Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Patricia Field for Payless Tsarina Slide

Coming up in August is FFANY shoe week in NYC, this means girls who are a size 6 shoe- not matter your height can work as a shoe model. Yes it helps if you have a modeling agency but there are many shoe show rooms in NYC, you might want to do some googling and perhaps you can get involved with a brand and shoe model for the sales presentations during FFANY in August.

I just wanted to share a hot shoe by Patricia Field for Payless, it is called the Tsarina Slide. I love being petite, it means I can wear hot shoes like these! They remind me of living in Miami.

Sale Price: $24.99


Francine said...

Please don't take this personally! This shoe is a cheap Chinese knockoff of a Polly of California or today's Betsey Johnson Polly. You get what you pay for and I'd much rather pay $100-200 for a comfortable high heel than a shoe that helps bolster the economy of China. This shoe doesn't have the stability and quality foam of the original high heel Polly.
Polly rules, Francine

Francine said...

One more thing...Patricia Fields and Re-Mix vintage also sell the authentic version for $150.00. Be kind to your feet...they take you everywhere!!