Sunday, July 27, 2008

The truth of Electronic Castings, emails and using the web to get ahead as a model

Waking up to check emails and all that is normal for how society is today and those in the entertainment business and striving but nothing will ever compare to the opportunities by having an agent, working with casting directors and not RELYING on just the web to get you ahead.

You will have better luck working on your photos, making a compcard and mailing it to real agencies and try to get representation, because BIG companies, real brands, contact the agencies and the agencies send the models. And that is how YOU will know about the castings and get bigger opportunities.

Or the agencies mail out the compcards they have to the clients, art directors, ect.

Sure if I have a casting today my agencies will send maybe a jpeg of myself to the client ahead of time, or even ask me to send them a certain type of photo if they do not have it on file. _ I quickly email them, and in that case it is good to mail your agencies your jpeg images, but to start, to get the agencies attention it all starts with a direct mailing,..and no matter what anyone tells you, you do need a compcard....legit, busy modeling agencies want the compcards. Electronic is nice, but emails are not the end all.

I even mail directly my press kits, and I think it stands out even more today, especially with all the email people receive, I mean think about how much junkmail you get! really model, you need to MAIL your photos in the mail, buy a stamp and submit.

Waking up to check your emails is an excitment I am sure the stars of the 1940's 50's and 60's would never understand and it can be an illusion for many girls, because the internet will only get you do far.

It is a great research tool, but to get an agent, and be a model, it takes more than a photo, website and email account.

Even though the internet is of the hype, we must not forget the power of in person and people interaction, and how much it does matter to do mailings to an agency, find the agency book names and mail your compcard and headshot, and research and submit to agencies by mail.

If you are wondering why you are not getting an agencies attention or booking work as a model then you need to do what the business wants you to do.

The REAL industry is waiting in line at the post office and owns a book of stamps and envelopes. The internet has killed the real popularity and standard in direct mailing submissions.

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