Thursday, July 31, 2008

The business of making you a model and being a self- made success

No one will make you, so forget the agents saying "I will make you a star," forget the internet sites telling you that you will be discovered, what you need is to discovery yourself. Just like in any media related business, modeling is the same, and you really do have to be smart, be savvy, and be a go-getter.

Forget looking for someone to make you a model, make you famous, or make you a star, modeling and chasing your dreams no matter what they are is really about your own ambition, your own effort, hard work, and making what you want to happen, happen.

If you wait for someone else to get you someone, or wait for the phone to ring, or that certain person to call, you will be not getting where you want to be, you'll be basically wasting your time.

In the business of modeling, success happens from hard word, being prepared, being professional, being persistant and being a self starter.

So you think you can model, and you want an agent, well you have to start with producing great photos that show you in the best ways, and you must do your research and understand what agents want to see, look at ads and editorials, learn about the types of modeling out there and create photos and make compcards that can present your best assets in the best ways, and it is best to study yourself and know how you look infront of the camera. Also you have get a modeling portfolio, you have to get envelopes, stamps, and self promote and mail your compcards, and mail and submit, submit, and try again and again. Don't let one "No" hold you back because someone will say yes if you are meant for it, keep believing in what you want, and what really matter is the yes's you get! It does take inventive thinking, it does take effort, and anyone who tells you modeling is easy and modeling took no effort is nuts. ...well thats not my story anyway, I made myself a model, I work each day, and I am self-made. Just because something is a challenge doesn't mean it isn't worth it, infact that is more reason to keep pursuing, so believe in yourself and make yourself who you want to be, no matter what it is in life.

A Photographer Perspective: Cheap Photo Sites Pit Amateurs vs. Pros

This article on Business Week is great for photographers to read, especially ones that are pissed:

Cheap Photo Sites Pit Amateurs vs. Pros

by John Tozzi

As barriers to the design and photography industries fall, the professionals are getting nervous. Independent graphic designers and commercial photographers, as well as small companies within the industry, feel threatened by a flood of low-cost images, often produced by amateurs, available online. So-called microstock Web sites offer to sell photos submitted by users for as little as $1 an image. Other sites let buyers post open calls for designs and pay for only the submission they like best, a practice that riles graphic designers who say it amounts to working for free.

Affordable digital cameras and desktop design software unlocked the tools of these trades, but the dilemma isn't unique to visual professionals. In any industry where technology has enabled passionate amateurs to try their hands, businesses face new competitors who may not be motivated by profit (, 6/6/07). The line separating professionals from dabblers blurred a little more on July 8, when leading stock photo agency Getty Images partnered with photo-sharing site Flickr (YHOO) to bring select Flickr users into the Getty collection. The move comes two years after Getty acquired iStockphoto, a microstock site that sells royalty-free photos uploaded by users. (Disclosure: BusinessWeek uses Getty and other stock agencies for its Web site and magazine.)

Small Companies Still Dominate
The rap against microstock sites is that they reduce photos to low-cost commodities. "People gravitate toward the lowest common denominator, and a lot of the time that has to do with price," says Martin Trailer, president of the Advertising Photographers of America, a trade group. Designers, meanwhile, direct their ire at crowdsourcing (BusinessWeek, 9/25/06) sites like 99designs, crowdSPRING, and Pixish. Buyers on these sites bid out work for graphics they need, often at prices that appeal only to hobbyists. Richard Grefé, director of design association AIGA, says such services miss the point that professional design encompasses more than crafting visuals. "What you're getting is a superficial mark," he says.

Small companies still dominate graphic design and photography. Of more than 16,700 graphic design firms in the U.S. in 2006, nearly 80% had four or fewer employees, and just 24 firms had more than 100, according to the latest U.S. Census data. Likewise, 85% of commercial photography companies employed four or fewer people. Those figures don't count the thousands of self-employed designers and photographers, who the government doesn't track to such granular levels.

So how much do the new Web offerings really hurt these pros? Defenders argue they've created a new market at a lower price range for customers who never would have paid the fees professional designers or traditional photo agencies charge. "The great thing that we see in the emergence of microstock is that it's significantly expanding the pool of people paying for imagery," says Getty Chief Operating Officer Nick Evans-Lombe.

Read more here.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Being a print model and commercial print model, ad and tips on Model Talk

Hey, this is a segment I did on Model Talk that based on being a commercial print model, I think it will help you figure out how to get started as a print model and what it means to be a commercial print model.

Enjoy the segment on how to be a commercial print model and what it means to be one.

Shoe of the Week: SoHo Lab shoes

I love pink shoes. I know it is girly, but I love pairing how pink shoes with some fitted jeans or a simply black tube top cocktail dress. I like simple solid colors for my clothing, but I like the personality to pop in my accessories and this Suede SoHo Lab Pilav-Carrie pump in Fuschia.

The heel is shorter than my usuals, just 2 3/4 inches, but I love the color and shape of this shoe a lot!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Petite and portable powder, with a Pocket-size dispensing cosmetic brush from

All models should have their own powder and bring it to shoots, this is an easy way to carry your powder and it can fit right in your purse, bag or pocket easily.

These Pocket-Sized Dispensing Brushes Holding 2, 4 and 5 grams of powder which you can actually find them at a medical website called: are great for carrying your powder on the go to and from shoots and castings.

