Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another internet model, oh gosh!

It is interesting how obsessed girls are with the internet, how the easy road to just calling themselves a model is so appealing? It is most interesting because years ago, before the internet, it really took time, effort and practice and work to be a model. It took more than being able to download a photo, yet now it seems everyone wants to be a model and can call themselves one by ways of the web. But is that really modeling? Interent modeling to me is a girl going for the easy way out, or just desperate to call themselves a model. I know it is hard to sometimes fight for your chance but it is worth it if you do. It is worth it to try to get representation, it is worth really working with a professional photographer. It is worth to invest in yourself. If you want something you don't settle, the easy way isn't the best way. Most things that are hard and a challenge are worth it, but it does take more than one photoshoot, and being able to set up a Myspace account to be a model. If being seen is your only goal ok, but if you want more out of modeling you really need to think like a business, and understand what it means and takes to be a model. To work with real brands, and get a paycheck from real companies and agencies. I suggest working on your photos, working with professionals, keep submitting and trying, it doesn't come with a snap! but the internet is the easy way out to call yourself a model. Be more by thinking like a real model. Get a compcard, get a portfolio, research agencies, focus on where there is realistic opportunity for you. Don't degrade the word model just because you want to be "called one," because being one is another world.

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