself just posing and teasing some guy with a camera or if you are working with bad photographers, and not marketng yourself to agencies, and you are not smart and ambitious about your pursuits then: You WILL NOT be a model, you will still be a wanna-be.

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