I read about them in Beauty Store Business Magazine

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lip gloss with Crest makes CoverGirl smile

I recently read at that Covergirl and Crest have come together.
The lipgloss, in 13-shades, is high-gloss and called CoverGirl Wetslicks Amazemint.
The tag line is: "It's not a lip gloss. It's a smile treatment." Aside a small Crest moniker and mint logo.

11 foods models should eat

First published at by Isobella Jade

Some of the best foods for you are easily forgotten. There are a lot of healthy foods that many of us aren’t eating. Here is a dose of nutritional food items not to be forgotten the next time you go grocery shopping.

Pumpkin Seeds: We played with them as kids during Halloween but pumpkin seeds are actually the most nutritious part of a pumpkin since they are full of magnesium and give you a great dose of omega-3 essential fatty acids and protein.

Frozen Blueberries: They do not spoil like other frozen products and taste great mixed with your yogurt or soy chocolate milk.

Beets: They are a source of folate which is great tissue growth and potassium. They are also a notable cancer fighter; include them with your next salad.

Cabbage: Cabbage protects the body’s cell membranes. From the outer layer to the inner leaves, cabbage is full of nutritious elements including vitamin E and vitamin C. As an extra bonus it makes you regular.

Dried Plums: Also known as prunes, it might sound old and out of style but dried plums (the new and improved name) are really great for the body and a great source of fiber, and help with digestion. Eating a serving can also help you build bone destiny.

Cinnamon: Enjoy with your coffee or atop your oatmeal and just a teaspoon will give you 28 mg of calcium, and Vitamin C, K, and manganese, not bad huh?

Sardines: This little fish delicacy is high in omega-3, full of calcium and loaded with vitamins including B vitamins, iron, zinc magnesium, and potassium. You can eat these with a salad, on a sandwich, on pizza, or plain.

Pomegranate juice: This juice will give you a filling dose of Vitamin A and E and folic acid. As an antioxidant, it also prevents heart disease and cancer, and can clear your arteries.

Turmeric: This is a spice you can add to any veggie dish or your eggs. The turmeric root is an anti-inflammatory and slows the spread of cancers and is a blood purifier, along with being an antioxidant, anti-tumor, and antibacterial. Turmeric is also used in some sunscreens.

Swiss chard: Your eyes might skip over this leafy green but they shouldn’t. Swiss chard is jam packed with carotenoids, a cup with promote your cardiovascular health. It is also easy to grow in your own garden.

Canned Pumpkin: Being high in fiber and vitamin A, you can get filled up on this fast. With a bite you can fight diseases with its antioxidants that protect against cancer and other diseases. Canned pumpkin has even been mixed with green chiles for a Mexican twist as a great homemade chili.

These items are easy to add to your diet and to add to your next meals. It will surely pay off to include foods that help the immune system, your body and health. Who knew, that you can let the food you eat do the work for you, and keep your body strong and active while as you devour.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The truth of Electronic Castings, emails and using the web to get ahead as a model

Waking up to check emails and all that is normal for how society is today and those in the entertainment business and striving but nothing will ever compare to the opportunities by having an agent, working with casting directors and not RELYING on just the web to get you ahead.

You will have better luck working on your photos, making a compcard and mailing it to real agencies and try to get representation, because BIG companies, real brands, contact the agencies and the agencies send the models. And that is how YOU will know about the castings and get bigger opportunities.

Or the agencies mail out the compcards they have to the clients, art directors, ect.

Sure if I have a casting today my agencies will send maybe a jpeg of myself to the client ahead of time, or even ask me to send them a certain type of photo if they do not have it on file. _ I quickly email them, and in that case it is good to mail your agencies your jpeg images, but to start, to get the agencies attention it all starts with a direct mailing,..and no matter what anyone tells you, you do need a compcard....legit, busy modeling agencies want the compcards. Electronic is nice, but emails are not the end all.

I even mail directly my press kits, and I think it stands out even more today, especially with all the email people receive, I mean think about how much junkmail you get! really model, you need to MAIL your photos in the mail, buy a stamp and submit.

Waking up to check your emails is an excitment I am sure the stars of the 1940's 50's and 60's would never understand and it can be an illusion for many girls, because the internet will only get you do far.

It is a great research tool, but to get an agent, and be a model, it takes more than a photo, website and email account.

Even though the internet is of the hype, we must not forget the power of in person and people interaction, and how much it does matter to do mailings to an agency, find the agency book names and mail your compcard and headshot, and research and submit to agencies by mail.

If you are wondering why you are not getting an agencies attention or booking work as a model then you need to do what the business wants you to do.

The REAL industry is waiting in line at the post office and owns a book of stamps and envelopes. The internet has killed the real popularity and standard in direct mailing submissions.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dr. Scholl's and Yoga Toes for shoe models and models on the go!

I love pumps, heels, and anything 4 inches or more high, but at the end of the day I want me feel to breath! These are great options to keep your feeet feeling great while you are on the move.

Dr. Scholl's® For Her Comfort Insoles - These would be good for your pumps and boots.

Dr. Scholl's® For Her Sole Expressions™ Insoles- These are for open toe shoes! And there is a natural color and also some fashionable prints too. These would be great for shoes that are also alittle big and so your feet don't slide. It would help to keep your feet comfy and looking good too. Your feet rubbing against your sole can cause dry skin and corns so beware of taking care of your feet.

