Saturday, August 30, 2008

Petite Models are Great for modeling....

Petite models can model many things and height has nothing to do with ALL modeling jobs. So stop saying you are too short and start noticing your options.

Height is a small thing in the commercial print world. Stop dwelling on your height and chase the jobs you CAN do.

Here are some jobs models of all height can do: Maybe you have seen some ads as well involving products like these and models like these too!

Hand modeling, nail polish, skincare, holding products from beauty, mascara ads, to cleaning products.

Shoe modeling, modeling shoes for all types of brands and price points for ads, editorials, window displays, and product packaging and websites.

Hair Modeling, for hair shows, for hair ads and magazine editorials for stories on hair care

Product ads for handbags, jewelry, and even products like computers, and furniture and mattress brands need models to sit and pose with them. This type of modeling is more of a lifestyle style and involves really just being yourself and not sooo posey...more natural. Less makeup, More yourself.

Of course having photos of yourself modeling with products is important when presenting yourself towards an agency. Your goal is to SHOW what you can do as a model.

Having great skin is a good thing for a petite model. Keep your skin clear and it can help you get work as a model. Also take care of your skin, don't wear heels all day and every day without taking care of your feet and remember for body part modeling you have to take care of your whole body.

Starting to Model

Starting to model means having the confidence to accept the no's within the pursuit of finding an agency and going on casting and being seen infront of casting directors, and it is best to be realistic with yourself. It means being pro-active within your pursuits. And creating and getting the photos you need to market yourself. For new models the idea that everything will be easy and that they will be discovered is a popular one,but this is a false understanding of what it means to be a model. No TV show has yet to really share what it is like to be a model in the present day for the girl next door. Getting an agent, being self made, and making it happen for yourself DOES take a lot of work, research and alot of self serving and ambition!

You have to ask yourself How Can I find the Answer and The Best Way to Get the Things I Want Done, And Amcomplished, it really does take more than a pretty face. Anyone can be attractive but not just anyone has the ability to self promotion and really pursue modeling with a business mindset. It takes a lot more than just a slim proportioned body and an attractive smile to be a model. Starting to be a model is as if you are starting to be a business and learn how to market the assets you have in an industry based on LOOKS and IMAGE. Commercial print modeling accepts more petite models and models of all heights. The Fashion industry is a lot more strick and breathes among standards of height and weight, but the girls modeling for hair care products, and lifestyle products, for ad campaigns and magazines are not just Fashion Models...and when you are starting to model the big question is WHAT are you Modeling? If it is just yourself on the internet, or yourself just posing and teasing some guy with a camera or if you are working with bad photographers, and not marketng yourself to agencies, and you are not smart and ambitious about your pursuits then: You WILL NOT be a model, you will still be a wanna-be.

Friday, August 29, 2008

What Modeling is

Many girls ask me about their photos and ask my opinion on them.

Before you start to think about photos you need to understand what modeling is. Modeling is a job of a person who is selling a brand, an product, with their image. SO imagine yourself selling an ad, whether it is toothpaste, a hair color product, a face cream, as you pose.

It is hard to pose without knowing what you are posing for and what your trying to say with the photo you are creating. So when you pose for a headshot or beauty shot, imagine yourself selling a skincare product or hair product or jewerly. Look at ads and try to get inspired. It is better to have some idea of the type of modeling work you can do, before you go and try to pose and present yourself looking clueless in your photos.

Petite Lingerie Lula Lu and finding the right petite size

Finding lingerie that fits sexy is tough if you are petite, but a brand making it easier is Lula Lu Lingerie.

They specialize in petite bra sizes. Not only does Lula Lu have a huge assortment of brands and styles but also they have their very own Lula Lu collection as well.

Here is a bra that is great for a girl who a size B, A, or AA.

Our Lightly Padded Push-up Bra is an underwire style and features medium light padding with a small bump pad to give you a bit of a boost and extra shape but nothing too heavy. Made of soft microfiber and a pretty lace trim. Double row, three column back closure and adjustable straps.

30% Polyester/25% Nylon/20% Cotton/5% Elastane.

Fit Tip: These cups run very small so if you are, for example, on the fuller side of an AA cup, you should go up to an A cup in this style.

NOTE: We will have all sizes in Nude available again in late August. Sizes: 32AA (Nude/Black only), 32B (Nude/Black only), 34A (Nude/Black only), 34B (Nude/Black only), 36AA (Nude & Black only), 36A (Nude/Black only), 36B


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Understanding the Modeling Agency Perspective

When it comes to marketing yourself to agencies it really involves understanding and knowing what that agency is looking for, and the type of models they work with.

If an agency is a commercial print modeling agency there will be less of a height requirement compare to a fashion agency, and such but there will be still things they look for, such as,

- Are you sellable and can they picture you in an ad campaign or representing a product their clients have?
- Skin, do you have nice skin, skin tone, even color, natural look
- Do you have a nice smile, friendly appeal?
- Do you have photos that show these things

You should mail your photos to the agencies and you should be prepared to make your own compcards and headshots and mail them by direct mail to the agency address.

You just need to be your number on the cards.

For more on The Modeling Agency Perspective tune in to Model Talk, my modeling podcast here, for my latest session about understanding the modeling agency perspective: ( or follow this link)

Agencies get calls at all hours of the day so you have to understand that being available is a huge part of being a model. Modeling part time is possible, especially if you are in college, but agencies really want you to be available, so if you can not manage adjusting your schedule or if you do not have the ability to be at the casting then you might not want to consider modeling.

Cole Haan Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Celebrate with Cole Haan and their 80th Anniversary. You can even click here for their Anniversary Collection.

I also like Cole Hann shoes. I like this KILTY AIR SANDAL, so me!

Cole Haan is a fashion label that started in Chicago in 1928. The name comes from founders Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan. Originally Cole Haan was a men's footwear labBlockquoteel. Today it offers many products, including men's and women's dress and casual footwear, belts, hosiery, handbags, small leathergoods, outerwear and sunglasses. A wholly owned subsidiary of Nike, Inc., Cole Haan has its headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine and its design center in New York City. James Seuss is the current CEO of Cole Haan. Cole Haan flagship stores are found in these select locations, Beverly Hills, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Styling Photoshoots good accessories and clothing

Over the years I have styled my own shoots many times, got involved with the styling and helped out with everything from outfits to choosing a makeup artist, to doing my own makeup, to finding locations, scouting places to shoot, and this has been for product advertising shots and for shoots that ended up being editorials in magazines. Although you don't always have to spend a lot of money to have a nice looking outfit for your shoot.

