Saturday, July 19, 2008

How to get better modeling photos

If your photos need more of editorial or commercial look here are some tips to get some better photos which can help to get a modeling agency and get modeling work.

1. Think about the modeling work you want, and think about how to create a photo that says that. I know that to market myself as a model, I need photos that represent my strengths as a model and showcase my best assets.

2. Look in magazines and focus on ads. Alot of people complain about ADS in magazines, but I love them. I get inspired by looking at them to better understand what I need to get a job modeling for a certain product. From beauty to shoes, to computers, all products need models, but you do need the photos that show examples of yourself modeling and showing an agent or casting director your potential.

3. I direct, I plan, I scout locations, I style my photo shoots. I try to get involved with my pursuits and make sure each shot has a purpose. I don't just shoot for the sake of simply shooting. I shoot to update my modeling portfolio or compcard and I shoot to get photos that will help to market me to agencies and also these photos are meant to make a compcard and have a point!

4. Along with being selective about the shot I am taking and putting planning and prep work into it, I also am picky about the photographers I work with and you should be too! Don't let a compliment or flattery leave you with crappy pictures. You need to work with photographers that are talented and serious to get ahead. They should understand and accept your ideas, and know how to hold the camera! Don't work with people who Just Call Themseleves Photographers. If you want to be more than just another girl with her photo on the internet.

5. Keeping the marketing mindset. It is easy to just settle for the easy way out, upload your photos and just "call yourself a model," without really doing it, but if you think like a marketer you can get ahead as a model, and will have a better experience getting a modeling agency to give you a second look.

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