Monday, July 7, 2008

Makeup for models and beauty secrets for good skin

Regardless of being a model, I love having nice skin. And in a business of outward appearances I like to take of it. I feel more confident with nice skin and ready for the job, casting, and meeting as well. I moisturize daily. I don’t pound my face with foundation or over load it with blush and cake it on. I try to be as light as possible with my powder and if I can’t get it on in basically one swipe then the makeup is not for me. I like a quick makeup process. Sometimes I only have like ten minutes to get ready, and out the door.

I do powder, some bronzer and mascara and some lip-gloss, curl the lashes and I am out the door and if I don’t look good then something is wrong with the powder usually. To heavy, to thick, too heavy of a coat of bronzer. To keep my skin nice I am pretty picky about what I put on it, but I don’t spend a tone on it. I use Clean & Clean , St. Ives, Wet N Wild Cosmetics often. I try not to sleep in my makeup. That causes blemishes, and my pores to suffocate. I use a toner, and try to take care of zits asap. I skip the makeup all together if I have a zit because it can get worse!

When I have a blemish I don’t over do it with medication.

Sometimes soap does the trick alone. If you put on too many zit cleansers and creams is can cause a mess and make your face look red and worse so be careful.

Also drinking a lot of water, and fruits helps my skin to and add some lemon to your water for some more Vitamins.

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