Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to get a REAL and Legit modeling Agency

If you want to go to real modeling castings, get real modeling work, with brands and national magazines then you need a REAL modeling agency. An agency that top brands confide in to provide them with great models.

Don't be so desperate for an agency that you fall into getting stuck in a meeting with some phony modeling agency. Be picky about the agents that represent you, and go for the best that you can get. Here are some tips to watch out for so you can weed out the Bad with the Quality modeling agencies.

1. Most legit modeling agencies do not advertise for models with NO experience and so bluntly. And if a legit agency does there is a name included in the post, and plenty of details to prove it is an honest agency.

2. A legit agency won't ask you for money before they book you for a job, then it is a percentage of the rate. Usually 20%. Usually you should be paid within or before 90 days.

3. A legit agency may recommend you work with a certain photographer, but it won't be mandatory, unless it is on their dime.

4. A legit agency will call you and tell you right away their name, why they are calling, and you will understand that they know who they are calling and you won’t have to fight to get the name of the agency, the website, and the reason they are calling out of their mouth.

5. A legit agency will send you on castings with details so you can better prepare for the casting.

6. A legit modeling agency has a great reputation and you will have to submit photos to their office directly or through the agency website to be considered.

Sometimes agencies put out castings and if you book the job they meet with you, and although agents are not always “your best friend” they should know who you are when you call if they are representing you and they should send you on castings that are appropriate for you.

An agency isn’ the end all but marketing yourself can lead to sometimes encountering the wrong people, photographers, and agents, so be careful. Ask questions, get referrals, and be skeptical if you feel weird about it, then it is probably weird.


Anonymous said...

I have just registered my child for baby modelling and she has got a 3 year contract and are asking for a fee of £126.00 7 days after ive signed contract terms and conditions. How can i find out if this company is not a scam

Anonymous said...

No modeling agency charges so it probably is a scam