I usually shop at H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Guess, but I have also pulled clothing from designers and showrooms when I have shoots for a magazine editorial, or I bring some cool items of my own to the shoot.

I love getting accessories at H&M, and also I love working with aspiring designers, and I go to tradeshows sometimes, and also some boutique stores to check out some new designers as well.

I love adding a splash not a hurricane of something with personality in the shoot too sometimes like a crochet bikini, my cute vivienne tam cap jacket, or a trendy colorful pair of Betsey Johnson shoes.

I just bought a red leather clutch with roses on it in Monterrey, Mexico that I plan on using for an editorial shoot soon and on the go around the city!

You can find great earrings at H&M, and if you don't have the money or ability to get a great jacket or dress, then stick to low ending it, but have the accessories stand out with some cute earrings, a scarf, a handbag, a hat, you don't have to spend mega bucks to look great, but add some personality within your accessories and remember, if the photo is for your modeling portfolio or your modeling compcard: "make it look like an ad!" Agents and clients want to see that!

Style Photo shoots for your Modeling Comp Card

Aim to make your modeling comp card sellable. The way to get an agent is to promote yourself with your compcard, and your card defines what type of modeling you can do, and the images you show are the ones that will be judged and for many models this can mean creating your own images and photos.

Here are some steps for planning and styling your own shoots.

1. Always work with a professional photographer, 2. But even the professional photographers don't always provide your makeup artist and clothing stylist so here are some tips:

Solid colors, stick to clothing that have a solid color, solid red, blue, black, this is nice for a dress.
You can also get some good shots just by wearing jeans.

Lingerie doesn't have to be a thong, think more catalog, it should look like an ad for a product not just about you.

Don't go too short on your dress and don't go too showy that it turns off agents that might want to pitch you in a more commercial way and conservative way to their clients and magazine editors.

I would look at the magazines like Marie Claire and Glamour magazine, especially if you are petite.

Don't go too fashion if you are petite, stick to more commercial girl next door friendly shots that show your energy and smile and personality.

Stay away from white, it can make you look bigger than you are in photos, ex: white pants are a no.

You need a nice headshot or beauty shot for the front of your compcard and then you need 3-4 shots on the back of your comp card that are all different and show different looks.

Could be a 3/4th shot (from your hips up or knee up) showing your personal or you in fitness clothing, and then in a dress, but don't forget the smile!

Petite girls tend to think they can only do glamour modeling, nude modeling or that they have to show more because they can not get fashion work, but there are many models working who are not 5'10" who do commercial print modeling and this type of modeling you can do through the ages and you don't have to worry so much about your height.

Commercial print means personality, sellable, so think advertising ads, commercials. If your photos do not look similar to ads and editorials and ad campaigns, you might have a harder time getting a commercial print modeling agent.

Monday, August 25, 2008

8 beauty products for 8 dollars

Enjoy this new video I made for about my favorite 8 beauty products that are $7.99 or less!

The drug store never looked so good!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Total Beauty Makeover My Lifetime

If you visit you can give yourself your own total beauty makeover. You download your photo and you can try out different hair shapes and styles and colors, and you can see ahead of time, before the salon, what your look could be, and you can better explain what you are looking for. Even print out the page of your hair in different styles. And bring it to the salon with you.

Click here to try it out.

Try it out if you are looking for a new look but want to see yourself with it first in a virtual way!

'The Price Is Right' Model Search Sleepy's at 192 Lexington Ave

Well I don't usually attend open calls but this week I stopped by an open called for 'The Price Is Right' Model Search, I saw the commercial and then looked it up online and figured" what the heck".

It took place at Sleepy's at 192 Lexington Avenue, at 32nd Street. I was suprised to find the line not that line, I was number 90. It was 12pm, and the casting had already been going on for about 2 hours, ( it went from 10-2pm) I got infront of the camera about 30 minutes later.

I had printed my form ahead of time since I read about the casting at

Waiting in line there wasn't the typical booty shaking, short skirt girls that usually appear out of the cracks of the hopefuls in NYC, this was a more conservative open call. Not as many high heels, and not as much eye liner were in line. There were woman who had photos of themselves with their kids, there were girls who were aspiring models, there were girls of all heights, sizes and colors. But not as many as you'd think.

This job was to be a presenting model on the show The Price is Right

There were some news sources there since Sleepy's is not the typical place to hold a casting, but for The Price is Right they must have given some beds away.

When it was my turn I had to state my name, why I wanted to be one of the models on the game show, anything I wanted them to know about me, and then I had to read a few lines, they were posted under the huge video camera. "This mattress is courtesy of Sleepy's, Sleepy's the Mattress Professional!"

Well I wonder if Sleepy's got any sales from the casting call commotion and bustle of females around the curb of the mattress professional? Sounds like they got some free promotional models also out of us as we stood in line for the chance.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Modeling Portfolio Prints

If you modeling portfolio is large you might want to take use of this special at Adorama.

11 x 14 prints are only $1.99

Usually 9 by 11 is standard size but if you have a larger portfolio this might be a good deal for you.

Model Prints Manhattan Color Labs

I was at Manhattan Color Labs the other day with a photographer and I noticed that Manhattan Color labs has a 2 for $20 deal for model prints.

4 West 20th Street
NY, Ny 10011

Fitness Caddy for Petite's Fitness

If you’re tired of having to juggle your wallet, keys, and water bottle as you walk to the gym, then the Fitness Caddy is for you. The Fitness Caddy is a slender tote with an adjustable strap, which can carry all your gym needs, except your gym clothes. It stands 10” tall with a diameter of 4” round. It holds a variety of bottles up to 1.5 liters. A water bottle cooler sleeve is included. There is also a handy pleated pouch and a pleated deep pocket on the sides of the tote, for deodorant or a brush.

I wear my workout clothes to the gym and pick the Fitness Caddy over carrying my gym bag. I have less junk to carry, this is very convenient.

