Thursday, July 31, 2008

The business of making you a model and being a self- made success

No one will make you, so forget the agents saying "I will make you a star," forget the internet sites telling you that you will be discovered, what you need is to discovery yourself. Just like in any media related business, modeling is the same, and you really do have to be smart, be savvy, and be a go-getter.

Forget looking for someone to make you a model, make you famous, or make you a star, modeling and chasing your dreams no matter what they are is really about your own ambition, your own effort, hard work, and making what you want to happen, happen.

If you wait for someone else to get you someone, or wait for the phone to ring, or that certain person to call, you will be not getting where you want to be, you'll be basically wasting your time.

In the business of modeling, success happens from hard word, being prepared, being professional, being persistant and being a self starter.

So you think you can model, and you want an agent, well you have to start with producing great photos that show you in the best ways, and you must do your research and understand what agents want to see, look at ads and editorials, learn about the types of modeling out there and create photos and make compcards that can present your best assets in the best ways, and it is best to study yourself and know how you look infront of the camera. Also you have get a modeling portfolio, you have to get envelopes, stamps, and self promote and mail your compcards, and mail and submit, submit, and try again and again. Don't let one "No" hold you back because someone will say yes if you are meant for it, keep believing in what you want, and what really matter is the yes's you get! It does take inventive thinking, it does take effort, and anyone who tells you modeling is easy and modeling took no effort is nuts. ...well thats not my story anyway, I made myself a model, I work each day, and I am self-made. Just because something is a challenge doesn't mean it isn't worth it, infact that is more reason to keep pursuing, so believe in yourself and make yourself who you want to be, no matter what it is in life.

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