Friday, August 15, 2008

The Modeling Business and The Internet

There are some things that internet is good for, but modeling is not. Your modeling career should not rely on the internet because that is not where real modeling jobs, castings and agents are. If you want to get really good roles, good paying jobs, and really be a model, and work in the entertainment business yes you need to be a self-starter, you need to be able to handle the rejection it really takes to get ahead as a model, you need a marketing mindset and you need to get over the dreamy thought of being fluffed and handed everything.

The internet will not make you a model but you can use the internet for research.

I would research:

Casting directors in your area
Agencies and their address, if they hold open calls, and the address for mail submissions.
In a business of no's your best bet is submitting your photos and waiting to hear back, it might take some time, you might have to make like 10, 20, 40, sometimes even 200 submissions, not kidding! There are more agencies than just fashion, so also consider commercial print agencies and casting directors, talent agencies and even small marketing companies (think inventively). So get yourself a snap shot, - or make your own compcard at and submit it. Mail it. Buy some stamps. Usually it will take more than one submission to hear back, you will need to keep trying. Your hustling will pay off.

For castings and info about the entertainment business check out:

Also you have to be on top of your submissions. Just making one or two is not enough. I think it is a good idea for you to buy The Ross Reports, which is a booklet will names, addresses, and guidelines for mail submissions to castings directors and talent agencies. You can pick it up at Barnes and Noble or Borders usually. Or you can purchase here:

I used it, and I still do.

Don't rely on the internet to make you a model. To model with great brands, designers, and products you have to also work with great agencies.

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