To read more about the fitness caddy click here for my review at

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jessica Simpson Stampede Light Plus Beer

You can serve beer when you are 18, but that doesn't mean you can be in the beer commercial or ad campaign. Did you know you have to 25 to represent a beer company as a model or actor. Well it works out for Jessica Simpson, who is one of my favorite petite's, love her shoe line too! She is now putting her great body and healthy lifestyle and love of a good cold one, to use within a beer ad campaign.

DALLAS, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi-platinum singer. Movie star. Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. Beer drinker? Everyone knows about Jessica Simpson's daisy dukes body and healthy lifestyle. The all-American beauty and world-renowned entertainer has a passion for working out and making healthy food choices. But she also makes those smart choices with the beer she drinks. "Yes, I work out and take care of myself, but I also like a cold beer once in a while," Simpson said. A new light beer with functional additives is Simpson's new favorite beer -- Stampede Light Plus(R).
Started by a fitness expert and former Anheuser-Busch marketing employee, Lawrence Schwartz, and formulated by the late Dr. Joseph Owades (the creator of the first-ever light beer in 1967 -- now Miller Lite), Stampede Light has drinkability and marketing appeal that speaks directly to a healthier consumer.
As a small but aggressive start-up, Stampede Brewing Co. was looking for a global icon that represented its core values: healthy living, individuality, and personal responsibility. Jessica Simpson, an entrepreneur in her own right, was the obvious choice. "Jessica is America's sweetheart and an internationally known entertainer who takes care of herself. You can see it in her smile, her skin, her confidence, and her obvious physical fitness," said Schwartz. "We believe that people who choose to look after themselves, those who do the things to make their lives better, should have the opportunity to do this in all aspects of their lives. Why not the beer they drink? Stampede Light appeals to those consumers -- people like us, people like Jessica, and people who want to live a healthier lifestyle," said Schwartz. "Young companies have to differentiate their product and visibility in the market. Stampede has obviously done that by teaming with a globally-known superstar as a spokesperson, while specifically targeting health-conscious consumers," said Barry Andrews, President and CEO of Andrews Distributing Company. "Some consumers are looking for a better-for-you beer alternative -- far beyond lights," Beverage World Magazine reports. "Vitamin-enhanced, organic and functional beers speak to a specific consumer seeking to satisfy a particular need without compromising flavor.

Stampede Light, a beer infused with B vitamins, folic acid, and folate, broadens the category for better-for-you beers," the magazine further states. About Stampede Light Stampede Light, a new breed of new 'Plus' beverages, is a full-bodied German-style light lager beer, made with premium malt and balanced with the finest domestic hops. Stampede Light is manufactured by Stampede Brewing Co. Inc., based in Dallas, Texas, and is distributed nationally through the Miller, Coors, and Anheuser-Busch network of wholesalers.

Best Mascara tips, Dior, Cover Girl, Wet n Wild, and Revlon's eyelash curler

I need a good wand for my mascara, and Sephora recently shared the top mascara's list, and of them I like Dior best, the Diorshow Iconic Mascara , although I will admit I haven't tried them all. But I have had good results with Dior. But if you can't afford 26 dollars for a mascara, then I would stop by Cover Girl. And Wet n Wild. You be the judge on which is better. I do like Cover Girls curved mascara brush. I think a curved brush works best for me, but everyone is different.

When it comes to eyelash curlers, don't be afraid of them. I am using Revlon's currently.
You can find it here.
I am also a fan of the Sephora brand lipsticks, Lip Attitude, they are 12 bucks and last!
I like it in Class Red 14.

If you only have $2.99 to spend on lipstick in these tight times, then check out Wet n Wild. Their Wet Shines are great. I have a few of their lipsticks and I do like them a lot too. Especially for shoots and prancing around the city.

philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders calendar and Bamboo54

Bamboo54 has even teamed up with the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders and their calendar, found here. Notice the necklaces. The girls are wearing eco-friendly bikini's and also bamboo belts and necklaces from Bamboo54!

Some may call it eco-friendly....we call it eco-sexy! The Eagles Cheerleaders are the first in professional sports to produce an environmentally conscious calendar, and going green has never looked so good! The 16-month calendar features all 38 beautiful cheerleaders wearing organic cotton bikinis and bikinis made from recycled plastic soda bottles. All of the cheerleaders' accessories were made from recycled items or natural elements such as bamboo, and the calendar is printed on post-consumer recycled paper.
Also Bamboo54 bamboo accessories can be seen in the current Tropic Thunder summer smash hit, with Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. Take notice to the Bamboo accessories.

Bamboo 54 Bamboo Clutch

I recently interviewed the sales director at Bamboo54 on Model Talk radio, you can listen to the segment here. We chatted about his bamboo collection and Bamboo54 has everything from shoes to handbags, to home goods, and I was really impressed, and he told me about his smaller bags that are green friendly and doing great at the shows. This such a cute bag.

You can find it here at

Perfect for petite's and any girls who want their friends to ask"where did you get that?"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to Start Modeling With No Scams Or Drama

I get a lot of girls asking me advice on how to start modeling and the two things that always come up are:

How do I get a modeling agent


How do I get quality photos

I think both of these answers are: Research!

I think girls use the internet too much as a show off tool that they do not use it enough for a real research tool. If you spend some time googling and researching and put in key words into the google browser you will find your answers pretty bluntly out there. It has helped me along the way with many things, and I love Google!

Stay away from social model sites, -they get you no where- stay away from agencies that charge a fee to let you walk into the door and work with them.

If you are smart and savvy you can get ahead as a model on your own, without scams, and wasting time, money and you will work with great photographers, not scumbags!

Here are some key words to put into your browser.

Photography + your city ( sometimes the search word of only photographer can lead to just Guys with Camera's if you aren't careful, but there are some very talented photographers out there who test models, but I would put photography, not photographer, - the word is so overused with the wrong people, if you are looking for a talent photographer you can find him/her, but you won't find them scouting girls on the internet.

Photo lab + your city ( stop by a photo lab and ask some advice on photographers who test models.)

Photo school + your city ( if you are a new model, why not pose with a student for one of the photo classes, learn a thing or two about being infront and behind the camera.)

