Saturday, August 30, 2008

Petite Models are Great for modeling....

Petite models can model many things and height has nothing to do with ALL modeling jobs. So stop saying you are too short and start noticing your options.

Height is a small thing in the commercial print world. Stop dwelling on your height and chase the jobs you CAN do.

Here are some jobs models of all height can do: Maybe you have seen some ads as well involving products like these and models like these too!

Hand modeling, nail polish, skincare, holding products from beauty, mascara ads, to cleaning products.

Shoe modeling, modeling shoes for all types of brands and price points for ads, editorials, window displays, and product packaging and websites.

Hair Modeling, for hair shows, for hair ads and magazine editorials for stories on hair care

Product ads for handbags, jewelry, and even products like computers, and furniture and mattress brands need models to sit and pose with them. This type of modeling is more of a lifestyle style and involves really just being yourself and not sooo posey...more natural. Less makeup, More yourself.

Of course having photos of yourself modeling with products is important when presenting yourself towards an agency. Your goal is to SHOW what you can do as a model.

Having great skin is a good thing for a petite model. Keep your skin clear and it can help you get work as a model. Also take care of your skin, don't wear heels all day and every day without taking care of your feet and remember for body part modeling you have to take care of your whole body.

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