Another item to check out would be YogaToes, you can refresh your toes by seperating them and letting them breath with the YogaToes found at I find this is a hot item for shoe models and also girls on the go, whether you are a Yoga addict or not. It is a good choice for the end of the day to relax & refresh overworked feet, and YogaToes can also stretch & strengthen foot muscles and improve and prevent foot problem.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shoe of the week Kenneth Cole Reaction Know Better

This 4 inch sexy heel is nice for a petite model. Or any model! Kenneth Cole Reaction Know Better great for petite models
$59.98 on Sale!

Unrealistic people on the modeling television shows

It is sad that these television shows show people who are unrealistic and put them in unrealistic situations and try to convince the public that modeling is easy or only involves you'know like holding a snake. And that is just really big lie about what it is like to be a model.

The shortcutting aspect that a lot of these television shows show of what it takes to be a model and how it is being a model is not respectful of the business. The truth of being a model, living it, going on castings, the real run of modeling in heels is very different.

It is not easy to be a model, don't think it is, and the show's give a wrong perception of what it is like to be a model.

being available as a model, out of town models

When you don't live near a city it would take an amazing amount of luck to start modeling. Most agencies in smaller cities are only fashion in niche markets. Which makes it hard for the short girl or commercial print model. There might not be many commercial print agencies. There is more opportunity to find that commercial print modeling agency in the bigger cities.

You will have to commute and that can be a pain for you and also the booker, agent. They agent wants you to be in town and be available. Even last minute. Or they can't send you out on castings and book jobs.

You have to have realistic expectations, especially if you live out of town, if you have great photos, then you still need to knock on alot of doors. And you have to be in the city to get out of town.

Out of town models are not really of the hype but if you live out of town I would suggest starting slow with smaller goals, such as:
Modeling for a small business, or aspiring designers in your town, go to craft fairs, tradeshows, network, or hair salons in your town might need a model.

If you are ambitious you can sometimes get more out of NOT being in a big city, by approaching companies in your town, or working with a smaller agency that can give you more attention.

It isn't easy, so be prepared for work!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Physicians formula the Brow Tweez Great for models

This is a cool item for models on the go. I love doing my own eye brows and I love this item by Physicians Forumla, The Brow-Tweez.

This is a handy 3 in one tweez and brow enhancer and if you are like me you will find this item really helpful.

Price: $7.95 and at drug stores.

Modeling tips on finding a modeling agency

To find a modeling agency you have to think about what you realistically can model. Most girls that want to model these days are not of fashion heights, but that doesn't mean you can't model. Focus on commercial print modeling agencies, casting directors, and working with agents that accept models of all heights for print work.

A girl that is not 5'7" or 5'9" or 5'10" can model. But shehas to have killer photos, quality photos, alot of ambition and drive, and she has to be honest with herself.

A girl that is under 5'7" can model for parts, -hands, feet, legs, ect, and there is a market for this. I would ask the agencies you are submitting to if they have a parts division. I would also make sure to have photos taken ahead of time of your parts, and taken in the style of an ad, look at shoe ads, and nail polish ads, try to replicate them in your shots. Also print modeling is something a girl of any height can do. I would also focus on headshots and beauty shots for this, focus on creating images that imply you can model. Create shots that show your energy, and a big help is looking at magazine ads and editorials. Focus on your strengths, and what you DO have to offer, don't dwell over and over on what you don't have. height. Focus on what you can actually model, be positive, and don't give up. If you want something you don't settle or give up. It isn't about an agency not accepting you, it is about finding the RIGHT agency for you.

You do have to do the work, create photos, and provide the marketing material to be a model. Yes you have to work first! Most agencies accept submissions, but you have to send snap shots or a compcard.

For more on how to get photos check out my Youtube videos:

Another internet model, oh gosh!

It is interesting how obsessed girls are with the internet, how the easy road to just calling themselves a model is so appealing? It is most interesting because years ago, before the internet, it really took time, effort and practice and work to be a model. It took more than being able to download a photo, yet now it seems everyone wants to be a model and can call themselves one by ways of the web. But is that really modeling? Interent modeling to me is a girl going for the easy way out, or just desperate to call themselves a model. I know it is hard to sometimes fight for your chance but it is worth it if you do. It is worth it to try to get representation, it is worth really working with a professional photographer. It is worth to invest in yourself. If you want something you don't settle, the easy way isn't the best way. Most things that are hard and a challenge are worth it, but it does take more than one photoshoot, and being able to set up a Myspace account to be a model. If being seen is your only goal ok, but if you want more out of modeling you really need to think like a business, and understand what it means and takes to be a model. To work with real brands, and get a paycheck from real companies and agencies. I suggest working on your photos, working with professionals, keep submitting and trying, it doesn't come with a snap! but the internet is the easy way out to call yourself a model. Be more by thinking like a real model. Get a compcard, get a portfolio, research agencies, focus on where there is realistic opportunity for you. Don't degrade the word model just because you want to be "called one," because being one is another world.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The modeling agency will not handle everything.

If you think the modeling agency will handle everything you are wrong. Recently a girl asked me about an agency that was going to charge her to take photos and said that she didn't even need a portfolio. I found this really sick and of course a scam.

Alot of girls think the agency will handle everything. That is not the case, and it is a good set up for a scam. Don't have the mindset that the agency will handle everything.

The most important marketing tool for an aspiring model is a compcard. You need a compcard. You will want to make it yourself. You could try www. compcard. com. Some agencies suggest photographers you work with but really it is up to you to make you compcard. And get the photos you need.

With my agencies it isn't like I walked in the door and they handed me everything I needed to get ahead as a model.

