Saturday, August 9, 2008

Modeling is The Business of You

A lot of girls come to me, asking for advice and tips, and I do my best to advise realistically and something I always encourage is the power of yourself, the power of you and making what you want to happen to come true. The modeling business is similar to any business, and trying to work in a business of standards isn't so different than being a handbag designer, starting a company, or joining a track team, it is all about the time you invest and the work you put in. I don't believe in the easy way out, the "it's so easy"campaign of chasing dreams, because having a dream also means having to overcome the odds, and a dream is something you reach for, you aim for, you wake up for, you push yourself for, this can come in the form of research, mailings, self promotion, preparing, and taking a chance on yourself.

Usually when something is a challenge, it means it is worth it!

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