Sunday, July 6, 2008

Modeling and The Part Time Job

Many girls come to New York City to Model and act but they just end of cocktail waitress'ing, too tired for castings, thinking there is no time to pay rent and also do their dream. Here are some suggestions for surviving and also doing your dream:

1. Focus on your other skills. Do you like cooking, writing, marketing, children, production, graphic design. It would be a good idea to try to hunt for a part time job that has something to do with your skills. Daycare centers, to marketing companies all need part time people and help. This will not only make you feel useful but it will also benefit your mindset and keep your positive.

2. You can still get paid to do your dream and also have a part time job:
It might take a hunt to find but you can have your part time job and your dream too.
What about working three times a week with a flexible schedule at a marketing company? What about temp work? What about working events, or doing more than just using a flirty smile to pay your rent and then you find that you are not really using you at all. And you aren't modeling or acting and you are stuck in a rut!

3. Not wasting time: If you do have a part time job or a bar job that messes up your schedule, then you need to set goals for yourself so that you do not forget why you moved to NY in the first place. Make time for mailings of your headshot. Make time for research, even if it means waking up alittle earlier or not going out with your friends. Remember Doing one great modeling job a month, or being involved with a play or getting one great credit on your resume,is better compared to not focusing on the gigs that won't get you ahead and not using your time wisely. So you can't do it all, win them all, or be 100 percent available but when you are available use it with passion!

4. Saving money. Think about how much money you need to survive and pay bills. Cut back on expensive meals and coffee, pedicures if you don't need them weekly, and facials, cut back on buying new shoes all the time and expensive beauty products. If you try to save money it will also help you to maybe not have to work as much at your part time job. Maybe you could even cut back on the hours, even two extra days are great for you to use to promote yourself towards your dream.

5. Enjoy your part time job. If you hate it then your negative energy will spill into your dream and that is not the point that you want to make.

If you feel you have a purpose and that your part time job is exciting or at least interesting you will be able to enjoy the pursuit of your dream even more and with less stress.

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