Monday, July 7, 2008

My favorite mascara right now is Wet n Wild

I honestly love the stuff. Wet n Wild mascara might only be like a couple bucks but I really love it. I have been using it for weeks and it is nice to know there is a brand that doesn't cost me an arm and leg - or preventing me from having the beauty items I enjoy.

Also in my purse is the MegaGlo Illuminating Powder- I put it on after my powder and I love the look. Some pink and peach to make my face glow and look alive even when I am really tired.

I am also trying this MegaShimmer™ Illuminating Powder Brush, usually I am not into shimmer, but this is so light it looks natural.

If you are doing your own make up for your shoots, or trying to save some money it would be a good idea to cut back on expensive brands and consider one like I have that is just as good quality but doesn't make you debate over paying your phone bill or looking good.

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