Commercial print modeling agencies + your city
Print modeling + your city
Lifestyle modeling + your city
Talent agencies + your city ( I am starting to hate the word talent, it sounds so lame, but sometimes the search will show a good agency.)

Advertising agencies + your city ( not all ad agencies accept model submissions but once you have a compcard and photos you could submit them to the art director, especially in smaller cities.) Think inventively, it might not always work, but it is worth a try.

Comp card printing + your city
Modeling portfolios + your city
Photo store + your city ( for portfolio books, or try art store)

Modeling Comp cards printing

Sending your photos to agents and casting directors and being aggressive towards your modeling pursuits or entertainment business pursuits is so important. Here are some modeling compcard printing options to consider, there is also a list to the side of this blog.

There are some great printing studios in NYC as well.

Martha Stewart Show with Eva Scrivo: Is your skin oily or dry try Home Made Beauty

I recently did a video for AOL's on Home Made Beauty, I used honey, a banana, and my coffee grinds. And here are some more Home Made Beauty tips and advice:

To keep your skin looking great and hydrated you can use natural food items found right in your home, kitchen. In tight times we can still have great looking skin.

Watching Martha Stewart is a good thing and today I learned a few more at Home Beauty tricks.

I liked Eva Scrivo's tips!

I love Masks, and this Avocado mask is great!

First to do a mask you first wash your face, and put on a mask and then wash your face again about 15 minutes later.

Here’s how to make it yourself:

Cut up an Avocado, yes cut up an actually avocado, put it in a tupperware bowl, next comes natural oils and you should use Borage oil. Then smash together in the bowl, or use a blender.

You can apply the mask with a brush. A Makeup brush. Don't forget that natural nature elements are great for the skin.

To get great skin, you have to take care of it, you can’t just slop on your makeup and go and run out the door without taking care of your skin. Each morning I tone my skin, and then moisturize and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and then I start my beauty routine, and at night I exfoliate each night. And then moisturize before I go to bed, the moisture/ face lotion should be easy to apply, and absorb quickly.

Beautiful Skin: Before you put on your makeup you should moisturize, you can spray water on your face or use moisture. It is important to keep your skin moisturized; dry skin will also make you look older and even gray!

Here is some more insight I learned today on the Martha Stewart Show:

Homemade Hair Mask
1. Add a few tablespoons of warm sesame oil to a few tablespoons of neem oil.
2. Apply oil to scalp, and massage into skin.
3. Brush through with a boar-bristle brush.
4. Wrap hair in a hot towel for 10 minutes or keep on overnight. If you keep the hair mask on overnight, use an inexpensive pillowcase that you don't mind getting messy.

I think I have a pillowcase that I can spare, my hair is worth it!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Serum is the word of beauty

Serum is the word of beauty right now and I will be speaking to the VP of Global Marketing at Origins on September 10th on Model Talk all about this, and enclosed is their Modern Fusion™ Serum, with restoring Rice Optics which creates smoother more radiant skin.

This is great to create an even-skin tone.

the Small business of modeling

Do you let stuff happen, or do you make it happen. Do you rely on other's to tell you what to do, or do you find a way and figure it out!

When someone tells you no do you say "oh..ok." Or do you fight for what you want and see that it happens.

It takes a small business mindset to be a model. It doesn't only come down to having the look, the walk, the certain weight or height. Being a model involves knowing what you can offer and putting it to use in ways that will get you where you want to be, and approach the business like a business, and really making what you want to happen. Not waiting for the phone, email, or person, but being that person, and being your own best cheerleader and pushing you to be who you want to be.

Bamboo54 Inc interview on Blogtalkradio Model Talk Weds 20th at 4pm

Tune in August 20th, at 4pm as Isobella speaks with Michael Horn about the Bamboo54 Inc. bamboo made-lines, including their shoes, eye glasses, sunglasses, jewelry and handbag lines. All made from Bamboo.
Tune in here on on Model Talk Wens at 4pm:
All about Bamboo54

H&M great accessories for Model Photo shoots

If you need accessories for your test shoots, or portfolio shoots, go to H&M.

I love the accessories there and everything is basically under ten bucks!

Whether it is a scarf, earrings, a cute clutch, rings, hats, you can find it at H&M in a one-stop-stop for your photo shoots.

And even at my sisters wedding, our brides maid dresses were H&M!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Modeling Business and The Internet

There are some things that internet is good for, but modeling is not. Your modeling career should not rely on the internet because that is not where real modeling jobs, castings and agents are. If you want to get really good roles, good paying jobs, and really be a model, and work in the entertainment business yes you need to be a self-starter, you need to be able to handle the rejection it really takes to get ahead as a model, you need a marketing mindset and you need to get over the dreamy thought of being fluffed and handed everything.

The internet will not make you a model but you can use the internet for research.

I would research:

Casting directors in your area
Agencies and their address, if they hold open calls, and the address for mail submissions.
In a business of no's your best bet is submitting your photos and waiting to hear back, it might take some time, you might have to make like 10, 20, 40, sometimes even 200 submissions, not kidding! There are more agencies than just fashion, so also consider commercial print agencies and casting directors, talent agencies and even small marketing companies (think inventively). So get yourself a snap shot, - or make your own compcard at and submit it. Mail it. Buy some stamps. Usually it will take more than one submission to hear back, you will need to keep trying. Your hustling will pay off.

For castings and info about the entertainment business check out:

Also you have to be on top of your submissions. Just making one or two is not enough. I think it is a good idea for you to buy The Ross Reports, which is a booklet will names, addresses, and guidelines for mail submissions to castings directors and talent agencies. You can pick it up at Barnes and Noble or Borders usually. Or you can purchase here:

I used it, and I still do.

Don't rely on the internet to make you a model. To model with great brands, designers, and products you have to also work with great agencies.

Lauren Hutton jungle makeup into the wild

Lauren Hutton, the sexy gap-tooth model, is embracing the jungle and hugging trees, I recently read about her in Marie Claire Magazine and I loved the article.

Lauren's trip to Brazil and the Amazon jungle has inspired her makeup line themesmakeup line. The Passport To Brazil makeup pallete is a perfect handy pallete for models and girls on the go! I love the packaging design as well.

Click here to learn about Lauren's makeup.

