Friday, August 8, 2008

Make Your Own Comp Cards is Important for a Model

A model should make her own compcards, a model should also be a marketer, here are some reasons how and why to make a compcard and what to do with it:

The reason it is important for a model to make her own compcard is because:

If you want to work with many agencies then you do not want the agency to print their name on the card. Many models freelance with many agencies, if you make your own card then you can give 20 to each agency and keep some for yourself and that way be able to better market yourself to more agencies and casting directors and art directors, and get more work as a model. Don't limit yourself by having the ONE agency make your compcard, or make you pay for it, usually the agency name will be printed on the card and the agency will either keep them all or not give you any, and that limits your marketing needs.

What should be on my card? Compcards are in many styles these days but mostly they are around 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. It consists of One nice headshot or beauty shot on the front, and 4 shots on the back that show your diversity as a model, maybe you can be in jeans more casual in one, another showing your body, in fitness, swimwear, think of a catalog shot-that is the best style-,I would show a shot of your smile and energy, I would show a shot that shows yourself modeling a product, like a handbag, or looking like a shoe ad, I think it is best to show images that express what you are capable of as a model and to show off your great eyes, hair, and skin.

Could be a closeup of yourself wearing jewerly.

I would look at ads and editorials and pay attention to details in your images and compare them. If the photo looks like an ad for somethiing, or looks like a catalog shot, or print ad or apart of an ad campaign, or editorial. Here is a sample of my compcards:

How many agencies can I mail my compcard to:

When you are a new model and you are promoting yourself you can mail your compcard out to many agencies all at once and see who replies. When you are called you might asked by a certain agency to change your card or work on something, such as add more commercial shots to the card, you might get advice on how to fix it, or they might like it and might want to meet you and start working with you right away.

What if the agency sends me on a casting?:

Usually when I get a call from one of the agencies I work with, I put the agency contact number on my compcard, or the agency will provide you with stickers that you put on the card when the agency sends you out. Most agencies understand that many models freelance with many agencies, so stickers are a good for your casting, so you can give the agency credit as a contact for sending you to a certain casting by placing their sticker on your compcard. Or you can just write the agency that sent you to the castings' number on your compcard. Usually on the front of the card.

How many compcards should I print?: You really only need one, but I have two. Because I can do a few types of modeling. I have a commercial print card, which is more catalog and personality based, and then I have a body parts compcard that is more "parts" based with photos of my legs, back, feet ,etc. For castings for body part modeling. I have two cards for the different types of modeling I do. I also have other photos of myself in lingerie and also in dresses, for different types of jobs.

What happens if I get booked? Thats great! Usually the agency will get a call and will contact you with the information of where to be, at what time and what to bring to the job.

Can you suggest a place I could get my compcard made?

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