I researched photographers, (quality ones) and I don't rely on social sites either. Who cares if someone thinks you are hot. _That is Not modeling._ I do research by googling and finding photographers that take photography seriously!! Don't think Myspace is a modeling portfolio. That isn't realistic modeling.

I work with 5 agencies in NYC and work with great brands and the agents Do not provide the compcards. I make them myself.

I target myself with two cards. One is a commercial print card, -it invovles smiles and beauty shots, and shots showing my personality, - I look at ads for beauty products and even cell phone ads to get inspired to create the photos I need. It is a process to create a great compcard. Sometimes it takes numberous tries.

I also have another compcard for a totally different type of modeling called body part modeling: with shots of my feet and legs, hands and parts. The one thing all of my photos share is that THEY look like Ads or they are actual tear sheets.

It would be best to invest in great photos. And to shoot with a quality photographer, not some scum bag and just so you know.... I don't pay my agencies to represent me or to take photos of me. I give them my compcard ( which I made myself,) and then they send it out to their clients, art directors, ect, or call me for a casting. I bring my compcard with me.

The best thing for an aspiring model to do is learn how to market yourself. Think about what you are realistically capable of. Commercial print modeling is best, and there are agencies that accept models of all heights.

When you are not a fashion model, you have to think like a commercial print model. You have to look, observe and see what is realistic for yourself as a model. Modeling opportunities are not all the same. It depends on the model. Read magazines, notice the ads, and create some photos that look like some.

Honestly modeling is not easy. It is thinking inventively. It is using what you have to get ahead. It is not something that just happens because you are pretty or cute, or have a nice body, it is work! Research and Time.

Getting modeling photos that WORK!

Getting modeling photos that represent you and your best assets is best. A girl recently asked me about modeling jewerly but yet she didn't have a photo of herself modeling jewerly. It is a conflict of pursuit. If you want to model for a certain type of product or area of modeling you need photos that represent that. For how can you expect to be a model without having photos the represent what you are capable of?

Here is a video I made on that is based on how a girl can also get free modeling photos.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Modeling jobs and being available as a model

Being available is half the work when it comes to finding success as a model and being a model! If you can manage to make your schedule available as possible you will be able to get more modeling work. Agents really like it if you are available and able to go to a casting last minute. If you do happen to miss a casting or can't make it then don't think it is the end of the world, these days being a freelance model and working with modeling agencies is very popular. It isn't like all models are put up in houses and have castings every single hour of the day. Many models model part time, and find great opportunity, but having a flexible schedule is best. Usually castings can be at the start of the week and the shoot is at the end of the week. It depends. Sometimes I have gone on castings and then didn't find out I booked it for up to two weeks! The photo shoots for the modeling jobs usually happen duirng the week and can last all day. I have been on shoots on Saturday as well- I did this for a Time Magazine shoot- so being available anytime really helps!

Your agents will call you more often also if they know you are available. And it is a good idea to keep in touch with your agents, and to communicate with them as soon as possible if you know you will be out of town.

How to get better modeling photos

If your photos need more of editorial or commercial look here are some tips to get some better photos which can help to get a modeling agency and get modeling work.

1. Think about the modeling work you want, and think about how to create a photo that says that. I know that to market myself as a model, I need photos that represent my strengths as a model and showcase my best assets.

2. Look in magazines and focus on ads. Alot of people complain about ADS in magazines, but I love them. I get inspired by looking at them to better understand what I need to get a job modeling for a certain product. From beauty to shoes, to computers, all products need models, but you do need the photos that show examples of yourself modeling and showing an agent or casting director your potential.

3. I direct, I plan, I scout locations, I style my photo shoots. I try to get involved with my pursuits and make sure each shot has a purpose. I don't just shoot for the sake of simply shooting. I shoot to update my modeling portfolio or compcard and I shoot to get photos that will help to market me to agencies and also these photos are meant to make a compcard and have a point!

4. Along with being selective about the shot I am taking and putting planning and prep work into it, I also am picky about the photographers I work with and you should be too! Don't let a compliment or flattery leave you with crappy pictures. You need to work with photographers that are talented and serious to get ahead. They should understand and accept your ideas, and know how to hold the camera! Don't work with people who Just Call Themseleves Photographers. If you want to be more than just another girl with her photo on the internet.

5. Keeping the marketing mindset. It is easy to just settle for the easy way out, upload your photos and just "call yourself a model," without really doing it, but if you think like a marketer you can get ahead as a model, and will have a better experience getting a modeling agency to give you a second look.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Watch where you flash your boobs and go topless

The internet can really hurt a girl. Not just a model but any girl who is being free with her self and not thinking of how powerful and painful a google search can be. Beware of the photos you download and also those who you let take photos of you in a sexy way. Whether it is your boyfriend or at Mardi Gras. You might think it is all fun and dandy while you are in the moment and getting winks and smiles, but if you want to model with big brands, or top names, you should stay clear of the chances that yourself could end up naked and regrettable on the web.

It is one thing to pose nude for a purpose, editorial, or product ad, -I do body part modeling and I show my body to work with skincare and magazine editorials, but long gevity is found in being selective on the photos you take, and the photos you let others take of you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Modeling in the digital age against the internet sites

There is such a dug towards internet sites these days. Like a magnet pulling you towards the modeling websites that take over the World Wide Web. It is easy to be attracted to the thought of being a model, but being one is a whole other story.

Many girls think that a simple download will make them a model, and hits and clicks define them and I will admit before I learned better, I too, was like them.