Old Navy Petite Pride and Old Navy Blazers

Don't forget Old Navy, they have a great petite selection. This another hot little blazer and if you don't want to wear the full suit it is great with a pair of slick jeans!

This Blazer comes in an extra small!

Under $40!

Steve Madden has Wild Shoes SWEETEE

These Steve Madden shoes are wild! And I love it when a shoe has personality on the heel.

These street stomping shoes are called SWEETEE, but maybe they should have been called Into The Wild.

I could cause some damage with these!


Can't go wrong with a 4.25 inch heel either.

Forever 21 Blazers are perfect for Models

Two days ago I bought a pair of awesome dark, dark denim jeans! For only $19.50! And lately I love pairing my jeans with tight curve showing Blazers!

They enhance my bust and I feel sophisticated and sexy wearing them.

I love this Belted Linen Jacket from Forever 21, and believe it or not, you can find it here at the website or instore for only $22 bucks!

I also love the black Sarina Wool Blend Blazer here for only $22 bucks again!

For some personality in your blazer check out the Royal Striped Blazer for $27.80.

I hope you like my choices!


You'know October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month but now is when we should start thinking about it. Something that salon stylists can enjoy is the FLOWERY PINK RIBBON FILE CATTY, you can find it at I love the ribbon on the file! So cute and meaningful. A portion of the proceeds go to the Expedition Inspiration Organization.

Chase your dream, with the tools your need and help end breast cancer.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is testing with a photographer? Should you do TFP?

I think all these little social sites and I think the internet ruins the word TFP. Time for Print, is when photographers test with models but the internet has lead the word to lead many girls in bad situations and working with the wrong people, so-called, wanna be photographers, who are just guys with a camera and a bottle of wine or worse!

A girl recently asked me on Myspace is TFP is a waste of her time. This was my answer:

Time for print is another word for testing. And testing with photographers to build your book IS a good thing.For example if you are a pitching a photographer yourself, someone who is established and maybe has worked with some top brands and magazines, then you would ask for a Test shoot. An opportunity to test and see if you two are good to work together.Testing can also be called Spec shooting, conceptualizing a shoot that will benefit both of your portfolios. So don't think that TFP is bad. If you are a new model testing with quality photographers is good and it is a great way to get some free shots with quality and work with a professional photographer.I think amateurs on the web have turned tfp into some sort of tease word, and girls end up setting a rate for themselves to shoot for an hour or two in some scumbags apartment and never really get anywhere at all.I think you can use TFP, Testing, to your advantage if you are picky about who you work with. And you know how to pitch yourself to photographers you WANT to work with. It does involve saying the word Test, sometimes, especially for new models who should be building their book and trying to get more experience in front of the camera.It isn't just planning a shoot, or pitching a photographer, it is WHO are your pitching, trying to work with, and is this shoot worth it, and yes TFP or CD, can be a great way to get a quality photo for your portfolio if it is with the right photographer, but in this case YOU as the MODEL should be saying, I would like to TEST with You(the photographer)...if a photographer asks you to Test you better MAKE sure he is a talented photographer, and worth your time, and someone who shoots quality photos.-Isobella

Get toned up with Sprint workouts great for models

Add sprints to your workout to give it a boost or sneak in a sprint workout when you’re short on time. The American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, released a study that states sprinting is as beneficial for heart health as longer moderate speed workouts. High-intensity workouts provide the same benefits as workouts of moderate intensity performed for a longer time.

Sounds like a winning lottery ticket to those who don’t like to sweat for longer than thirty minutes. Sprint interval training is running at full speed and involves short bursts of energy that can benefit the heart and they can be a lot more fun, compared to just running at the same pace on the treadmill for thirty minutes.

To learn the sprint routines you can consider see this article I wrote for here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yoga Toes bring beautiful feet

Enjoy this segment on Yoga Toes, and receive $15 dollars off your next purchase at of Yoga Toes.

Just enter JADE in as the coupon code when you call or place an order on line. This will you $15.00 off the price of YogaToes, up to 2 pair.

5 things all models need

Enjoy this video on 5 things all models need.

Betsey Johnson has a little black dress

If you love the little black dress you will love this and it comes in a size petite!

I have worn out my own little black dress to the core! It is basically my favorite item and I am considering this number from Betsey Johnson considering how much I wear my little black dress, it is worth the money! $275.

Especially since you can change it up depending on what shoes you wear with it and accessories.

Betsey also has nice looking clutches that can co-side a little black dress nicely. I also love the leather clutches of designer Jacquelyn LaCroix.

Yoga Toes coupon, Yoga toes help your foot pain

Here is a photo of myself wearing Yoga Toes, and also I am offering a coupon from Yoga Toes, you just need to enter JADE in as the coupon code, when you call or place an order on line. Just visit

And you get $15 dollars off!

Good for $15 off 1-2 pairs of YogaToes

If your feet are killing you then you might need to stretch them! We stretch our arms, necks, backs but not our feet. And we should! Yoga Toes lets your feet relax and for shoe models or any girl on the go on heels all day Yoga Toes is great way to soothe the feet!
Isn't that awesome!

Frederick's of Hollywood CAGE STYLE SANDAL is on fire!

This is one really sexy shoe, it is the CAGE STYLE SANDAL at Frederick's of Hollywood and they are only $29 bucks, I am almost rolling my eyes at how awesome that is!

5 inch heel!

Lovin it!

Frederick's of Hollywood Shoes are hot

Oh wow, these COLORBLOCK SUEDE PLATFORMS at Frederick's of Hollywood are really nice.

And they are only $39.00

I am very impressed with the shoe styles and collection at Frederick's!
And the 4 1/2 inch heel is perfect!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Skip the fruit juice advice from Gunnar Peterson

You might think having a fruit juice is getting your fruit daily fruit intake but this is just not so.

Gunnar Peterson says, "it is too high in sugar," and that, " I would rather have my clients eat an orange instead of orange juice."

He also suggests," have an apple with skin on it."

You can listen to more of his insight here.

Here are some great Gunnar links:

Fitness with Gunnar Peterson segment on Model Talk

Tune into Model Talk to hear Gunnar Peterson talk fitness and his own story of being a self-made success here:

Shirts or skins....can you handle it? Gym class doesn't have to be a fright!

He might not think he motivates people, but I do! Because with an NBA contract or not, he keeps the blood moving within his clients, I like how he is an unyielding support.

