Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to Start Modeling With No Scams Or Drama

I get a lot of girls asking me advice on how to start modeling and the two things that always come up are:

How do I get a modeling agent


How do I get quality photos

I think both of these answers are: Research!

I think girls use the internet too much as a show off tool that they do not use it enough for a real research tool. If you spend some time googling and researching and put in key words into the google browser you will find your answers pretty bluntly out there. It has helped me along the way with many things, and I love Google!

Stay away from social model sites, -they get you no where- stay away from agencies that charge a fee to let you walk into the door and work with them.

If you are smart and savvy you can get ahead as a model on your own, without scams, and wasting time, money and you will work with great photographers, not scumbags!

Here are some key words to put into your browser.

Photography + your city ( sometimes the search word of only photographer can lead to just Guys with Camera's if you aren't careful, but there are some very talented photographers out there who test models, but I would put photography, not photographer, - the word is so overused with the wrong people, if you are looking for a talent photographer you can find him/her, but you won't find them scouting girls on the internet.

Photo lab + your city ( stop by a photo lab and ask some advice on photographers who test models.)

Photo school + your city ( if you are a new model, why not pose with a student for one of the photo classes, learn a thing or two about being infront and behind the camera.)

Commercial print modeling agencies + your city
Print modeling + your city
Lifestyle modeling + your city
Talent agencies + your city ( I am starting to hate the word talent, it sounds so lame, but sometimes the search will show a good agency.)

Advertising agencies + your city ( not all ad agencies accept model submissions but once you have a compcard and photos you could submit them to the art director, especially in smaller cities.) Think inventively, it might not always work, but it is worth a try.

Comp card printing + your city
Modeling portfolios + your city
Photo store + your city ( for portfolio books, or try art store)

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