Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If you think the modeling agency is a scam....

If you aren't sure if the modeling agency is a scam then you should do a few things:

1. GOOGLE. Google the agency name + scam. It will tell you right off the bat if it is a scam.

2. Go to meet with them, BUT run out of there if they ask for money, force you to take photos or anything that involves money. It is a pure scam.

If an agency is a scam the internet will tell you, but if you are not sure you can always go and check it out and leave if it seems weird.

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Unknown said...

It’s sad how some people fall victim to those scammers who prey on their hopes and dreams. Speaking of these clever deceptions, just lately, I found an article here. This about hackers that disturb google results. The major targets are the reputable non commercial domains such as This is major concern since these acts are done just to gain profit and some unfair advantage. Let us be wary of these acts of deception. I’m so glad that posted this very informative and helpful article. I hope everyone reads this and may it serve as a warning that scams are prevalent these days. Let us all be wise.