But real modeling takes place off the web.

The internet is a great marketing tool, but for a model it can be an entrapping playground candy coated of the illusion of what it means to be a model. If you are trying to be a model you might enjoy my recent segment on Model Talk about how to manage yourself as a model and how the internet doesn’t solve any of your modeling struggles. Maybe you don’t have an agent, or a good photographer to work with yet? Maybe you have tried this thing called Internet Modeling only find it is a waste of time? If you are still searching for the jobs, the agents, and the quality photographers, it does take inventive thinking. The pursuit of being a model isn’t one that comes easily, and making-yourself- a model-yourself,- is a challenge. But if you treat your pursuits like a business you WILL get ahead. Tune in to Model Talk to hear my latest segment on how you can manage yourself as a model. for girls on the go, get a free audio book, has over 40,000 audio books and downloads. You can easily download a book just like you can download music to your iPod or MP3 player. If you go to you can get a free book and try it out right now.

Enjoy the complimentary audio book.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Being a plus size model

The Plus size market is growing and models of all sizes are working as models.
If you want to model and you are of plus size here are some tips I found from

Plus-size models are models who are hired to represent the plus-size woman. They generally range in size from a missy 8 all the way up to a size 32W and participate in a variety of modeling jobs including print work, runway shows, and fit or informal modeling.

Plus-size models have many of the same requirements "straight size" models do. They are usually tall (5'8" to 6'0"), have a beautiful face, great bone structure, clear skin, a gorgeous smile, and a well proportioned body. They often find work from their mid-teens all the way through middle age and work in markets all over the US and around the world.

Here are some agencies:
Wilhelmina Models - ten/20 division

Ford Models New York

Also commercial print modeling agencies:

Model Service Agency

Click (plus size)

Shoe of the week Aldo KURSK shoes are great for models

I totally am in love with my new Aldo shoes. Last weekend the car rental place didn't have our rental. It was really sad because it was such a beautiful day and we wanted to go to the Hamptons. But my day turned around when I saw these sick Also shoes and I got them!

I am flaunting them today and I wore them yesterday to my casting and in the city they are actually really perfect for running arund and I really, really, really love them.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Knowing what to do at a modeling casting

What to wear to a casting:

Unless you are told what to bring or wear, it would be best to keep it simple. A casting is not a fashion show. Just wear a tee shirt, tank top, keep it basic, white, black, simple. And some jeans, or shorts. High heels are a must usually.

modeling casting extras: bring a hair tie or hair clip, for things like close ups or the eye casting I had the other day, the casting directors want to see your face, not your hair covering it.

Bring a photo that matches the job. For example: If they are looking for a runner for a fitness shot then, even if the picture of your self running isn't on your compcard, bring a photo with you of you running and staple it to your comp card. You should try to SHOW as best as possible that you are right for the job.

Not all agencies will give you stickers to put on the front of your compcard as the contact number. So keep a list of the agencies numbers you work with handy. So you can write it on the card.

Keep makeup simple and natural, nothing crazy/ no fake eyelashes needed. Just be you.

Extreme VO5 great for modeling shoots

A model should also know how to do her own hair. Especially for last minute castings and photo shoots.

Simple things like pulling the hair back in a near way and can go a long way. For a quality easy going price for your modeling pursuits I suggest checking out
Extreme VO5. Their new hair products really are amazing.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I don't feel short unless I am standing next to a taller person

Have you ever had photos taken of your legs in a commercial way? I don't feel short unless I am standing next to a taller person.

The Modeling business is about persistance not height

It really honestly doesn't matter how tall you are. If you want to be a model you can make it happen. If you have a realistic approach and quality photos to match you can be the model you want to be. The modeling business is about taking ahold of your pursuits these days and not waiting to be discovered or a connection to come to you. Come' on that is the easy way out that never comes anyways. Being a model these days is about being a business. Thinking about all of the aspects and assets you have to offer the industry. And The Industry is not just the fashion world. Think bigger than just runway. Think about ad campaigns and where models are used of all heights. If you don't think about the marketing side of the modeling business you might not become a model. These days you have to really think to get ahead and the term dumb model doesn't describe what being a model is to me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another hot pair from Payless The Flat Attack!

Now I am not usually a flats girl. I really love my high heel, but these are a great idea to wear to your casting, and then put on your sexy heels before you go into your casting. These flats really have personality huh! $9.99 can't beat that!

Also as a shoe model you want to keep your feet pretty and neat and corn-free. So switch from heels to flats when you are just around the house or walking about the city.

You don't want to damage your feet! Especially if they help you book modeling jobs.

Shoe of the Week Harlee Oxford Pump from Payless

This shoe is so hot. Payless really has their stuff together. I really love this one! Look at the open space on the side of this hot Harlee Oxford Pump, a little sneek side peek just inspire a second look.

These are cute Harlee Oxford Pumps to consider for your next photo shoot. Stylish and the price is very hot too: Only $24.99

Pair the shoes with a nice black tote and a simple black dress, lounge on a couch , walk your dog, whatever, and make the shoe the product you are presenting in your photo shoot.

A shoe model is usually a petite model (that is a size six) and you want to show in your shots for your compcard that you know how to rock a shoe!

Why you do not need breast implants, or breast augmentation to be a model

The most important thing when it comes to modeling is confidence. I don't feel I need to get breast implants to feel this confidence.

I do have a great behind and perhaps my B cup breasts are not totally proportioned, but over all I have a very nice body which I love. I think alot of girls think they need to have breast implants to be a model. This is not true.

