Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why are there is many models scams out there

It is so easy to be a modeling scam, especially with the internet, there are so many social sites that ask for money for you to post your photos and then declare you will be discovered. Sure a naive person would fall for this easier and the scummy agency gets your money!

It makes sense.

So the best thing to do to NOT let these scams continue is to be careful about the agencies you meet with, sign with, and a big sign of a scam is if they charge you money upfront, or for photos, or to put your photo on their website.

I work with many agencies and I have NEVER paid for my photo to be on their website.

But then I hear sometimes that the bigger agencies do that -charge their girls to put their photo on the website and then take it out of their paycheck. I am not sure that would be titled a scam, but to be a model you really have to be smart, and know how to market yourself, manage yourself, and know how to work as a business for yourself. And be careful of scams, and things that waste your time.

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