Wednesday, July 23, 2008

being available as a model, out of town models

When you don't live near a city it would take an amazing amount of luck to start modeling. Most agencies in smaller cities are only fashion in niche markets. Which makes it hard for the short girl or commercial print model. There might not be many commercial print agencies. There is more opportunity to find that commercial print modeling agency in the bigger cities.

You will have to commute and that can be a pain for you and also the booker, agent. They agent wants you to be in town and be available. Even last minute. Or they can't send you out on castings and book jobs.

You have to have realistic expectations, especially if you live out of town, if you have great photos, then you still need to knock on alot of doors. And you have to be in the city to get out of town.

Out of town models are not really of the hype but if you live out of town I would suggest starting slow with smaller goals, such as:
Modeling for a small business, or aspiring designers in your town, go to craft fairs, tradeshows, network, or hair salons in your town might need a model.

If you are ambitious you can sometimes get more out of NOT being in a big city, by approaching companies in your town, or working with a smaller agency that can give you more attention.

It isn't easy, so be prepared for work!

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