I see catalogs and magazines ALL the time that involve girls, great looking, beautiful girls, who are natural and an A and B Cups. You do not have to be a C Cup to model.

I prefer to have small breasts because I am petite and I feel bigger ones would make my body look fake and the attention wouldn't be brought to my eyes- which is where I want it.

I don't want to be booked just for one certain body part. I am a model that can model anything, from my feet, to my stomach, to my breasts, to my neck, my hair, my eyes, anything! A sweater, body lotion, eye glasses, and a thong.

This past year I did a topless editorial for Time magazine, no one said anything bad about my breast size at the photo shoot.

Loving yourself is the best asset a model and girl can have in today's materialistic, perfect obssessed world.

I don't like the idea of sticking something inside of my skin, it makes me want to puke.

If you do, ask questions, be picky about who you pick to enhance you, and do not feel you NEED to get them to get a head as a model. You don't!

Just look inside a Marie Claire or Glamour magazine, or WWD and you will see there are MANY girls without big boobs who work as lingerie and bikini models.

If you do want to get breast implants, get them for you! Not for any agent, or anyone telling you that you should. You do not need to change yourself to be a model, just learn to love what you have and market that to agents.

There are also so many ways you can pose to fake the clevage...but clevage isn't everything and I am very happy with my baby B's :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to be a model today and why the SMART model succeeds

The modeling business is backwards today. It used to be that you would go to the agency and they would send you out for test shoots and you would work with great photographers and build a modeling portfolio.

Today it is so different.

These days you need to have photos first, before you approach the agency. Especially if you are not a fashion model. Commercial print modeling accepts models of all heights but if you do not have sellable, commercial, lifestyle photos and photos that look like ads and editorials and show your personality and energy then you can forget about it! A present day model needs to have her own compcard, yes she needs to make it herself. She needs her own portfolio! Yes, don’t expect the modeling agency to give you one.

So if you are not a fashion model can you get an agent? Yes! But you have to be smart about how you market yourself. And you have to put in the work ahead of time. If I want to leg model I create photos of my legs and I have leg modeled for top brands just because I have photos that say, “ I can leg model.” If I want to model for beauty, I focus on close ups and I pay attention to ads and commercials, and editorials in magazines, and product ads and I plan my shoots and create a point to my shoots and really work at getting the images I need to sell myself to the agent, and to the brands and magazines that I meet at my castings.

A lot of girls want to model but they do not think about the importance of photos and how the old school ways of modeling are still THE WAY. You need a print portfolio,- to show at your castings. You can’t walk in and spill your website and Myspage page. You need a physical portfolio. And aside that you need a compcard.

You might need two compcards.

I have two. One for body parts and one for commercial print work. I show my energy and personality on my commercial print card, and I show my body parts on the other card. Also I need two different portfolio books to, for the different castings I have.

You need to show the agents, the casting directors and the brand or magazine that you have the look, experience and photos that say, “ This girl can do the job.”

If you expect to be babied and told what to do then you can forget it. If you want to be a model, you need to grab your bootstraps and do-it-yourself. Find a way, make a way, and get what you need to succeed as a model.

Height has nothing to do with it. It is about your smarts, your marketing ability, your passion, and the hard work you put in.

Get a Free Audio book Download from Isobella Jade

You can get a free audio book by going to: found at you will hear the ways the pieces came to gether for these successful people and you will see that it didn’t just happen over night and it wasn’t just one thing that got them ahead and made them successful.

If you are a girl on the go, like me, then you might like Audio Books by, there you can books for your iPod or MP3 player.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What to wear to a modeling casting

a model should wear a basic outfit unless the casting states differently.

Usually when I go to a casting this is what I wear:

A basic white or black tank top, a tube dress, denim shorts, or basic shorts, high heels and sometimes there is a pair of sandals in my bag.

Be aware of your outfit being too sexy.

If you are going to Maxim that is one thing, but if you are going to a shoe casting for a brand that is conservative then you should dress that way. Don't wear super short shorts where the curve of your booty shows.

It is also important to have nude thongs, sometimes for swimwear or lingerie castings you will have to try on lingerie and such and you will need to keep your thong on and the standard color is nude for your underwear.

Why are there is many models scams out there

It is so easy to be a modeling scam, especially with the internet, there are so many social sites that ask for money for you to post your photos and then declare you will be discovered. Sure a naive person would fall for this easier and the scummy agency gets your money!

It makes sense.

So the best thing to do to NOT let these scams continue is to be careful about the agencies you meet with, sign with, and a big sign of a scam is if they charge you money upfront, or for photos, or to put your photo on their website.

I work with many agencies and I have NEVER paid for my photo to be on their website.

But then I hear sometimes that the bigger agencies do that -charge their girls to put their photo on the website and then take it out of their paycheck. I am not sure that would be titled a scam, but to be a model you really have to be smart, and know how to market yourself, manage yourself, and know how to work as a business for yourself. And be careful of scams, and things that waste your time.

If you think the modeling agency is a scam....

If you aren't sure if the modeling agency is a scam then you should do a few things:

1. GOOGLE. Google the agency name + scam. It will tell you right off the bat if it is a scam.

2. Go to meet with them, BUT run out of there if they ask for money, force you to take photos or anything that involves money. It is a pure scam.

