Friday, August 22, 2008

'The Price Is Right' Model Search Sleepy's at 192 Lexington Ave

Well I don't usually attend open calls but this week I stopped by an open called for 'The Price Is Right' Model Search, I saw the commercial and then looked it up online and figured" what the heck".

It took place at Sleepy's at 192 Lexington Avenue, at 32nd Street. I was suprised to find the line not that line, I was number 90. It was 12pm, and the casting had already been going on for about 2 hours, ( it went from 10-2pm) I got infront of the camera about 30 minutes later.

I had printed my form ahead of time since I read about the casting at

Waiting in line there wasn't the typical booty shaking, short skirt girls that usually appear out of the cracks of the hopefuls in NYC, this was a more conservative open call. Not as many high heels, and not as much eye liner were in line. There were woman who had photos of themselves with their kids, there were girls who were aspiring models, there were girls of all heights, sizes and colors. But not as many as you'd think.

This job was to be a presenting model on the show The Price is Right

There were some news sources there since Sleepy's is not the typical place to hold a casting, but for The Price is Right they must have given some beds away.

When it was my turn I had to state my name, why I wanted to be one of the models on the game show, anything I wanted them to know about me, and then I had to read a few lines, they were posted under the huge video camera. "This mattress is courtesy of Sleepy's, Sleepy's the Mattress Professional!"

Well I wonder if Sleepy's got any sales from the casting call commotion and bustle of females around the curb of the mattress professional? Sounds like they got some free promotional models also out of us as we stood in line for the chance.

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