Using Your Modeling Compcard

Enjoy this video about using your modeling compcard! First turn off the radio show segment on Model Talk, which goes naturally on my blog.( it's on the right)

Being a Model and Small Business

Enjoy this video on how modeling is like being a small business and how you need to think like a marketer to be a model and really get ahead. Love the face I am making! ha To hear better please turn off the MODEL TALK radio segment that airs naturally on the right side of the blog.

Model Skin with Avon Clearskin Professional Acne Treatment System

Fight the Zit! Having great skin is important for models and you can do it with Avon's Clearskin Professional Acne Treatment System.

New to Avon and about to launch, this skincare regimen contains proven ingredients to fight all stages of the acne cycle—before, during, and after a breakout.

Step 1: Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub - This exfoliating cleanser does double duty to help stop acne before it starts. The exclusive formula exfoliates to reveal fresher, brighter skin and quickly dissolves pore-clogging dirt and oil for a shine free finish. The cleanser cools on contact for a refreshing cleansing experience.

Step 2: Clarifying Toner Pads -These specially formulated pads calm and soothe skin with wheat germ extract and tone and re-texturize skin in just one step. After just one use, skin instantly looks and feels smoother.

Step 3: Daily Correcting Lotion - This oil-free daily treatment lotion contains Salicylic acid to clear up acne blemishes. Imperfections are reduced overtime, giving skin a healthier, more even appearance.

That's 3 steps to skin that's clearer in just 3 days!

And for only $29 bucks!
I love the slick silver clean packaging.

Check it out here.

In the United States, it is estimated that 17 million people suffer from acne. In fact, acne and blemishes are the number one concern among women 15-39 years of age.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sweet Petites and Isobella Jade

Here I am showing off sweet petite active wear.

Sweet Petite Apparel was creates women’s petite active wear, it is great

to know there is a petite line of active wear for girls who might have a hard

time finding the petite sizes elsewhere.

Gunnar Peterson on Model Talk Tuesday

I am looking forward to speaking with Gunnar Peterson about fitness tips for models to consider. Models are not just tall, flimsy looking statues, models are suppose to have some tone to their body and it also helps to book modeling gigs by having a nice toned body. Especially for petite models, when clear skin, an even skin tone and balanced proportions means so much.

If you are petite the areas you should consider toning are your: Upper arms, your thighs, hamstrings, butt, and stomach. To look longer in photos and more proportioned it is important to keep a toned body.

Gunnar will share with me on Tuesday at Model Talk, ways you can tone up and hopefully book your next gig!

8pm Tuesday at Blogtalkradio:

Spare Soles for Models and Girls on the Go

As a shoe model I wear heels alot to my castings. And as a model I am always on my feet, always running around and tired as heck from my heels! But I love high heels too much to give them up. But recently I read in WWD about Spare Soles, which is a shoe company that provides Ballerina flats in a handy clutch like bag! Cute and compact and easy to carry as a clutch, but hidden inside rolled up are your portable ballerina flats, meant for moments when your sexy high heels are starting to hurt. You can whip out the Spare Soles, and continue your night, day, and the party or my favorite: to wear before and after a modeling casting or modeling job.
Sounds great to me!
Get this, they are only $25.00! Click here to see and purchase.

Spare Soles are also great to bring with you to a wedding or social event, so that when your feet hurt you can still dance and have fun! And the bag is oh-so cute and handy! I bet you could also fit a lipgloss in their and your ID and keys!

Glad I read WWD today.

'Ugly' is the new beautiful with Ugly New York

A Talent agency in NYC is looking for Ugly. Founded in London with also an office in NYC I recently met with the agency heaad of Ugly New York, Simon Rogers. We shares some coffee at a diner and I enjoyed speaking to him about how his agency represents beauty all around us. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for sure, and I believe that beauty is not a certain size, weight or height, and that perfection is becoming a bore!

Here is an article on Ugly Models on MSNBC.

This is a quote from Jorganna James, a model with Ugly New York.

“For me, being a little person, I never thought that I could be a model because you think of a model being 6 feet tall, skinny and beautiful,” actress/model Jordanna James told Roker. “And I’m only 3-11. So once I found out that I could say, ‘Yeah, I’m a model,’ I’m like, ‘Yeah! That’s really cool.’

Unique is in!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Modeling is The Business of You

A lot of girls come to me, asking for advice and tips, and I do my best to advise realistically and something I always encourage is the power of yourself, the power of you and making what you want to happen to come true. The modeling business is similar to any business, and trying to work in a business of standards isn't so different than being a handbag designer, starting a company, or joining a track team, it is all about the time you invest and the work you put in. I don't believe in the easy way out, the "it's so easy"campaign of chasing dreams, because having a dream also means having to overcome the odds, and a dream is something you reach for, you aim for, you wake up for, you push yourself for, this can come in the form of research, mailings, self promotion, preparing, and taking a chance on yourself.

Usually when something is a challenge, it means it is worth it!

TEEN VOGUE and Juicy Couture at an “Intimate” Event!

Juicy Couture and TEEN VOGUE invite you to attend the launch party for Juicy’s new Intimates & Sleepwear collection.
Thursday, August 14, 6–8 p.m. Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, 4th floor Intimate Apparel department

Dream in Couture. CHOOSE SLEEP

Raffles Guests can enter to win one of many Juicy prizes including:
1 of 5 Sleep Tank Tops Autographed by Pam & Gela, the founders of Juicy Couture
Leather Handbag
Set of a Sterling Silver Bracelet & Earrings
Set of a Pave Heart Necklace & Stud Earrings
Juicy Monopoly
1 of 2 Juicy Couture Fragrance Gift Sets

For purchases of Juicy Couture Intimate Apparel & Sleepwear valued at $125 or greater, shoppers will receive a to-die-for goody bag valued at $40! Included in the goody bag are:
1 pair of Juicy Couture Boy Short Panties
1 signature Juicy Couture Notebook
1 Dylan's Candy Bar for Juicy Couture Chocolate Bar
A copy of the September issue of Teen Vogue magazine
Samples of all 3 Juicy Couture fragrances: the brand new Viva La Juicy, Juicy Couture & Dirty English

Murad, Acne Treatment Concealer, Model Product

This is a nice product for models to consider: Acne Treatment Concealer by Murad.