If an agency is a scam the internet will tell you, but if you are not sure you can always go and check it out and leave if it seems weird.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Makeup for models and beauty secrets for good skin

Regardless of being a model, I love having nice skin. And in a business of outward appearances I like to take of it. I feel more confident with nice skin and ready for the job, casting, and meeting as well. I moisturize daily. I don’t pound my face with foundation or over load it with blush and cake it on. I try to be as light as possible with my powder and if I can’t get it on in basically one swipe then the makeup is not for me. I like a quick makeup process. Sometimes I only have like ten minutes to get ready, and out the door.

I do powder, some bronzer and mascara and some lip-gloss, curl the lashes and I am out the door and if I don’t look good then something is wrong with the powder usually. To heavy, to thick, too heavy of a coat of bronzer. To keep my skin nice I am pretty picky about what I put on it, but I don’t spend a tone on it. I use Clean & Clean , St. Ives, Wet N Wild Cosmetics often. I try not to sleep in my makeup. That causes blemishes, and my pores to suffocate. I use a toner, and try to take care of zits asap. I skip the makeup all together if I have a zit because it can get worse!

When I have a blemish I don’t over do it with medication.

Sometimes soap does the trick alone. If you put on too many zit cleansers and creams is can cause a mess and make your face look red and worse so be careful.

Also drinking a lot of water, and fruits helps my skin to and add some lemon to your water for some more Vitamins.

My favorite mascara right now is Wet n Wild

I honestly love the stuff. Wet n Wild mascara might only be like a couple bucks but I really love it. I have been using it for weeks and it is nice to know there is a brand that doesn't cost me an arm and leg - or preventing me from having the beauty items I enjoy.

Also in my purse is the MegaGlo Illuminating Powder- I put it on after my powder and I love the look. Some pink and peach to make my face glow and look alive even when I am really tired.

I am also trying this MegaShimmer™ Illuminating Powder Brush, usually I am not into shimmer, but this is so light it looks natural.

If you are doing your own make up for your shoots, or trying to save some money it would be a good idea to cut back on expensive brands and consider one like I have that is just as good quality but doesn't make you debate over paying your phone bill or looking good.

Getting modeling work Beyond the modeling agency

I think a lot of girls wonder how they can get a resume, a modeling portfolio and get modeling work on their own. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Think about promoting yourself to production companies, marketing companies, and more than just the modeling agency.

2. Working with great professional photographers is key. If their headshot is "part time photographer," it might not be a good idea. I am talking about those who " ARE" photographers. As in THAT is what they do as a job.

3. Approaching brands such as aspiring jewelry designers, handbag designers, and maybe even hitting up a fashion school and trying to get some experience first.

Then you have a reason to call the agency and say, " Hey I have new photos, hey I got a job modeling for a handbag company last week." It shows you are serious and ambitious. Agents like that.

Showing you can work as a model helps you get a better agent. Modeling is a very tough business, so know that ahead of time. Know this will be a journey, a challenge, a lot of work. It is easy to take the easy way out for your ego and just, " call yourself a model," but being one means you have to think about new ways to promote yourself all the time. To get consistant work, with with agencies, and products, brands, and ad campaigns, it takes a positive attitude, a "yes I can" approach. If you do not think you can model, then you most likely should NOT start.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Modeling and The Part Time Job

Many girls come to New York City to Model and act but they just end of cocktail waitress'ing, too tired for castings, thinking there is no time to pay rent and also do their dream. Here are some suggestions for surviving and also doing your dream:

1. Focus on your other skills. Do you like cooking, writing, marketing, children, production, graphic design. It would be a good idea to try to hunt for a part time job that has something to do with your skills. Daycare centers, to marketing companies all need part time people and help. This will not only make you feel useful but it will also benefit your mindset and keep your positive.

2. You can still get paid to do your dream and also have a part time job:
It might take a hunt to find but you can have your part time job and your dream too.
What about working three times a week with a flexible schedule at a marketing company? What about temp work? What about working events, or doing more than just using a flirty smile to pay your rent and then you find that you are not really using you at all. And you aren't modeling or acting and you are stuck in a rut!

3. Not wasting time: If you do have a part time job or a bar job that messes up your schedule, then you need to set goals for yourself so that you do not forget why you moved to NY in the first place. Make time for mailings of your headshot. Make time for research, even if it means waking up alittle earlier or not going out with your friends. Remember Doing one great modeling job a month, or being involved with a play or getting one great credit on your resume,is better compared to not focusing on the gigs that won't get you ahead and not using your time wisely. So you can't do it all, win them all, or be 100 percent available but when you are available use it with passion!

4. Saving money. Think about how much money you need to survive and pay bills. Cut back on expensive meals and coffee, pedicures if you don't need them weekly, and facials, cut back on buying new shoes all the time and expensive beauty products. If you try to save money it will also help you to maybe not have to work as much at your part time job. Maybe you could even cut back on the hours, even two extra days are great for you to use to promote yourself towards your dream.

5. Enjoy your part time job. If you hate it then your negative energy will spill into your dream and that is not the point that you want to make.

If you feel you have a purpose and that your part time job is exciting or at least interesting you will be able to enjoy the pursuit of your dream even more and with less stress.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

how to be a hand model - start with taking care of your hands

A hand model usually has proportioned petite hands, no scars or veins and has clean and soft cuticles and nails. Nails are not too long and fake nails are a no. Taking care of your "parts” especially your hands, feet and legs can help to launch your modeling career.

Taking care of your skin is always important for your whole body, but your hands can get damaged quickly if you do not take care of them. Use Sunblock if you are outside and try to stay out of the sun for long periods of time.

