Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Model Skin with Avon Clearskin Professional Acne Treatment System

Fight the Zit! Having great skin is important for models and you can do it with Avon's Clearskin Professional Acne Treatment System.

New to Avon and about to launch, this skincare regimen contains proven ingredients to fight all stages of the acne cycle—before, during, and after a breakout.

Step 1: Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub - This exfoliating cleanser does double duty to help stop acne before it starts. The exclusive formula exfoliates to reveal fresher, brighter skin and quickly dissolves pore-clogging dirt and oil for a shine free finish. The cleanser cools on contact for a refreshing cleansing experience.

Step 2: Clarifying Toner Pads -These specially formulated pads calm and soothe skin with wheat germ extract and tone and re-texturize skin in just one step. After just one use, skin instantly looks and feels smoother.

Step 3: Daily Correcting Lotion - This oil-free daily treatment lotion contains Salicylic acid to clear up acne blemishes. Imperfections are reduced overtime, giving skin a healthier, more even appearance.

That's 3 steps to skin that's clearer in just 3 days!

And for only $29 bucks!
I love the slick silver clean packaging.

Check it out here.

In the United States, it is estimated that 17 million people suffer from acne. In fact, acne and blemishes are the number one concern among women 15-39 years of age.

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