Thursday, July 17, 2008

Watch where you flash your boobs and go topless

The internet can really hurt a girl. Not just a model but any girl who is being free with her self and not thinking of how powerful and painful a google search can be. Beware of the photos you download and also those who you let take photos of you in a sexy way. Whether it is your boyfriend or at Mardi Gras. You might think it is all fun and dandy while you are in the moment and getting winks and smiles, but if you want to model with big brands, or top names, you should stay clear of the chances that yourself could end up naked and regrettable on the web.

It is one thing to pose nude for a purpose, editorial, or product ad, -I do body part modeling and I show my body to work with skincare and magazine editorials, but long gevity is found in being selective on the photos you take, and the photos you let others take of you!

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