Monday, July 21, 2008

The modeling agency will not handle everything.

If you think the modeling agency will handle everything you are wrong. Recently a girl asked me about an agency that was going to charge her to take photos and said that she didn't even need a portfolio. I found this really sick and of course a scam.

Alot of girls think the agency will handle everything. That is not the case, and it is a good set up for a scam. Don't have the mindset that the agency will handle everything.

The most important marketing tool for an aspiring model is a compcard. You need a compcard. You will want to make it yourself. You could try www. compcard. com. Some agencies suggest photographers you work with but really it is up to you to make you compcard. And get the photos you need.

With my agencies it isn't like I walked in the door and they handed me everything I needed to get ahead as a model.

I researched photographers, (quality ones) and I don't rely on social sites either. Who cares if someone thinks you are hot. _That is Not modeling._ I do research by googling and finding photographers that take photography seriously!! Don't think Myspace is a modeling portfolio. That isn't realistic modeling.

I work with 5 agencies in NYC and work with great brands and the agents Do not provide the compcards. I make them myself.

I target myself with two cards. One is a commercial print card, -it invovles smiles and beauty shots, and shots showing my personality, - I look at ads for beauty products and even cell phone ads to get inspired to create the photos I need. It is a process to create a great compcard. Sometimes it takes numberous tries.

I also have another compcard for a totally different type of modeling called body part modeling: with shots of my feet and legs, hands and parts. The one thing all of my photos share is that THEY look like Ads or they are actual tear sheets.

It would be best to invest in great photos. And to shoot with a quality photographer, not some scum bag and just so you know.... I don't pay my agencies to represent me or to take photos of me. I give them my compcard ( which I made myself,) and then they send it out to their clients, art directors, ect, or call me for a casting. I bring my compcard with me.

The best thing for an aspiring model to do is learn how to market yourself. Think about what you are realistically capable of. Commercial print modeling is best, and there are agencies that accept models of all heights.

When you are not a fashion model, you have to think like a commercial print model. You have to look, observe and see what is realistic for yourself as a model. Modeling opportunities are not all the same. It depends on the model. Read magazines, notice the ads, and create some photos that look like some.

Honestly modeling is not easy. It is thinking inventively. It is using what you have to get ahead. It is not something that just happens because you are pretty or cute, or have a nice body, it is work! Research and Time.

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