Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ugly Models is happy that you aren't a tall toothpick

They got tattoos,- even on their forehead, greasy shaggy hair, they got a Mohawk, a really bad weave, some chub, pink hair, they are bald, and wrinkling, they are of all sizes and heights and they are working models in New York City.

Simon, the owner of Ugly Models has introduced a new spin to the word model with his agency called Ugly Talent. Based in NYC Ugly is surely not the expected modeling agency in town but Simon's perspective is right on!
He says, "Why not widen you concept on what beauty is?"

I couldn't agree more.

The agency has been featured on Rachael Ray, The Big Idea, Night Line, and ABC news to name a few of the networks that are finding Ugly models perhaps the next trend in the modeling industry. Ugly Talent is giving the real, the natural, the original a spot in the industry.

What does this mean for us petite unique girls who aren't 5'10"? Well, it is proof that a model means many things. And that all types of models, of many shapes, sizes and ethnicities, -not just the beautiful and tall are needed, used and working in the modeling industry.

You might move to NYC with your big dreams as being an aspiring model and you might not expect to start working with a modeling agency called Ugly Talent, but you should consider it, because being a model means being you and there is an agency out there that knows and respects that.

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