Parts modeling is something that a girl can do for years and years and there is no height requirement but being available is defiantly needed, a full schedule will not work to be a parts model since castings are very often and anytime.

Regular manicures are important but try to stick to light colors for your nails. Moisturizing the nails and whole hand is very important and the arms, I also try to take care of my arms as well because hand modeling can also sometimes include your whole arm and wrist as well for jewelry.

You will need photos of your hands holding something, could even be a fork, wearing rings, try posing your hands as if it were for a product ad, - these are the type of shots you want to have as a hand model.

Hand modeling can be a great way to get into the modeling business and get representation, you will go on castings for great brands and get ahead as a model and make some great money.

Try the Parts Models Agency, just google it.

printing modeling photos and promo photos

I just spent only 11 bucks on printing up 25 photos. They are 5" x 7" and I need them to mail to magazines, I do this sometimes instead if I am waiting for a new compcard to be printed I use them as back up photos.

I will be using these to mail magazines.

I use Adorama for my printing a lot! Cheap, quality and you can order from basically anywhere in the US.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

legit modeling casting factor

A few tips for electronic modeling castings:

1. If there is an email included in the casting check it out.
For example: -Grab that last part of the email and place it into your browser. You can see ahead of time if the casting is legit usually just by the name of the company putting it out there and what their website shows.

2. In our business image matters. It is the same way for a modeling agency. We all think we are so busy and too busy, everyone is on the go, but it is very important to take notice to the agencies persona, reputation, how their website looks (even though this can be deceiving sometimes). If you don’t see anything on their website that doesn’t look like a model or modeling job that is admirable then forget about it.

3. Submit the most conservative photos that fits the job description. If the casting is for a bikini, don’t send your thong photos so desperately, just send a nice body shot…especially if you DO NOT KNOW who is putting out this casting. It could just be a guy who wants to look at women and who knows where the photo will end up. Or reply with something like: “I do have the appropriate photos but please send me an email and tell me a little more about the job so I can make sure I am right for it.”
If you do not get a reply, screw it! You don’t want your photos randomly out there.

4. Ask questions and read the fine print, and think ahead when submitting.
When you google the agency, production company, or director, or photographer do attractive things come up? Legit credits? If there is not enough information for the casting then it is probably not a good one to submit to. An honest electronically casting will list ALL details. – Usually.
What the job is: print, commercial, editorial?
How the photos will be used?- for ad campaign, for a year, for a magazine, for a company website.
What they are looking for, the rate, the type of model?
The day and time?

How to get a REAL and Legit modeling Agency

If you want to go to real modeling castings, get real modeling work, with brands and national magazines then you need a REAL modeling agency. An agency that top brands confide in to provide them with great models.

Don't be so desperate for an agency that you fall into getting stuck in a meeting with some phony modeling agency. Be picky about the agents that represent you, and go for the best that you can get. Here are some tips to watch out for so you can weed out the Bad with the Quality modeling agencies.

1. Most legit modeling agencies do not advertise for models with NO experience and so bluntly. And if a legit agency does there is a name included in the post, and plenty of details to prove it is an honest agency.

2. A legit agency won't ask you for money before they book you for a job, then it is a percentage of the rate. Usually 20%. Usually you should be paid within or before 90 days.

3. A legit agency may recommend you work with a certain photographer, but it won't be mandatory, unless it is on their dime.

4. A legit agency will call you and tell you right away their name, why they are calling, and you will understand that they know who they are calling and you won’t have to fight to get the name of the agency, the website, and the reason they are calling out of their mouth.

5. A legit agency will send you on castings with details so you can better prepare for the casting.

6. A legit modeling agency has a great reputation and you will have to submit photos to their office directly or through the agency website to be considered.

Sometimes agencies put out castings and if you book the job they meet with you, and although agents are not always “your best friend” they should know who you are when you call if they are representing you and they should send you on castings that are appropriate for you.

An agency isn’ the end all but marketing yourself can lead to sometimes encountering the wrong people, photographers, and agents, so be careful. Ask questions, get referrals, and be skeptical if you feel weird about it, then it is probably weird.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Model and The Social Site

I have a love hate relationship with these internet modeling social sites, they can be really intriguing but yet really bad for the aspiring model too -this week on Model Talk I share my opinion on modeling social sites and the good and bad and ugly of them. I will discuss if you should use one, how you can use one for the better and the unexpected worse that can occur. How to pick a site and the good and bad of social sites and how you can weed through them as a model for better not worse.

8pm on Wens

Patricia Field for Payless Tsarina Slide

Coming up in August is FFANY shoe week in NYC, this means girls who are a size 6 shoe- not matter your height can work as a shoe model. Yes it helps if you have a modeling agency but there are many shoe show rooms in NYC, you might want to do some googling and perhaps you can get involved with a brand and shoe model for the sales presentations during FFANY in August.

I just wanted to share a hot shoe by Patricia Field for Payless, it is called the Tsarina Slide. I love being petite, it means I can wear hot shoes like these! They remind me of living in Miami.

Sale Price: $24.99

Fashion Week in San Diego for Petite models

I recently read on Petite Fashionista that during San Diego Fashion Week a petite brand is doing the catwalk- My Sweet Petites is revealing their Sportswear and Active wear and Sweet Teez meant for the petite women at the show on Oct 1st. I am sure they will need petite models and I am impressed with the brand being purely meant for the petite women.

Check them out for sure!