Also found at Sephora.

You can easily fit it on your purse, or bag on the go and it treats blemishes with an acne-fighting medication and Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea.

Great for on the spot concealing.

Clinique Even Better Skin Tone, and Model Skincare tips

I might not have the height of a fashion model, but I have great skin, which helps me get work as a model. And having an even skin tone is very important to get work as a model. Bikini Lines are not attractive in the modeling business usually, especially for any body related job, having even skin tone is important and a product I suggest, if your skin isn’t looking to hot is, checking out: “Clinique even better skin tone corrector.”

I also love “Clinique’s moisture surge.”

I am currently using Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel on my face in the morning before I put on my makeup and at night, it goes on smooth and easy.

In the shower I am using Body Shop Tree Oil facial wash, and I alternate with Neutrogena Oil free Acne Wash,,there is a new smell at Neutrogena and recently in Teen Vogue I saw promo announcement of the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit.

Also a big way to keep your face free of blemishes, and looking naturally clean and clear is to take off your makeup before you go to sleep. Rolling around in your makeup just causes for a mess on your face and sleeping with that on your skin for hours is really bad for your skin and pores.

And wear sunscreen every day.

Protecting the skin DOES matter as a model and in life, and you shouldn’t wait until you are 40 start moisturizing. I have been moisturizing my skin since I was 16!

Don’t forget your neck, and your hands, your back and your chest as well.

I might not have giraffe modeling proportions but my skin alone can help me book modeling work.

Being a Model is More than Fashion

Modeling is more than fashion, and it is best to be realistic with yourself to get ahead, especially when it comes to getting attention of an agency.

Change your perspective in a way that works for you realistically to get an agent and to get work as a model. Whether you have a modeling agency or not, you need to know what modeling is and how you fit into the business before you start thinking about agencies and such.

Modeling is so many things these days, it is not just fashion. Do not get discouraged by not getting accepted into a fashion agency. It is sort of obvious that a fashion agency wouldn't accept a girl that is 5'8" so instead of wasting time, and getting a wrong perspective of what you need to be to be a model, why not look into areas of modeling that ARE good for you. Don't dwell on what you aren't and focus on what you are and where you CAN find opportunity.

Commercial print modeling is best for any girl who is under 5'8".

So you are not 5'9" and not tall enough to model with a fashion agency but fashion modeling is such a small percent of the modeling work that is out there. What about commercial print modeling agencies and commercial print modeling? What about modeling for accessories, beauty brands, shoes, handbags, fitness, hair, and body part model. Don't forget modeling is more than Fashion.

It is about finding an agency that is good for you and knowing where you FIT in the modeling world/business.

Hint: When it comes to beauty, it helps to have great skin and of course an event skin tone. And you DO need photos that show you modeling in ways you CAN model and your photos should look realistic to what you are honestly capable of. If you are 5'3" then there is no need to take fashion photos constantly, I would instead focus on creating photos that involve products, and create photos that look like ads for products that models of all heights can model. Think about it, models are needed for so many things...from computers, to tampons, to advil, to skincare, and the agencies that submit models to castings for these type of print jobs are commercial print modeling agencies and THEY DO work with models of all heights. For a list of a few see the agencies on the side of my blog or google commercial print modeling, print modeling, + your city. But it DOES help to send photos that represent print modeling, and do look like ads and editorials, and they are NOT so fashion based, more based on your personality and energy, and natural self.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Against the Modeling School Scams

Ok so maybe the girls who walk into fashion agencies or get discovered get their compcards from the agency, but it still has the agency logo on it, and it means they can not market themselves to other agencies.

I think modeling schools give off the wrong unrealistic perspective of what it means to be a model, it makes me want to start my own Modeling 411 program.

I'll work on that, for now these blogs might help you when it comes to understanding why a model needs a compcard and why a model as a business woman needs to be able to promote herself and how a compcard IS in fact needed.

A compcard is my mini portfolio, and by mailing it out I have gotten the attention of agencies and casting directors and built my book and portfolio.

I think modeling schools prepare students as if the agency needs to be nelt to and as if the agency is the end-all. I really just don't believe this. I think of modeling agencies as part of the TOOL I need to get ahead as a model, but not the WHOLE tool.

If you are not ambitious yourself then how do expect to succeed? You have to be ambitious already to get a modeling agency, you have to be savvy and be prepared, you can't expect everything to be handed to you.

I think most girls who go to modeling schools are under 5'7".

5'8"is the standard height for a fashion agency. So right off the bat they should promote what the audience at the school IS. And it is NOT fashion.

Modeling schools give off an illusion. A FAKE perspective. It is sort of Brain washing of what it really means to be a model.

I think modeling schools are limited in the way they represent the modeling business, limited in the willingness to share ALL types of modeling. Not just fashion.

Brands advertise every day, and these brands need models, and most of these brands are NOT fashion brands.

I think modeling schools speak only of the fashion world and not enough of modeling in other areas that are a possible entrance for many of their students.

I really am against the typical modeling schools, and modeling programs, and the classes, and I think they are pure scams.

Make Your Own Comp Cards is Important for a Model

A model should make her own compcards, a model should also be a marketer, here are some reasons how and why to make a compcard and what to do with it:

The reason it is important for a model to make her own compcard is because:

If you want to work with many agencies then you do not want the agency to print their name on the card. Many models freelance with many agencies, if you make your own card then you can give 20 to each agency and keep some for yourself and that way be able to better market yourself to more agencies and casting directors and art directors, and get more work as a model. Don't limit yourself by having the ONE agency make your compcard, or make you pay for it, usually the agency name will be printed on the card and the agency will either keep them all or not give you any, and that limits your marketing needs.

What should be on my card? Compcards are in many styles these days but mostly they are around 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. It consists of One nice headshot or beauty shot on the front, and 4 shots on the back that show your diversity as a model, maybe you can be in jeans more casual in one, another showing your body, in fitness, swimwear, think of a catalog shot-that is the best style-,I would show a shot of your smile and energy, I would show a shot that shows yourself modeling a product, like a handbag, or looking like a shoe ad, I think it is best to show images that express what you are capable of as a model and to show off your great eyes, hair, and skin.

