Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting modeling work Beyond the modeling agency

I think a lot of girls wonder how they can get a resume, a modeling portfolio and get modeling work on their own. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Think about promoting yourself to production companies, marketing companies, and more than just the modeling agency.

2. Working with great professional photographers is key. If their headshot is "part time photographer," it might not be a good idea. I am talking about those who " ARE" photographers. As in THAT is what they do as a job.

3. Approaching brands such as aspiring jewelry designers, handbag designers, and maybe even hitting up a fashion school and trying to get some experience first.

Then you have a reason to call the agency and say, " Hey I have new photos, hey I got a job modeling for a handbag company last week." It shows you are serious and ambitious. Agents like that.

Showing you can work as a model helps you get a better agent. Modeling is a very tough business, so know that ahead of time. Know this will be a journey, a challenge, a lot of work. It is easy to take the easy way out for your ego and just, " call yourself a model," but being one means you have to think about new ways to promote yourself all the time. To get consistant work, with with agencies, and products, brands, and ad campaigns, it takes a positive attitude, a "yes I can" approach. If you do not think you can model, then you most likely should NOT start.

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