Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to be a model today and why the SMART model succeeds

The modeling business is backwards today. It used to be that you would go to the agency and they would send you out for test shoots and you would work with great photographers and build a modeling portfolio.

Today it is so different.

These days you need to have photos first, before you approach the agency. Especially if you are not a fashion model. Commercial print modeling accepts models of all heights but if you do not have sellable, commercial, lifestyle photos and photos that look like ads and editorials and show your personality and energy then you can forget about it! A present day model needs to have her own compcard, yes she needs to make it herself. She needs her own portfolio! Yes, don’t expect the modeling agency to give you one.

So if you are not a fashion model can you get an agent? Yes! But you have to be smart about how you market yourself. And you have to put in the work ahead of time. If I want to leg model I create photos of my legs and I have leg modeled for top brands just because I have photos that say, “ I can leg model.” If I want to model for beauty, I focus on close ups and I pay attention to ads and commercials, and editorials in magazines, and product ads and I plan my shoots and create a point to my shoots and really work at getting the images I need to sell myself to the agent, and to the brands and magazines that I meet at my castings.

A lot of girls want to model but they do not think about the importance of photos and how the old school ways of modeling are still THE WAY. You need a print portfolio,- to show at your castings. You can’t walk in and spill your website and Myspage page. You need a physical portfolio. And aside that you need a compcard.

You might need two compcards.

I have two. One for body parts and one for commercial print work. I show my energy and personality on my commercial print card, and I show my body parts on the other card. Also I need two different portfolio books to, for the different castings I have.

You need to show the agents, the casting directors and the brand or magazine that you have the look, experience and photos that say, “ This girl can do the job.”

If you expect to be babied and told what to do then you can forget it. If you want to be a model, you need to grab your bootstraps and do-it-yourself. Find a way, make a way, and get what you need to succeed as a model.

Height has nothing to do with it. It is about your smarts, your marketing ability, your passion, and the hard work you put in.

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