Could be a closeup of yourself wearing jewerly.

I would look at ads and editorials and pay attention to details in your images and compare them. If the photo looks like an ad for somethiing, or looks like a catalog shot, or print ad or apart of an ad campaign, or editorial. Here is a sample of my compcards:

How many agencies can I mail my compcard to:

When you are a new model and you are promoting yourself you can mail your compcard out to many agencies all at once and see who replies. When you are called you might asked by a certain agency to change your card or work on something, such as add more commercial shots to the card, you might get advice on how to fix it, or they might like it and might want to meet you and start working with you right away.

What if the agency sends me on a casting?:

Usually when I get a call from one of the agencies I work with, I put the agency contact number on my compcard, or the agency will provide you with stickers that you put on the card when the agency sends you out. Most agencies understand that many models freelance with many agencies, so stickers are a good for your casting, so you can give the agency credit as a contact for sending you to a certain casting by placing their sticker on your compcard. Or you can just write the agency that sent you to the castings' number on your compcard. Usually on the front of the card.

How many compcards should I print?: You really only need one, but I have two. Because I can do a few types of modeling. I have a commercial print card, which is more catalog and personality based, and then I have a body parts compcard that is more "parts" based with photos of my legs, back, feet ,etc. For castings for body part modeling. I have two cards for the different types of modeling I do. I also have other photos of myself in lingerie and also in dresses, for different types of jobs.

What happens if I get booked? Thats great! Usually the agency will get a call and will contact you with the information of where to be, at what time and what to bring to the job.

Can you suggest a place I could get my compcard made?

Modeling Comp Card and why models need them

A girl recently contacted me and said "I'm a barbizon student, so for my session 19 they told me I don't need compcards yet esp if I'm a beginner (in the whole acting modeling biz) is this true?"

This was my answer.

I hate modeling schools. They are a waste. Usually it gives you unrealistic perspectives.

And a model DOES need a compcard.
Any model who wants to model, and a model who want to get an agency, go modeling castings, or get modeling work, needs a compcard.

No question.

It isn't just an industry thing, a composite card/ compcard is a mini portfolio of your capabilities as a model, and having a compcard is a great way to market yourself as a model and in general with or without an agency.

From any age.

Babies, to grandmother...models can be all sizes and ages.Maybe not fashion models, but models of all ages are needed and ALL models need compcards. It doesn't matter if you are a new model or have been modeling for years.

A compcard is a mini portfolio card of the type of work you are best to do as a model. It is best to make the shots look like ads, involving a product, modeling a handbag, or making the shot look like a catalog shot.
A sample compcard is above, but keep in mind I am in my 20's and if you are a teen you should not show as much skin on your compcard.

A compcard basically says to the viewers eye what you look like on camera, what you are capable of as a model, and basically is your best marketing tool.

You want your card to tell the person looking at it " yes she can model, and model well and she knows how to work with products and atmosphere, and make it seem believable."
I don't believe in modeling schools that say things like:You don't need a compcard because YOU DO.

Especially because modeling is more about "what you make out of it," than anything else.
Anyone can make a compcard. Go to

But you DO need good photos, you do need pictures that represent the type of modeling you can do. And you do need to not slop together a card but really put time into it.

Once you have your card, you can mail it to agencies, magazines, marketing agencies, and aspiring brands, and as a new model you can use it to promote yourself. Taking a chance on yourself and trying is the first step, and it starts with self promotion. And you need a compcard to do so.

It is important to have a compcard because without it how can you work....when I run out of a compcards I think to myself," Shoot, I can't get work until I have created a new one or re-print some" because they are your life line as a model, they are you marketing tool. And as a marketer, modeling is your market and you are your product and your compcard is your example of the model you strive to be.

I suggest you try to invest in some photos, or work with some photo students, or even have some friends who take good photos take some photos of you. I suggest you make a compcard and do not wait for someone to make what you want to happen.

And modeling agencies are not the end all. Sure it is wonderful to have one, and they can lead you to better jobs, but at the end of the day modeling is your pursuit, so you have to self serve and promote you, and your compcard is your tool to mail to casting directors, to mail to brands, magazines. I suggest thinking bigger than just modeling agencies:

What about marketing companies in your own town/city? Pr agencies? Promo agencies? Advertising Agencies? Sending them to the art director or marketing managers, or public relations managers is also a good idea.

Especially in a smaller city these are all good places to also send your cards. Yes Modeling does take being able to think inventively, thinking beyond the small bubble of just modeling agencies sometimes, and thinking about other places where models are needed, and of course this can mean skipping the middle man. And you need a compcard to do mail and promote yourself. To introduce yourself with. Without one, how do you expect to model?

I had a compcard before I had an agency. How do you think I got the agency? I submitted my compcard? I had to re-make my compcards, and keep trying to get one that worked for me.I had to think about what I have to offer as a model, and put it together on a compcard that makes me come across sellable. An agency wants to work with a model that they can pitch. But the agency isn't the end all, as a model I am very experienced today, but even when I was a newbie, I was busy and I mailed my compcard to brands, magazines, do you think I have gotten where I have gotten?

Here is a segment on Model Talk (my modeling pod cast about the importance of compcards.)

I hope this all helps put into perspective why you need a compcard.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Amazon supports breast cancer research with a store

Amazon even has a breast cancer awareness store, did you know that! Well now you do.
Here are some hot products they have right on which support breast cancer awareness.

I recently found Tweezerman Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Petite Tweeze Set on– for $18.75. The Petite Tweeze Set in Pink Leather Case benefits Breast Cancer Awareness and is great for traveling or for prep time before your photo shoots, I don't wax, I tweeze, now you can tweeze for the cure- The fashionable Pink Leather Case is printed with the Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon- Each sale supports Breast Cancer Awareness initiatives with a contribution of $1.00

DuWop famous for it’s lip venom proudly supports Duwop, for their Purse Your Lips Breast Cancer Awareness promotion. You get a pink shimmer lip vemon gloss and little pink purse, clutch for 23 bucks . Cute clutch with a silver chain, the clutch has the pink breast cancer awareness logo. A portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research and the betterment of woman living with caner.

And Philosophy has- shower for the cure - charity shower gel benefiting the Women's Cancer Research Fund. Price: $20.00