Friday, August 8, 2008

Against the Modeling School Scams

Ok so maybe the girls who walk into fashion agencies or get discovered get their compcards from the agency, but it still has the agency logo on it, and it means they can not market themselves to other agencies.

I think modeling schools give off the wrong unrealistic perspective of what it means to be a model, it makes me want to start my own Modeling 411 program.

I'll work on that, for now these blogs might help you when it comes to understanding why a model needs a compcard and why a model as a business woman needs to be able to promote herself and how a compcard IS in fact needed.

A compcard is my mini portfolio, and by mailing it out I have gotten the attention of agencies and casting directors and built my book and portfolio.

I think modeling schools prepare students as if the agency needs to be nelt to and as if the agency is the end-all. I really just don't believe this. I think of modeling agencies as part of the TOOL I need to get ahead as a model, but not the WHOLE tool.

If you are not ambitious yourself then how do expect to succeed? You have to be ambitious already to get a modeling agency, you have to be savvy and be prepared, you can't expect everything to be handed to you.

I think most girls who go to modeling schools are under 5'7".

5'8"is the standard height for a fashion agency. So right off the bat they should promote what the audience at the school IS. And it is NOT fashion.

Modeling schools give off an illusion. A FAKE perspective. It is sort of Brain washing of what it really means to be a model.

I think modeling schools are limited in the way they represent the modeling business, limited in the willingness to share ALL types of modeling. Not just fashion.

Brands advertise every day, and these brands need models, and most of these brands are NOT fashion brands.

I think modeling schools speak only of the fashion world and not enough of modeling in other areas that are a possible entrance for many of their students.

I really am against the typical modeling schools, and modeling programs, and the classes, and I think they are pure scams.

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